Profit Guaranteed By Quotas For Private Prisons

Profit Guaranteed By Quotas For Private Prisons

a new report by in the public interest
indicates that what these private prisons are run by GEO Group or
Corrections Corporation of America actually have something written their
contracts that basically indicates that they need aid
and inmate quota so wasn’t in may quote up well
they have these contracts with a certain states that they operate in and in the contract they say that they
have to have and 90 to 100 percent occupancy so that means that there is
more than incentive to push for tough on crime legislation and
there’s more than incentive to walk up nonviolent drug offenders so this is a
big problem because one huge misconception and I like to
really emphasize this is that private prison save the state’s
so much money but keep in mind that they’re not really
private because they’re funded by taxpayers the politicians and each particular
state will grant a certain amount of taxpayer money to all operate these for-profit prisons
now this report shows you that a lot of
these prisons have these very long term contracts they can be twenty years they
can be more than 20 years recently California %uh signed a
contract with I a for-profit prison and is a five-year
contract so it seems very low but I feel like that’s just the tip of the iceberg
Calgary has a huge problem with overpopulation in the prisons now just
to give you a little bit a information from the report let me read
to you I what’s currently happening Arizona 3 privately-run prisons in
Arizona have contracts that require 100 percent inmate occupancy so the
state is obligated to keep its presence filled to
capacity otherwise it has to pay the private company for any unused bed so keep just think
about that for a second insane that means if the state isn’t
funneling in as many inmates as possible to these private prisons that means that
the taxpayer has to pay me for the %uh news-bad in a
so-called primates prison yeah that that’s the free-market in action I guess I like
just for the sake of our guy try to come up with some other industry where you have
you’re running a theater you gotta pack two seats I we have sold
my tickets you do it like a 7-11 the no other company is able to bargain in this
way I guess their lobby is a stronger that I had thought their lobby is
extremely strong and they work with Alec out work so the
private prisons to pass or to continue tough online a cut so I’m
sorry tough-on-crime laws so that’s why you see this continual war
on drugs that’s why you see legislation like SB 1070 in Arizona
getting past because well all the sudden if you can detain
and in prison undocumented immigrants before you
deport them that’s freakin awesome right of a sudden these private prisons can
make some money off a bit and its all %uh you’re done i don’t understood like I
get that there are certain areas where there are not a hundred companies bidding for
something but I have to imagine that if they come back with their deal that like
you have to fill every single spot /url to pay out the
ass was I’d respond by saying shut up your ass a different company to
run the prison like shouldn’t that be the the obvious response unfortunates not
because I’m sure the politicians are getting donations but the idea that
a contract would determine the percentage of seats at our beds in a
prison they’re filled no the crime rate determines how many
people we have in prison I thought and there is a reason why we
imprison more people than any other country in the world there is
a profit motive here and we are allowing the profit motive to
continue for-profit prisons were established in the nineteen eighties
when we were walking away so many people for nonviolent drug offenses that these companies realize that
there’s a profit to be made of it so let me give you some more information
from the report that just blew my mind Arizona Louisiana and Oklahoma and Virginia are locked in contracts
with the highest occupancy guarantee requirements with all court is
requiring between 95 and 100 percent occupancy I it’s totally naive me I sometimes wish
we could just take that all these influential people
who are able to get politicians everyone skin a private island go there given beautiful woman or
whatever they want think just because you’re beautiful weather yeah objects look in detail I can get
them just me if they come to life but no like
the idea that I just don’t understand the power behind
it like there should be some sort of obvious like we just it took thirty nine billion
dollars at a %uh snap over the next ten years
like we don’t have the money for food stamps that stop literally
disabled people veterans and children for the most part from start-up to money
for that we do enough money to change a loss to
make sure that we put people in prison and if we mess up and not enough people go to
jail if like society gets you know better and less violent know that they still get paid and politicians go
with three faces to the public and they say that this is the way it should be
like we have to cut snap we have to pay for the private
prisons and most people don’t just don’t care because I guess they
don’t go to salon or they don’t watch The Young Turks and that’s unfortunate I wish at times that we had the ability
to sort of co-op popular culture to advance their
political agenda like if we could just get Miley Cyrus to grind up on a private
prison maybe would people would pay attention
to it we could do something about these laws being pushed by Alec

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About the Author: Sam Caldwell


  1. This won't change until rich White ppl are thrown in jails for non violent offences. Wait,that's never going to happen. More private slave labor and more criminalizing petty shit to come.

