Prisoners of Europe – Asylum seeker pushed-back from Bulgaria

Prisoners of Europe – Asylum seeker pushed-back from Bulgaria

Every time I was pushed-back I was pushed-back three times by the Turks And the last time I was beaten with truncheons On my teeth and legs I was beaten and pushed-back in Turkey I was robbed, I was left with nothing Everything: phone, money, clothes [Q: Did you tell them you were Syrian?] Yes, they said: “Fuck Syria” For the first time Bulgaria has to face not only EU membership benefits but also problems such as migrants People fleeing Syria usually have Syrian ID or passport therefore is easy to check their nationality and realize that they are not illegal migrants from Pakistan or Afghanistan The Interior Minister decided to deploy a thousand policemen across the border de facto building a human wall on the border and then many voices raised (thought not all of them verified) claiming that policemen are preventing people from crossing One month ago it was possible to cross the border with Romania and reach Germany from Bulgaria, crossing Romania. But now the border is closed [The Romanians told me:] “We are going to send you back into Bulgaria,” “because Bulgaria receives funds for you,” “whereas the European Union doesn’t give us money” I told them that I hadn’t been arrested in Bulgaria but they told me that I had to go back to Bulgaria

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