Prison Break – The Plan

Prison Break – The Plan

So you’ve decided to do the impossible A prison break on one of the most fortified bases in the Galaxy.. Tusken’s fortress is heavily guarded. Veteran Mandalorians have been incorporated into his own private army. There is a secure perimeter around the base and the entrance is overseen by watchers from above. The doors are impenetrable against all manner of blasters and rockets However an Orbital Strike may come in useful Within the base, mandalorians patrol 24 hours a day, led by the infamous Mandalorian commander However, the real orders are given by the General, acting on behalf of Tusken Raider He controls everything in the base, letting nothing go in or out without his command. Normza is kept in the heart of the base, held in a cell awaiting torture at the hands of his keepers You are mad if you think you can break Normza out, or just madly in love! Whatever you decide to do, you’ll need help to get in and out alive I will plan my attack and gather anyone who can help. Even if I die doing this, i have to get normza out alive. I love him! And Chekar, Tusken Raider…. … and all those who have hurt him shall pay!

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