  2. Wait. If you allow for a capacity of 20000 prisoners in a state, then you would pay for any empty cells wouldn't you, regardless of it being owned by goverment or privately.

    Isn't the real question how much a empty cell would cost compared to one that has an inmate. Capacity and anticipated capacity sounds like a more important subject, and how a given goverment, state or city would believe they should be.

  3. Let the people out of prison who were arrested for marijuana and they won't have overpopulated prisons.
    Private prisons should be illegal.

  4. If the cost of an empty cell is less than one with a inmate in it, then wouldn't it incourage the goverment to send less people to jail, not more?

    Allowed capacity sounds more to be the problem. Not the practice itself. But if the cost of an empty cell is more than one with an inmate in it, and we ignore the capacity anticipated when a state, goverment allow prisons be build and integrated, then I can see the point.

  5. As long as people have a roof over their heads, have food to eat, and are distracted by "reality" TV, they just don't give a shit about what is happening in the world. Cut off their TV shows or stores run out of food and you will have people rioting. Politicians know this.

  6. Works here in Canada . Actually , I couldn't believe a prison in Canada being run privately . That would be allowing shit to go wrong freely

  7. hmm…Arizona the state i live in, after 10 years being here i'm sitll undocumented…oh they have to have all their private prisons full…that explains sb1070, lack of support for the legalization of marijuana….these people don't see us, society, as people…they see you as a pig who needs to be locked up so they could profit…then they use the media to make u think that they are doing the right thing….there is nothing right with private prisons..people profit from the suffering of others

  8. John made a clear point at the end. People don't care because people don't know– although I cannot really say that, because I know a lot of people do know about these issues. I'm not sure if its the fact that people don't have a trusted source to express their disapproval with the government or is it just solely based on our laziness to act because of our own distractions.

  9. I am well aware of all this – and yes I happen to think it is a complete racket on an enormous scale – but none of this is relevant to the specific way a contract is made on paying a minimum amount to run a prison service.

    Of course they want slave labour and this in fact ties in quite nicely for them in operating this scandal, but the contract for minimum payment to run a prison service is not in and of itself wrong.

  10. For profit prisons. One of the sleaziest money scams of all time.. Have you people thought about it ? These are prisons that make money off of inmates.. What do you think is going to happen ?

  11. How is a disabled person a criminal ? If the disabled person committed a crime, fine. However being labeled a criminal just because you have a disability is just not right.

  12. I wonder when the corporations are just gonna draft a law making it illegal to be poor and then making a dickload of money off of it through for-profit prisons.

  13. I like that John can't think of another example where government guarantees profits to private industry. When is Obamacare kicking in, again…?

    I could also mention utilities, farm subsidies, defense contracts, …. Just look for any place that public and private meet.

  14. course there is no contract whereby people must use 100% of power plant output or water supply or the tax payers pay the difference, nor is there a contract whereby people must buy 100% of the output of a subsidized farm or the state buys the diff.
    the larger point you made is still valid, there are a number of cases where the government guarantees profits (though subsidies do not guarantee profits) but these have regulations ins place to prevent abuse (whether they are followed…)

  15. Govts are always run by immoral monsters. That's why those on the right advocate small limited govt. It's the useful idiots on the left who want to give more power to the politicians and have govt run and regulate everything.

