Refugee crisis: a personal view

Refugee crisis: a personal view

There’s no getting around this,
we have to talk about the refugees: vast numbers of people trekking across
half of Europe to get to Germany, particularly from Syria. And this is something that’s got
a lot of Germans very worried. But at least it’s also got us
talking about wider geopolitical issues. Unfortunately, the reaction so far
has been a bit… irrational. On the one hand, we’ve got people who worry that Europe is being swamped
by all these Muslims coming in leaving us natives a minority
in our own countries. And so they start protesting,
painting swastikas everywhere and occasionally getting violent,
even setting fire to things. On the other hand, you have people
who worry about the first group, and think that we’re seeing
the rise of the Fourth Reich; and pretty soon we’ll all be
goose-stepping down Unter den Linden and rebuilding the gas chambers. First things first. Only a tiny minority of Syrian refugees
are making their way to Europe. Most are actually in refugee camps
in neighbouring countries like Turkey, Lebanon or Jordan. And those countries, although
they are better than Syria, are still kind of poor, lacking in resources, and not necessarily the most politically stable. It’s hardly surprising, then,
that a number of refugees decided to press on into Europe. And with Germany being
one of the few European countries to openly accept large numbers of refugees, it’s a popular destination. Unlike, for example, Hungary,
whose government has basically reacted with: “Oh, my God, foreigners! They’ll kill us all!” If current predictions are correct, Germany may end up receiving
800,000 refugees this year. That’s about 1% of the German population.
It’s a big number, but it’s not a vast flood
that’s going to destroy our civilization. When you’re 99% of the population, you cannot
honestly claim to be a minority. And that figure is all asylum seekers: not all of them are from Syria,
and not all of them will be allowed to stay. Yes, the figures are increasing dramatically. No, it’s not an invasion. But we also need to put
the racist attacks into perspective. Yes, they’re on the rise as well. But that’s because there are
more asylum shelters to attack. Three years ago, I wouldn’t have known
where the nearest asylum shelter was. Now, there’s one in every second parish. Three hundred and something attacks so far
this year sounds horrendous; And, to be sure, it is
three hundred and something attacks too many. But it’s not as if the whole of Germany
is going up in flames. This statistic includes things like
graffiti, or waving placards, or shouting insults: actual cases of violence or arson
are relatively rare. To somebody like me, who remembers the
race riots in Britain in the 1980s, this is just a scuffle. Well, it seems to me that
there is fear on all sides, and we’ve really got to get over it. I’ve been told that I should be
afraid of all these Jihadists, and I’ve been told that I should be
afraid of all these Nazis. What I’m actually afraid of
is that all this scaremongering is going to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, why don’t we all just calm down, put things into perspective,
and stop getting so paranoid? If we’re sensible about this,
everything will be just fine. Remember, you can always send me
a postcard at this address. You can also find me elsewhere on the web:
visit to find out how.

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About the Author: Sam Caldwell


  1. Once again, i really enjoy listening to your comments on Germany. Thank you ­čśÇ For me, as a German, it is always quite interesting to see somewhat of an "outside view" on my country.

  2. Grunds├Ątzlich stimme ich dir in dem Punkt zu, dass uns zu viel Angst und Paranoia nicht weiter bringt, sondern nur schadet. Ich bin der Auffassung, dass wir der Fl├╝chtlingskrise mit Menschlichkeit begegnen sollten. Aber nicht nur mit Menschlichkeit: Das bedingungslose "ja" vieler Menschen zu grenzenlosen Fl├╝chtlingsmassen kann ich nicht unterst├╝tzen. Wir m├╝ssen an die Angelegenheit auch realistisch herangehen: Wir k├Ânnen nicht den gesamten Nahen Osten und halb Afrika aufnehmen. Das ist schlichtweg nicht m├Âglich. Ja, dieses Jahr sind es vielleicht "nur" 800000. Aber es h├Ârt ja nicht p├╝nktlich zu Silvester auf. N├Ąchstes Jahr werden nicht weniger Menschen kommen. Wenn man sich die Geburtenraten von z.B. Syrien anschaut, muss man zu dem Schluss kommen. dass das Ganze ein Fass ohne Boden ist. Ich bin in jeder Hinsicht daf├╝r, dass wir Menschen, die in Not hier hinkommen und bereit sind, sich in Deutschland zu integrieren und keine Parallelgesellschaft zu etablieren, mit Gastfreundschaft begegnen und Chancen gew├Ąhren. Aber das muss in einem Rahmen ablaufen, der in Hinsicht auf Kapazit├Ąten und FInanzen unserer Gesellschaft und unserem Land nicht nachhaltig schadet. Wie dies zu erreichen ist…darauf habe ich auch keine Antwort. Aber wir m├╝ssen eine Antwort finden. Und mit "wir meine ich nicht Deutschland. Ich meine alle Staaten Europas und dar├╝ber hinaus. Je mehr L├Ąnder sich aus der Fl├╝chtlingskrise heraushalten wollen, desto weniger realistisch wird es, m├Âglichst vielen Fl├╝chtlingen eine neue Perspektive zu geben.

