Prophet Charlie Shamp Predicts Current Iran Problems Back In 2018

Prophet Charlie Shamp Predicts Current Iran Problems Back In 2018

If you’ve been reading WeLoveTrump for a
while, you know we like to follow what modern-day prophets say. And we don’t just buy everything they’re
selling. We watch what they say and then we go back
and check to see if it was trustworthy! And here’s a big one that we’ve been watching
from Charlie Shamp from 2018 about Iran and it reads like something out of today’s newspaper! Read more here, from his website DestinyEncounters
with a date of March 24, 2018: There has been a sound of unrest arising in
the heart of Egypt, I can hear it as I sleep and I awake. I saw a cloud has been manufactured over the
nation of turmoil, terrorism and tension sent from a distant land as a manipulation, yes
a distraction. There are those who stir up strife in the
country from a foreign land, they seek to place fear in many to keep power. They secretly scheme to separate and divide
the nation by their hand. I heard the Lord say, “I have given you
over Egypt into the hand of a cruel lord; and a fierce king will rule you for a time
and season. One you can’t see with your eyes will rule
over you. Your election has been set; yes, President
Abdel Fattah el-Sisi will win again not by popularity, but by a power. Foreign powers have aligned to create a collusion
to block those who seek to bring this government to an end. It is in their priority to keep Egypt in its
place, but in days to come there will be an altar to my name in the heart of Egypt, and
a monument of my presence at its border. It will be a sign and witness of me in the
land. When they cry out to my Son because of their
oppressors, I will send them a savior and defender, and he will rescue them. Oh Egypt do not think I have forgotten how
you sheltered my Son while he was very young. How you allowed me to hide him under your
shadow for a time and a season before his light was to shine, I have not forgotten. I will overshadow you with my wings and command
healing in your land! The day will come when you will be truly free. Again I heard the voice of the Lord say, “Iran,
your deal is done, the foreign favors have come to an end. You have dealt harshly against my people Israel. You have sought their destruction and demise. I have seen your plan to tear Israel apart
and wipe her from of the face of the earth. Your heart of hate has forced my hand against
you and your agreement with America will be torn in two! Now you will deal with me in the days to come. Behold, I will break your bow Iran, the foremost
of your might will be destroyed! For I will cause you to be dismayed before
your enemies and before those who seek your life. I will bring disaster upon you and I will
send the sword of my word and it will strike your heart, yes the heart of Tehran. I will set My throne in your nation and will
destroy from there the king and the princes. I will bring back the captives of the nation. Those who gather with me in secret to pray
are more then those who meet with you in the open. I have heard the cry of my people coming from
this land for freedom. I have caused my word to be heard in the heart
of the nation and soon some you trust will turn to me and bow their knee. The destruction I will bring will not be by
might, nor by power, but by my Spirit. My hand will sweep across the nation and many
will be saved in one single day. There is a rumbling coming that will shake
the ground, you will feel it’s force. For it will be a sign of what will come a
shaking in your government, a shaking in economy, a shaking of your religion. I will shake free every hand and feet from
the shackles that hold them and they will walk free, yes they will march in the streets. I bring the four winds from the four quarters
of heaven, and will shatter deception and scatter your lies by these winds, get ready
for it will begin. The dry bones will come to life! Even the bones of my Prophet Daniel who is
buried in your country will shake as a sign that my people in the nation will awake.” -Prophet Charlie Shamp

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