  16. Medicare, Medicaid and SS are not Bankrupt. Amtrak was bankrupt at one time but still relies on government funding. The GOP is forcing the USPS into Bankruptcy due to outrageous prefunding of retirement benefits for workers that have not even been born yet and refusing the USPS requests for rate increases. England's conservatives did the same thing in England and this the Royal Mail is now private and much more expensive.

  17. Since you're talking about a hypothetical system, let me bring up a hypothetical as well. What if one or a few sociopathic elites "work" really hard and manage to hoard so much land and resources that there's nothing left for anyone else? Is it not then force when these capitalists make the plebs work for starving wages as they have nowhere else to go?

    Here's another one: imagine I buy up all the land around your land and wall you in so you can't leave your land. Is that fair? If not, why not?

  18. Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. All Medicare, Medicaid, SS are all bankrupt in the simplest meaning of the term: they all pay out more than than they take in. SS had a deficit of $55 billion in 2012. USPS rate increase was actually denied by a Democrat Congress. Try having an original thought than just parroting "GOP's fault derrr." And I don't know anything about Royal Mail. Provide a citation.

  19. Do you know what this tells me – the Govt. is dumber than the trash who operate the private prisons, because there is no way to guarantee the number of inmates.

  20. Look up "Kids for Cash" scandal Scranton, PA. Yes, the private prisons paid the judges finders fees for sending juveniles to the private prisons. It was horrible and proves that private prisons are not what they are cut out to be. There is way too much corruption which can occur when you give a corporation that much power.

  21. it's BUSINESS, deal with it. my father runs a prison and it's sweet money, i'm thinking of getting into the industry as well some day. would be a dream come true to make big bucks while locking up scum.

  22. Except corporate tyranny makes the rich richer while terrorists cost them, so the rich lawyer politicians will do absolutely nothing about it. Proven by how little they respect the majority public vote and always go with anything that makes them a profit.

  23. That's the conservative mentality. In their 'christian nation' don't fund anything that can benefit the average citizen, give the money to prisons and the military instead since that's what Jebus would have wanted.

  24. I think I only made the larger point. Also, there's no doubt there are regulations in place for these private prisons, but that's immaterial to the point.

    It goes to show, if you want monopolistic power, you need government on your side.

  25. i love how some people try to paint corporatism as the free market. unless I'm mistaking I'm pretty sure a free market means the market is not being rigged by government or bankers witch they're pretty much the same thing now days.

  26. Another thing I'd like to point out is the 13th amendment: It abolishes slavery/indentured servitude EXCEPT as a punishment for a crime. These people do stupid work for pennies so it's something we should think about. More people really should start fighting back against this, especially for non-violent drug offenders.

  27. This country is becoming the Prison Colony that the British intended in the first place! Close down manufacturing, import more goods and services and only produce/export weapons and surveillance products, shut down the Foodstamp program, increase the hunger and need to feed the "war on drugs". Checkmate! It is time to go! Next up, being innocent for too long will be "against the law"!..stay tuned.

  28. Not just marijuana. There's no reason anyone should be in prison for putting anything in their own body.

    You can't be your own victim, and if you somehow are, putting you in prison isn't going to fix whatever problem supposedly exists.

    If I want to buy heroin, I'm gonna buy heroin. Using heroin in and of itself is not harmful to anyone, so why should people who use it be put in prison?

    If there is no victim, it cannot be a crime!

  29. Anyone who makes money off shit like this or makes this possible should be put to death.

    I'm looking at you, bankers, politicians, government officials, and jailers. We're coming for your scalp maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in 5 years, but we're coming.

  30. My immediate question is… investigate who signed these contracts. Someone signed a contract with these companies. Whoever they are, they are the ones responsible- not the scumbags who are profiting. Another sad day for America…

  31. A private prison company offered to buy and operate all the prisons in Texas on one caveat, keep them ALL at least 90% full for the next decade.