  3. The problem is, that in Germany is NOT 99% Germans. Before this "immigration wave" it was:
    91,5% Germans
    2,4% Turks
    2,3% Asians
    2,1% Africans
    1,7% Other.
    I think, that now will be "only" 90% of Germans in Germany

  4. Even one burnt asylum shelter is too much, if you ask me. Something like this has nothing to do with protest, it is more likely attempted murder. I also don't think it is appropriate to speak so ironically(?) about concentration camps at any time. It is in no way acceptable to downplay right-wing ideas or crimes as your video seems to suggest, no radicalism is acceptable. You easily become the speaking tube for such blunt spoken dumb people. It also seems like Britain hasn't advanced since the 1980s, if I have a look at the double-tongued argumentation of the british government at present.

  5. Dear Germany,
    How does it feel to be the new Swedenstan?
    In one year you will overtake Sweden to be the new rape capital of the world.

  6. Es ist traurig was man hier so in den Kommentaren liest…. soviel egoismus und unsachliche Argumente.

    bzw. Wieder ein super Video ­čÖé Auch wenn du glaube ich etwas ├╝betreibst mit den Meinungen des Volkes. Die ganzen Asylgegner sind nur eine sehr kleine aber Lautstarke Minderheit und die Medien bauschen das ganze auch noch k├╝nstlich auf. In meinem Umfeld und an meiner Uni kenne ich niemanden der gegen Asylanten ist. Und ich hab ganz in der n├Ąhe ein Asylantenheim wo 300 Fl├╝chtlinge untergebracht sind.

  7. Your argument can be boiled down to ignorance.

    This refugee crisis will cost Germany billions of euros, a increased risk of terrorism, and the strengthening of the far right. This is not something we should be ignoring.

  8. Unfortunately most of these refugees are economic migrants simply looking to exploit the good will of the German people and the German tax payer will be left footing the bill. Do you honestly think these migrants will integrate into German society and become net economic contributors? Germany's economic growth has all but stagnated this year. A slowing economy coupled with the fact that the average refugee costs 38000 euros per year is setting up the German state for a very uncomfortable crisis in a few years time.

  9. frist thing first like you say an one step after an other, if you accept the first step the rest will come and the day you will be runing you will awake. and see what you mist. Don't be paranoid but dont bee so better nowing and optimist. Next to come is the revolution Irlmeier is still rwigth

  10. Disagree with your point on Hungary and the way they have reacted, they've stuck by what the EU rules are, but Merkel seems to basically be overruling them, my personal view anyway.
    "Refugees must seek Assylum in the 1st Country they get into", this is the point that many people in Britain don't realise when they make the idiotic claim, "let as many come in as possible", given we have a ridiculous left-wing Bias, particularly in the Media

  11. Hallo Andrew, habe deine Youtube-Videos erst letze Woche f├╝r mich entdeckt und bin begeistert von (d)einer britschen Sichtweise auf mein Herkunftsland. Auch dieser Kommentar zur aktuellen Situation, und seinem Hinweis "calm down, everything will be just fine", just made my day ! Danke ! …Dein neuester Fan ­čśë

  12. "parish" – always said "communal" – but for "Stadtteil" and not "Gemeinde"…
    Hab ich da jetzt ein Dreher drin? Or is my translator gone crazy?

