Re-Franchising Your Business. Remove The Shackles and Bottlenecks To Growth.

Re-Franchising Your Business. Remove The Shackles and Bottlenecks To Growth.

Hi, We’ve completed this exciting workshop with this very interesting BRAND called ‘ALPHABET EDUCATION’ With me is the learned founder of this very exciting brand, RUPESH SANCHETI, and what has been your experience of this workshop and have we achieved what we wanted to in the morning? It was a GREAT EYE OPENER for us in many aspects. Previously WE DID NOT HAVE A CLEAR IDEA about
How we should approach with our brand also, with our FRANCHISE MODEL also, nationally and what kind of difficulties we will face. So Now it is, things are much more clear on exactly what kind of pricing we should have what kind of DIFFERENT MODELS, we can have & We are having ‘FLEXIBILITY’ at the same
time as well as the model we have discussed is much more ROBUST then previously designed model which we were EXECUTING. What would you advise any ENTREPRENEUR WHO GOES ABOUT APPOINTING FRANCHISES WITHOUT THIS KIND OF HOMEWORK? You know it looks easy at the upfront, you’ve already APPOINTED 20 FRANCHISES? WHAT WOULD BE YOUR ADVISE TO SUCH ENTREPRENEURS? See what happens is In India we have that
kind of mentality as in, WE WANT TO DO ALL THE THINGS BY OURSELVES. That is, sometimes you know, it might work for you. It wont help you if you want to CREATE A BIG BRAND, OR IF YOU WANT TO SCALE UP YOUR BUSINESS. Because at the end, when you are doing things yourself, you dont carry the ‘REQUIRED EXPERTISE’ you dont carry the ‘REQUIRED EXPERIENCE’ , so when people like Amit come into the picture, who have got 20+ YEARS EXPERIENCE in FRANCHISING A BUSINESS, they have better ACUMEN than any other Entrepreneurs or Businessmen out there. So instead of DOING ALL THINGS YOURSELF, if you HIRE EXPERTS, then it is ONE TIME INVESTMENT, and you can BUILD A STRONG BUSINESS MODEL in the long term. so that’s what i would like to advise all
the people. See If you have, if you are planning to scale up your business at a very large scale, then have experts with you. Without experts, you cannot make it, very
BIG. DID THIS OPEN UP EYES IN TERMS OF the areas that are required to BUILD SUPPORT SYSTEMS Do you now understand how much of it really goes in BUILDING GREAT SUPPORT SYSTEMS TO BUILD A GREAT FRANCHISE BRAND Ya, exactly, see only having a WORKING MODEL IS NOT ENOUGH. Because, after all the discussion, what we
have understood is ‘Marketing and Operations are the Wheels’ that are going to drive your business in the long run. If you dont have, if you are lacking in these 2 areas, Marketing and Operations, then probably you can ‘PLAY A SMALL GAME’ but you cannot u know have all the things put together to make a BIG FRANCHISE MODEL. DOES FRANCHISING LOOK THAT MUCH MORE CLEARER NOW? DO YOU THINK WE CAN NOW ACHIEVE THE GOALS THAT WE BELIEVE YOU WANT TO FOR ALPHABET? EXACTLY, so after this discussion, once we have more inputs from your side, I think we should be ready to make it a BIGGER BRAND. FABULOUS ! FABULOUS ! I would really like to appreciate Amit for
the time and visiting our center all the way from Bangalore. It was wonderful to have an interaction with Amit and his team. FANTASTIC ! GREAT ! I am very excited in building this forward. It looks like a, you know there is potential
for something like alphabet, of having 1000’s of outlets across the country. We can really build different paradigms for this business, once Rupesh and his team is able to build the entire ecosystem that is
required to be able to go that many MILES. So I am excited, lets take this ahead, lets
get started and I am sure there is an exciting journey ahead. Thank You very Much Thank You !!!

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