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    You have to be fill out your address but it is all real, I claimed my one a few minutes ago. Better hurry up! UPAD3.COM

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  33. I wish greediness was a felony, so we could throw everyone at private prison corporations into their own jails and see how much THEY like it.

  34. I know about Anarcho-Capitalists. I don't agree with privatization of police, prisons, and military. I am a member of the Libertarian Party. I am a minimal government person, but there are a few other things I think are good ideas. The FDA is a good idea (the problem is how it is controlled by Monsanto and what not). I also feel laws prohibiting waste dumping and polluting is good as well. But, I am definitely not an Anarcho-Capitalist version of a libertarian.

  35. The FDA should exist, but it should not have the power that it does, since it is impossible to stop the abuse of it.

    The FDA should be nothing more than a watchdog agency.

    It'd be great if the FDA could spend its time publishing drug testing results, reports, food contents and whatnot, instead of kicking down the doors of people who sell organic food/milk.

  36. The point of my comment is that anarchy-capitalism is a minority libertarian view and not agreeing with their views in no way puts you on ends with libertarian-ism.

    Personally I agree with the idea of the FDA but not the implementation. I believe it should be done through labeling. Example: if products aren't approved they get clearly labelled NOT FDA APPROVED.

    Pollution is generally dumped in the government property. As such the government has the right to make doing so illegal.

  37. Private prisons are ‘horribly’ managed, funded, and their sole intention is to lock up as ‘many’ individuals ‘as possible.’ I have seen, heard, read, and experienced my fair share of our justice, and I understand ‘too many’ negative aspects that come along with ‘for-profit’ prisons. They’re ruthless, and citizens are converted from Joe citizen into Joe convict, or Joe ex-convict, many times each day because of these programs, systems, or corporate entities.

  38. If judges know that in order for all of these systems to work, the amount of beds in prisons need to be filled by its equivalent in prisoners. This could place an extremely heavy bias on the outcome of many cases, especially if they know that x amount of beds in prison will be empty soon, and that they need y amount of civilians to be converted into prisoners to fill those beds, to maintain these systems. In other words, somebody must go, sometimes regardless of their issue. Unbiased system?

  39. The purpose of my comments was to make it clear that you are absolutely a libertarian and as far as the party is concerned actually more aligned with it then the anarcho-capitalist.

    Basically I am sick of people taking anarcho-capitalist views rightfully dismissing them and then implying that their dismal equates to dismissing the libertarian party when they are a fringe element.

  40. Ah yes, privatised prisons. They had them in Germany, all the biggest companies had them, they used the prisoners as cheap labor… Back in the Nazi times….

  41. He says thats the free market i guess. Uh hell no that is the government giving money to private corporations to provide a hole for inmates to sleep in and get paid tons of our tax dollars to create lobbyists to in turn pay politicians to increase government power and make stiffer sentences for non violent drug crimes. Free market. Yeah sounds real free to me. Good to know this guy has no clue what the free market would be. Trust me we dont have it now either.

  42. If you want to fix this kind of stuff (which does sound fucked up to me, although I bet this video doesn't explain every practical reason behind these policies), you probably need to address the factors which make people want and/or not care enough to oppose such policies in the first place.

  43. Maybe the other states should rescue those "slaves" from those states then. I'm sure lots of the "slaves" would like to move somewhere else if given a nice opportunity…

  44. wrong, have you ever heard of conflict of interest? in your scenario, the judge cannot even LISTEN to the lobbyist. A judge is there to apply the law, that's all whether we need more prisons or not is irrelevant for the judge, in fact he can be jailed himself for basing a sentence on what a lobbyist has to say, let alone getting payed by the lobbyist… I think you need to get educated on the law instead of buying everything the young turds say…

  45. Look up the "kids for cash scandal", where two Pennsylvania judges were getting kickbacks from a private prison company, and in return were sentencing kids to harsh prison sentences for even the most minor of offenses.

