Prison Escape | Real Life Game | Official Event Trailer |

Prison Escape | Real Life Game | Official Event Trailer |

This… is you. First time? Uhuh. No worries. It’ll be fun. In this rotten place… they will control you. They will rule you. And you will obey. I don’t think that’s allowed. No talking. You are no rebel. No please sir. You are spoiled. Too spoiled to stand up to them. You’re nothing in here. But deep down, you want to resist. This is not your life. Did you get it? Now where do I need to go? You have the power to be free. What are you doing here? What now? This way. Good to see you again. Take back your freedom. Come on, go!

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  1. Before I make my decision and for personal space and safety reasons, there will be no dropping of the soap involved. Am I correct?

  2. Right now, I'm 14 years old… The day that I become 18, I'll buy tickets right away! This looks so awesome! Ugh, I have to wait 4 more years… But I bet it will be worth it!!

  3. I thought this was a goof. It looks like the guy from college humor. The fake voice over is what makes it look really dumb. Youtube style video.

  4. Come ooooon peopleeee,we watched movies like this,like hundred times,do you have any other idea? If anyone wants to I write the scenario,let me now,my brother would do that better,cause he shits in his room like he is in prison! #real #story

  5. Prison is no fun nor a game. Just go ask any lifer if they will (escape) to a certain point without consequences. Just tattoo your body like prison break for fun loll. Mix prisons would be good and better, because people would just fuck all day long and keep the violence low.

  6. Okay… I was going to dislike this video, but I watched the entire thing, and actually looked at the link. THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING! Someone want to send me to this place? I'm definitely down for this!

  7. What the hell did I just watch???? The narrator voice sounds like a call of duty game the acting is like shit!!!!! What a waste of money!!!!

  8. i have 2 years before 18, i think i'll use that time to check the prisons blue prints and tatoo it on me….i just came up whit that idea

  9. I'm looking for a film about events that there is a girl has been jailed Ba Thmt killed her stepfather, but do not know the name of the movie

  10. 20% Undead Nightmare Narration
    10% Nostril flaring
    30% Confusion to whether it's a reality/game show, a film or a theme park style experience.
    30% Terrible acting
    10% Mixed narration messages and tenses

  11. so uhm if i lets say "accidentally" kill a guard while trying to escape or just beat the shit out of someone will they sue me or is it ok?

  12. is this is real or drama coz what if someone will trap here forever. No guarantee that someone like me is interested to live the adventure.

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