Queer Woman Goes Undercover In Prison And Falls in Love.

Queer Woman Goes Undercover In Prison And Falls in Love.

My name’s Angele Cooper. I’m from Los Angeles, California. When I was 25 years old, I had just got out
of a really bad breakup. I was going through a lot of depression and
dealing with, like, a lot of suicidal thoughts. I was really conflicted with myself and really
wanting to not be queer, not be a lesbian. And then a couple of weeks later, my buddy
calls me and he offers me this opportunity to be a part of this docu-series. The docu-series that I got contacted for entailed
me pretty much going undercover in jail to be able to, first off, show the experience
of a person while they’re incarcerated and then second off, being able to provide the
COs and the officers with specific notes as far as, like, how drugs are getting in, like,
the gang culture inside there. So I was pretty much like an informant. I accepted and within a week later, I flew
to Atlanta, Georgia and then they put me into the Fulton County jail. Within my time in there I had the opportunity
to bond with a lot of these women. We would pray together. We danced together. We’d sing together. We just really enjoyed each other. One day, an inmate came in. She came into my pod. She got bunked with me. Me and her started to get really close and
connected. So she started to, like – we would work out
together, we’d just talk about life together, talk about our futures together. We had such a strong connection that I ended
up falling in love with her. Our relationship went from being quite platonic,
cordial, to now be becoming intimate. You know, when you’re inside jail, you’re
stuck with your thoughts. And for me, luckily, I was blessed enough
to have very, very beautiful spirits around me. People be like, “Angele, like, you’ve been
a lesbian since you were 6 years old! Girl, accept it!” There’s one woman in there that was very spiritual
and she would be like, “God is love. You are love. We are love.” They taught me that when they look at me,
they saw light in me, which enabled me to see light within myself. So my birthday is November 3, and it was November
2. And I was actually turning 26. The woman and the other inmates threw me a
birthday party. All of them got together and they used, like,
the money off of their books to like buy, like, cake items, chips, Kool-Aid. Like, everything that you could possibly imagine. They cut up uniforms and they made them into,
like, dresses – like, dresses and skirts because at the party, like, they wanted to have like
strippers at the party. We were, like, eating chips with, like, nacho
sauce. It was – it was, like, absolutely amazing. The connection that I had with this woman
in particular, I started to feel a bit of guilt. So the following morning, I had just woken
up, went downstairs, took a shower, came back to the room and she was just lying down reading
a book. And she had asked me, “Hey, you want to
come lay next to me?” And I said, “Yeah,” so I laid next to
her. I walked back to the bed and she’s like,
“What’re you doing?” I’m like, “I’m just going to write a letter. I just wanna write something right now just
because I love to write.” So I laid in bed and I started writing this
letter and it was pretty much like, Hey, I just wanna let you know that my real name
is Angele Cooper and that I’m really in here because of yada yada yada. She sat there as she opened the letter, like,
within the book. And she just read it and her – I literally
saw her like heart just sink. She was, like, really upset. But then that night, she was fine. She was just like, “You know, I’m glad that
you told me. I’m happy that you told me. And, like, it makes me really happy that you,
you know, that you’re able to share that with me.” The next day, I’m in the shower. Another inmate came up to me and was like,
“Hey, just a heads up. So-and-so told us that you’re undercover.” And I was like, What?” And then the next morning, one of the producers
of the docuseries came into the facility and had me, like leave the pod. And he put me – sat me in a chair just like
this, and was like, “Hey, we know that you blew your cover. Your time is up.” I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye
to any of those women. Like, it literally went for me waking up to
them calling me out to me, like, leaving. After they took me out of of jail, after they
brought me out, they put me in a hotel. And I was receiving phone calls like minute
after minute after minute after minute. And it was from, like, my lover that I had
when I was inside. Finally, I got – I answer the phone and I
got a hold of her and we finally talked. For a few weeks after me getting out of jail,
me and her talked all the time. She’d always call me. I’d send her books, I’d send her stuff. Unfortunately, when she got out of jail, she
ended up relapsing and going back to heroin. Now we talk because she’s in rehab and she’s
clean so we – so we talk every so often. That experience, with her alone, there’s one
thing that she said to me that has always stuck with me, actually, to this day. She would always be like, “Why don’t you
give yourself credit? Why don’t you accept yourself? Why don’t you let your walls down? Allow yourself to love yourself.” Coming out, I was just so much more stronger. Now I rep my queerness. I’m like, “Yeah!” I’m always posting on social media. Like, you know, if I have a girlfriend, I
post her. If I’m at a queer event, I’ll post it. At the end of the day, like, you have to love
yourself. You have to see the light within yourself
because that’s the only way you will be allowed to love others and see light in others. And just have that self knowledge and that
personal freedom of being who you are unapologetically.