    Making prisons a profit center results in a huge incentive for corruption.

  46. yep that was…A SCANDAL meaning it's not common at all and it's illegal; you might as well say "look at sandy hook, see murder is legal in the US"

  47. the judge gets nothing from sentencing anyone, if he/she does that bribery and that's illegal, the judge himself will be sentenced.

  48. The goal of a society should be to put prisons out of business. Having private prisons with guaranteed quotas flies in the face of that goal. That is one reason why the US has 10 times the incarceration rate of most European countries, yet at the same time we also have more crime.

  49. the goal of society is to put dangerous criminals in prison. Private prisons are regulated by the government because prisons are a PUBLIC service, you can own a prison but it's regulated by the gov. not you.
    the US ranks nº 113 in violent crime according to the UN reports, The EU is far more violent, spain ranks 10, Grece, Portugal, all those have a huge crime rate, the UK is the 4th most violent country in the world. so let's stick to the facts.,..

  50. Most of the people filling US prisons are not "dangerous" criminals, but non-violent offenders who were caught up by the ludicrous "war on drugs" which does nothing but feed the prison system.

    There are a million ways to twist "violent crime" figures, but if we stick to intentional homicide, the rate in the USA is 4.7 per 100k, while in Spain it's 0.8, Greece, 1.5, Portugal 1.2 , Italy 0.9, Norway 0.6, Germany 0.8, and France 1.1,

    You say stick to the facts, yet you pull yours out of your ass.

  51. yeah a milion ways to twist it, like the one you used right now, when you say intentional homicide, that includes the rapist that got shot by his victim, it's intentional defensive homicide, thus classified as intentional homicide. In the US self defense is allowed, the right to bear arms is a constitutional right, so there's way more defensive homicide. Please get educated on that.

    Sorry but having drugs is a federal offense, the judges have to follow the law. dont like it? change the law.

  52. Don't patronize.

    The figures do not include self defense.

    A few states (CO and OR) are finally defying the federal government by changing some of the most ridiculous drug laws. We are also seeing a change in attitudes nationwide. Locking someone up for 10 years for an ounce of pot does nobody any good.

  53. they do,intentional homicide IS ALSO SELF DEFENSE.If you kill me cuz I was about to rape your daughter, that's intentional, you had intent to kill and it's homicide, cuz i'm dead now…
    the war on drugs is ridiculous I agree, but federal law bans drugs… vote Ron Paul! LOL

  54. Let's play along with your premise that Spain is incredibly violent, while the US is one of the least violent countries.

    Even if we go along with your claim that US intentional homicide numbers are artificially inflated due to self defense, the figure is still six times that of Spain. Therefore, you are saying that six "bad" people are killed in self defense in the US for every "good" person killed by violence, a truly laughable statement.

  55. are you insane? the figures you give for spain are not reliable, do you remember the ETA? the terrorism, that survey when 25 people are killed because of a bomb they count it as 1!!! look it up! in Spain there was a bomb after another, a boston marathon after another, I know I was in the Guardia Civil before comming to the US and yes it's way more peaceful in fact I dont see bombs going off every day like it happened in spain thanx to the ETA.

  56. Yeah Harper sounds so foreign to me I don't know much about the western provinces but if he was elected its because he must have like minded people somewhere…

  57. You guys are wrong about this. If a municipality has a contract with a private company with say an 85% guaranteed occupancy rate, does not mean that if that facility's population falls short of 85% that local law enforcement is going to go out and arrest enough people to make up for it, it simply means that said municipality may have to transfer inmates from other facilities to make up the deficit. And by doing so, those inmates are taken care of on a bed by bed basis for a smaller cost to the taxpayers than  if they were to stay at the government facility. Remember, the private facilities do not patrol the streets and investigate crimes outside of the facility, they simply house and take care of the people who have already been arrested by law enforcement. Your quotes distort the facts and you should set the record straight. 

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