Quinn Hughes at Canucks Prospect Camp

Quinn Hughes at Canucks Prospect Camp

– For me, I was just trying
to get overall better at everything I do. You know, on the ice, I think
I got 5% better this summer and I feel really good coming
into camp and that aspect, and then in the gym, obviously,
just getting stronger and trying to prepare myself for 82 games. – The focus of it is we want
to put them in a position to put their best foot
forward in main camp and have a great impression on our group, so it was more about details
and getting them ready as opposed to sitting and evaluating them. That wasn’t the purpose of this, it’s to put them in the best place, to really show well when we do sit down and watch main camp
and into the scrimmages and things like that. – I mean, there’s going to
be tough nights for sure. It’s 82 games, it’s practically impossible to play good every night. It starts with defense, like you said; I am a defenceman, you know,
I’m just gonna play smart, use my skating and my
stick, like I always have and see how that goes. – Coming in at the end
of the year like he did, and obviously made a huge impression, but to have him around,
maybe, the normalcy of what the lead-up to camp is, and heading into main camp to
have him around his peer group and some of his, is good for him and it allows all of them too to get a little bit of the cobwebs out and get some of the rust off. – You know, it’s just easier
to get up in the morning and work on skating
knowing that you’re gonna, you’re playing the best
league in the world. So for me, I think just doing
that extra skate or workout, or whatever it is, in any rep,
I think that makes it easier. Yeah, really exciting just to know that there’s other young guys and they’re really talented and you know, I’m really
excited and hopefully, I can join in with those
guys and help them out.

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  1. So excited; we’ve never had a d-man like Quinn. I truly think he’ll have a similar impact to Petey last season. He’ll give Canucks fans hope and will be must-see TV. 🔥🔥🔥

  2. He will be great but dont expect to much first season. He might be great in powerplay but just like he says he needs to find his D game first and play smart. Hopefully dont get injured. Rasmus Dahlin worked alot with finding his D game this first season and i think he will be fantastic this coming season just like quinn hughes will be

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