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  1. I’m sorry but you’ve used these women to explore your sexuality. To confirm your sexuality. Now if you simply observed and talked with them that is one thing but you engage in a sexual relationship with a prisoner. This is classic exploitation. You knew you were getting out you knew you had freedom you knew what was in your heart and what was in your mind and what you were dealing with. You should’ve simply recuse yourself and denied the opportunity to participate if you could not keep your sexual needs your physical sexual needs at bay. This woman showcased here should not be celebrated.

    Leslie I highly doubt that the woman that she is speaking of that she engaged in a physical relationship was the only woman that she did not explore her sexuality with in prison it might not have been completely physical it might’ve been looks it might have been a touch it might have been a caress or a kiss but trust me she explored the full meal deal. The selfishness of her actions literally disgust me

  2. This is a really amazing story. It's so human. It's not a story of this woman being perfect or being a hero. It's the story of her living as best she can (mistakes and all) and coming out stronger and better for it.

  3. Angele, now your light shines bright, drawing others to live and love, and inspiring them to shine. Thank you for sharing your story! Love and light to you, beautiful!! ❤🌞💡

  4. This woman has issues. She has tattoos on her neck, which is a clear sign of poor impulse control and decision making. All of which is evident in her choice to fall for an imprisoned drug addict and blowing her cover behind bars. Not impressed.

  5. So on the show you acting like you didn't know at all that she betrayed you but u knew she did before the producers even knew.
    It was so happy that she betrayed your trust because you sacrificed everybody else for her and she didn't care about you at all. It was an opportunity for you to humble yourself and to learn not to be so selfish

  6. The docuseries is called 60 Days In, Angele is in season 4 and falls for a girl named Gabrielle

  7. Well, so much for loyalty and integrity!? We're going to give you an amazing opportunity to be in our Documentary and spend however much money on you to be able to do it and she screws the filmmakers and her friend over and wastes everyone's time over jail sex and a heroin addict???????? Not a story I'd want to brag about or act so proud of! most people would be embarrassed and/or ashamed to admit what she did…

  8. I agree 100% wow your inmates seemed really lovely and sweet. I am glad your relationship wasn’t ruined. Sorry that she went back to heroine. I can pray for her if you want. You are both beautiful spirits and deserve happiness

  9. She could have gotten people killed in there. She was not the only mole. She bonded with a woman who she "loved" who snitched to others.

  10. She’s so self centered…. she literally almost got 9 other people killed over some snatch.

    Don’t put this bitch on a pedestal…. she doesn’t deserve the attention.

  11. Your sexual perversion didnt even let you finish what you started. You should be ashamed and not bragging about that.

  12. This woman Is still just as clueless. I remember that season of 60 days in and she is still stuck in her delusional thoughts. She will be 50 and still trying to make sense of life.

  13. Another stupid bitch letting her emotions fuck up a situation again. Dumb ass. That’s what you get. Go find you a man dumb ass and stop chasing other stupid ass women

  14. I was locked up for 3 day on my birthday in the big house they made me a noodle cake mix with hot Cheetos I love it

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