Prisoners of Paradise by Arto Paasilinna

Prisoners of Paradise by Arto Paasilinna

hey everybody this is Piana and welcome to my book club and today’s book is the prisoners of paradise by up door by Selena after Pasadena is a finnish author of about 30 novels I believe only two of which are available in English why what is it with the english-speaking world and translating foreign novels it’s a tragedy anyway the prisoners of paradise a plane crashes near a tropical island in Southeast Asia on border a selection of midwives nurses woodsmen and engineers all destined for a UN mission in Southeast Asia in order to set up work in logging programs and also contraception programs Assange’s and crew all find themselves marooned on a desert island with a tropical jungle and very soon certain problems start emerging as how to locate food and water but did these problems get quickly resolved they start setting up a more comfortable life for themselves they build houses open a Family Planning Center make a distillery and a cafe in order to sell coffee and alcohol and a sauna because you know Finnish people they can’t live without saunas and all this time they hope for a rescue though it very soon becomes apparent that no planes or ships come near this island so they decide to carve out a massive SOS line in the jungle that can be seen from satellites this project takes a lot of work and many months to achieve and in this time some start wondering whether or not they actually want to leave this tropical paradise they’ve ended up becoming accustomed to going back to Europe and their lives means going back to paying taxes living in miserable weather with people who don’t appreciate them and many decide that they want to stay in this world they’ve created for themselves where they can be in touch with nature and truly free here we have a group of people marooned and completely cut off from civilization in what first seems like a very hostile environment but they very soon adapt and make it their home and create families they find that they’re in fact a lot happier living with the bare necessities as it were in this tropical jungle on a beach on a desert island after pasadena definitely definitely should be translated into english I have a job understanding why these authors don’t get translated like Siri Conroy made a video about and also many other international authors adjusting they don’t seem to make it across the channel or the UK or to the US and you know if they can get to France they can get to the UK so some publisher get get get them translated so the whole english-speaking world can read these books because this this author is he is absolutely brilliant his books are very very good and and I really really like him and I mean I definitely do recommend that someone sits down and translates this stuff because it really really is worth it so that was the prisoners of paradise by Arthur platinum now who is a Finnish author and who is translated into a lot of languages so there’s really no excuse okay someone do it so once again the donor remains for me to say thank you for watching my video I hope you enjoyed it and do subscribe to my channel I make a video I mean more videos three videos this week I’ve been very productive recently so yeah do join me and my book club and I’ll see you all soon [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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