  13. everything is getting better with a cup of tea… it is true really… we just have to remember and afaik syrians like tea too ­čśŤ but seriously there are questions to be asked, but as the boss said calmly

  14. Also ich verstehe diese Panik auch nicht wirklich, denn es gibt z.B.┬á im Harz ganze Hotels , die leer stehen ┬áweil die Infrastruktur dort brachliegt. Dort gibt es ganz viele M├Âglichkeiten das Gebiet zu restrukturieren f├╝r diese Menschen.┬á Im ├ťbrigen ist es doch so, nicht alle die aus diesen L├Ąndern kommen, sind Kriminelle┬á, oder nehmen den Deutschen irgendetwas weg, also keine Panik, es ist f├╝r alle genug im ├ťberfluss da.┬á Diese viele ├ťberproduktion im Land┬ámuss doch an den Mann/Frau gebracht werden.┬á ­čśë

  15. I don't think you can top 6 million either, get a grip. Jokes aside, I want to believe this is going to be great example of Muslims integrating into a modern secular society. Let's just say i'm mildly skeptical, but not completely without hope.

  16. Es geht hier doch schon lange nicht mehr darum, ein paar zehntausend syrische Fl├╝chtlinge zeitlich begrenzt aufzunehmen und zu versorgen. Diese spielen zahlenm├Ą├čig eine absolute Nebenrolle. Was hier stattfindet ist eben keinesfalls die Aufnahme ausgemergelter Frauen und Kinder die dringend Schutz brauchen (wie die Massenmedien nur zu gerne glauben machen m├Âchten) sondern die Invasion eines stetig anschwellenden Millionenheeres junger, kr├Ąftiger M├Ąnner um die 30 aus archaischen Gewaltkulturen, v.A. Ex-Jugoslawiens sowie Nord- und Zentralafrikas. Diese sind keinesfalls gekommen, weil sie verfolgt w├╝rden und auch nicht, weil das Wetter hier so sch├Ân ist.

    Nehmen wir mal einige gar nicht unwesentliche Aspekte wie finanzielle Belastungen, fehlender Wohnraum etc. beiseite und konzentrieren uns auf ein paar akute Punkte (keinesfalls abschlie├čend):

    – Diese jungen M├Ąnner, die wie gesagt die ├╝berwiegende Masse der "Fl├╝chtlinge" ausmachen, stammen aus Kulturen, in denen nach Sex vulgo Frauen nicht gefragt wird, sondern wo eine Zuteilung erfolgt. Zustimmung oder gar Selbstbestimmung der Frauen ist v├Âllig unbekannt. F├╝r diese M├Ąnner stehen in Deutschland aber keine Frauen zur Verf├╝gung. Die unvermeidliche Folge ist eine explodierende Vergewaltigungsrate an einheimischen Frauen.

    – Diese jungen M├Ąnner bringen zahlreiche ethnische, kulturelle und religi├Âse Konflikte mit, die hier gewaltsam ausgetragen werden. Die hierzulande bereits stattfinden offenen Stra├čenschlachten zwischen Kurden und T├╝rken sind ein Witz im Vergleich zu dem, was bevorsteht. Generell sind M├Ąnner aus diesen Kulturkreisen durch eine geringe Impulskontrolle und eine hohe Gewaltneigung auff├Ąllig.

    – Anerkannte Asylanten befassen sich unverz├╝glich mit der Frage der "Familienzusammenf├╝hrung". Allein in NRW haben 1800 anerkannte syrische Fl├╝chtlinge 31.000 Antr├Ąge auf "Familienzusammenf├╝hrung" gestellt. Es steht jedem frei, mal nachzurechnen, was dies im gro├čen Ma├čstab bedeutet.

    – Die schiere Massen der Einfallenden (50.000 allein dieses Wochenende) ├╝berfordert Polizei und Beh├Ârden vollst├Ąndig. Eine Registrierung findet kaum noch statt, weshalb es etwa f├╝r den IS ein Leichtes ist, Terroristen einzuschleusen.

    – Der stets von Politik und Medien auf heftigst geleugneten Islamisierung wird erheblicher Vorschub geleistet. Von Mazyek bis zum Stra├čensalafist herrscht bereits Aufbruchstimmung. Saudi-Arabien hat sich schon freudig bereit erkl├Ąrt, in Deutschland 200 Moscheen zu bauen.

