Prison Martial Arts Convention! 4 winners participate in the decisive battle!Cheetah soldier 23

Prison Martial Arts Convention! 4 winners participate in the decisive battle!Cheetah soldier 23

Good, come on Come on Keep fighting Come on Beat him down Come on Come on, beat him down What’s your problem Kill him Come on Come on Beat him down It’s amazing Good, great Good job, pretty cool Han Jiang is the winner Good, fantastic Good job It’s amazing Order Next round Pretty cool It’s amazing, good job Fantastic Good, terrific Han Jianzhi is the winner Du Jianzhi Han Jiang Ye Lang Wu Ying You’re all winners for these competitions Well, the final competition is all on you guys so, drawing lots to decide who goes first in the competition Heimu, look Let’s wait and see they kill each other Heimu, look As for Wu Ying VS Du Jianzhi what will happen Wu Ying Well, let’s see this good play Your opponent is so powerful, I wanna see the way how you have been beaten to death Come on, come here, get there Come on, go, follow me Come in, go now Move fast Guys, come on, follow me Get there, go now, go back Come on, hurry up Du Jianzhi is an honest person, and he’s highly skilled in martial arts Is he Xia Yunfeng I almost saw something on his arms Well, I’l gonna fight with him tomorrow I need to make it clear who he is before this competition Come on, don’t kill time Why are you looking at me Stop yelling, you both wanna have a fight Well, go to the playground I’m telling you that I wanna change my place What if we are both in the same prison I won’t have anything else to eat What’re you talking about, say it again I wanna change my place, you You dare to beat me, well, I won’t attend this competition What gives Sir, Wu Ying yelled at me, and he wanted to change his place And said, he won’t attend the competition
what if we don’t wanna meet his needs and you have no idea whether they can go back alive or not Well, let them go, as him wish Got it This one is yours, and you go there, go now Move fast Go there Come on Mr Du Well, I saw that you’re highly skilled in martial arts on the stage Who is your master you chose to inherit the traditions Baguamen I inherited the traditions of Dong Haichuan taking good advantage of Bagua Youhun Mr Du, you’re highly skilled in martial arts how could it be possible for you to be here Don’t mention that Those fucking guys closed down my wushu centre even took me here without any reasons We lost territory You have to say it’s useless for our people to be highly skilled in martial arts even someone else ride roughshod over us Mr Du, you’re totally right What if we can’t drive those fucking men away from China we won’t live a better life here Buddy why did they take you here Mr Du, honestly I’m a New Fourth Army man and I got hurt after fighting with those fucking guys so they took me here Well, you’re also a real man Well, you’re flatting I need to let you go off but you know, everyone here wants to get out of here Yep Well, how about this We’re gonna see what we can learn from each other tomorrow Well, how about not doing in earnest Well, thanks I wanna have my presumptuous request Could you please show me your armes Why For my money, as for a guy who’s highly skilled in martial arts I can see it through his armes Well, for a man who practises wushu the man should be skilled on the internal exercises as well as having a good grounding in bones and muscles A man who practises martial arts long time his arms indeed look differently from others’ Look Well, it’s

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  1. 戦場に刑務所?

  2. Nombre de la película en Español latino por favor. O donde la puedo ver o descargar con subtítulos en español. Gracias

  3. Мне одному интересно почему в рекомендациях у меня отрывок к.ф на японском????

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