Profiting from Prisoner Abuse: The GEO Group • Prison Profiteers (with Henry Rollins) • #7

Profiting from Prisoner Abuse: The GEO Group • Prison Profiteers (with Henry Rollins) • #7

Just how low can private prisons go? Ask the GEO Group. This corporation makes
$1.6 BILLION a year locking people up. Its long record of abusing and neglecting prisoners
is second to none. The Coke County facility was a facility run
by the GEO Corporation. It was disgusting. There was an infestation of insects everywhere
you looked, including the kitchen. Insects in the food. It was horrible. East Mississippi correctional facility -it
was run by GEO for the first two months that I was there. It was dirty, nasty, unsanitary
conditions. I mean, people get stabbed in there, they’re bleeding, or they get in a
fight, and they’re bleeding. They don’t give no cleaning chemicals to clean the place up,
or nothing. The sewer kept backing up in the zones, the
toilets kept stopping up. The stench was so bad in there, I couldn’t eat any more. A blistering report by the US Justice Department
describes systemic, egregious, and dangerous practices at a juvenile prison in Mississippi. Prison staff has sex with incarcerated youth,
which investigators called among the worst that we’ve seen in any facility anywhere in
the nation. Coke county, run by GEO, was the worst facility
that I’ve seen in this country. Without question. Without comparison. It ought
to be illegal. Meanwhile, the GEO Group’s CEO makes over $6 million per year. How does
such an abusive company make that much money? It knows how to play the political game. GEO Group has told its investors that things
like the loosening of drug laws and immigration reform could be very bad for its business. GEO Group has hired an army of lobbyists in
seventeen states -while donating to over four hundred candidates. If you ask people “Should a multi-billion
dollar corporation be able to profit from the incarceration of people, AND turn around
and spend some of its profits lobbying for more people to be put in its facilities?”
I think the average person in the United States says that that’s a really bad idea. Private Prison corporations like GEO Group thrive when no one pays attention.

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About the Author: Sam Caldwell


  1. We need to end the Prisons for Profit system.
    Evidently, we ARE assets on a balance sheet and their guinea pigs for experimental testing.

  2. Privatizing certain government duties is about the stupidest thing I've heard of.  This is what you get.  But the conservatives don't care.  It doesn't affect them.  None of them are "lowlife scum" like the rest of us.  And I say those are the REAL bad people.  THEY should have to spend time there.  Assholes.  Yeah, privatize the fire department.  You don't pay, they let your house burn down.  Real smart.

  3. This is absolutely sick, jails and prisons should not be run for profit by the private sector, this is one of the most disgusting practices in our country. How on earth did our government let this happen? Our country must be run by some the worst most nasty psychopathic fascist criminals on planet earth, how can these animals sleep at night? These people aren't trying to help anyone at all, they have no intentions of contributing – helping to run a better more just safe society. They thrive off of the pain, misery, misfortune, suffering and discrimination of others, while profiting. If we lived in a just world from my perspective, the people that are responsible for creating and upholding the prison industrial complex are the ones that would be locked up, or at the least the corruption practices – privatization of prisons would be stopped.

  4. Aug. 18 2016, 12:53 p.m.
    THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT’S announcement on Thursday that it would seek to end the use of private contractors to run its federal prisons was a monumental one that quickly sent private prison stocks plunging and drew praise from dozens of human and civil rights groups that for years had been denouncing abuse and neglect in private facilities.

  5. There's good public prisons and bad public prisons; just the same there are good private prisons and bad private prisons. Worked in public and private, private actually ran operations more efficient and professionally than the public.

  6. I thought we banned slavery? Looks like it's alive and well in the good ole United Prison States of Murica.
    Fuck Geo Group. May it's shareholders, CEOs, and board of directors be gang-raped in hell.

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