Real Rain Sounds Camping Inside A Tent [ASMR]

Real Rain Sounds Camping Inside A Tent [ASMR]

* Sound of rain inside a teepee tent * * Relaxing rain sounds * * Sound of camp stove * * Sound of pouring water * Showing off my awesome mushroom cup from my big sister * Sound of crinkling granola bag * * Rain on my umbrella * * Very nice rain sounds up close on tent wall * * Daydreaming with the raindrops *

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About the Author: Sam Caldwell


  1. Wow, this was very relaxing and tingly. Loved the rain sounds and watching the rain dripping down the tent. I also enjoyed the mixing in of some other triggers. Good work!

  2. ASMR rain like this helping me for sleep, i love your video. I can imagine i sleep in that tent with warm blanket😊😊

  3. I was wondering when someone would do an asmr vid like this. Can't believe it took me this long to find this. Rain on a tent is a major tingle trigger for me. Anyway with this vid it is an instant subscribe from me.

  4. Omg. Please more of this. Can you make videos of you hanging out like this and drawing, drinking tea, pruning a plant, carefully washing paint brushes, sharpening pencils.. all that sort of stuff. If its under an awning with the rain coming down, all the better!!!!

    This was really great. As a fan of the big wigs of ASMR like ephemeral rift, this content is right up there. I often go back to his walking in woods videos. Now Ill be coming back here, too!

    Where is this filmed- US, UK, AUSTRALIA? I'm Aussie btw.

    All the best.

  5. I went camping for a week alone in the wilderness in High School as a project when I was 15, it was like this; I loved it. This takes me back to that time.

    There is something special about the privacy and protection of a tent but not too much protection that you are still immensely connected to the forces of nature.

    You feel the pitter-patter-thud of the rain on your tent. You zip open the tent and watch nature do it's thing.

  6. I would only add it would be great if there was a first person view of the outside world so you can watch the rain falling on the serene natural landscape.

    If your camping gear was visible as well it would be even better, it just ticks off an immensely relaxing nostalgia box for me.

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