    – Die Masse der Invasoren ist jetzt mit etwa 1 Mio allein in diesem Jahr v├Âllig unbeherrschbar geworden. Obwohl nur ein sehr geringer Anteil anerkannt wird, wird so gut wie nicht abgeschoben. Die Steigerung der Antragstellungen auf Asyl von mehreren Hundert Prozent pro Jahr wird weiterhin anhalten. Wie lange es da bis zum Kollaps dauert, kann sich jeder selbst ausmalen.

    Was hier abl├Ąuft, ist nicht anderes als eine Atombombe mit Zeitz├╝nder, die kein Stein auf dem Anderen lassen wird.

    P.S.: Herr Bossom, Ihr Heimatland hat den Willen zum Selbsterhalt wohl nicht verloren und alle Schotten dichtgemacht.

  17. I had to relink this to you .
    This are the people we are letting in. Honest, thinking people seeking help.

  18. The real story is as follows:

    USA/EU made a plan called "the great Middle East project" to destroy and divide all anti-western countries after USSR fall in 1991.

    In recent 15 years, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Libya was successful destroyed and divided by the plans of western countries. US and UK even made fake evidences to invade Iraq 2003. It was only the first step to continue to invade the neighboring countries of Iraq–Syria and Iran. US/CIA created and supported ISIS and rebel armies of Syria to fight against Assad government which is supported by Russia,. But ISIS cannot destroy Assad government and changed their plan to create an Islamic country called IS in Syria and Iraq. So, there were so many refugees created in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria

    The Syria civil wars is still going on. So, refugees were rapidly increasing,
    Turkey had accepted 2 millions of refugees and don't want to accept more.
    Because Turkey think western countries should be responsible for making refugees
    in the wars of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria or some revolutions in the Middle East.

    Turkey finally decided to open its border to let refugees in Turkey to move to Europe.
    Because Turkey don't think Turkey should pay for western countries.

    EU and Germany had no choices but to accept refugees which Turkey cannot afford to.
    So, a photo of a dead Syrian boy was spread in Internet by some officer of EU before Germany declaring to accept 800,000 of refugees for the promotion of EU.

    Only three countries in EU can afford to millions of refugees. They are UK, France and Germany. But people of UK are talking about leaving EU which is controlled by Germany and France. France also has serious problems of immigration. Germany has no choice but to accept 80% of the refugees and ask all members of EU should share some of the refugees.

    Germany think it is fair that Germany had already accept 80% of the refugees and other members of EU should share the remaining 20% of refugees

    USA and EU think the crisis of refugees is just a price of the plans of controlling the countries in the Middle East.

  19. personal view:
    – we need to get our logistics sorted. quickly. for more than 10k ppl coming in per week shelters will not be built & paperwork will not be done within a few days only. that's a fact. and trained personnel which is able to decide whether or not an asylum seeker is allowed to stay here or not doesn't grow on trees… so we've got a problem here.
    – make decisions faster. other countries are able to decide within a few days whether or not asylum will be granted and for what reason. i don't see the point why it takes that long in germany.
    – for those who are, according to todays jurisdiction, allowed to stay in germany, integration should start at the day of the decision. this should include compulsory language & cultural classes to make sure that ppl do really understand how this society works and prevent any possible clash of cultures. it's not about forcing ppl to be germanized but experience shows that different cultures behave differently and this can and does cause trouble.
    – those who are, accordings to todays jurisdiction, are not allowed to stay here should be sent back to their home countries immediately. many politicians have shunned to do this in the past which – imho – was a wrong signal sent both to the german population and to those who came here just for economic reasons. another point is that these block places in shelters these days which would be needed badly now.

    help those who really need help to become a self-supporting part of this country but make sure that things don't go wrong. and things have gone wrong in the past in terms of integration as there are – and i see that on a daily basis in the place where i live right now – a lot of non-germans who are living here but have not become a part of this country by any means but just transferred their native structures into a new place.

  20. Excellent. I totally agree with you. I am glad you spoke about it because there is a lot of ignorance about the facts related to this crisis.

  21. 0:58 Only a tiny minority of Syrian refugees are Syrian refugees.

  22. +rewboss I watched quite a lot of your vids so far and I liked them all a lot, because your view is always very reasonable. I haven't subscribed before watching this video, but now I will. Thank you for this very good explanation.

  23. Since I watch Public Television, I am accustomed to the British Perspective on Life. So I appreciate your temperate report on the European refugee crisis. It seams daunting. I have mixed feeling about refugees. I wish we would accommodate more of them here in the USA. However, since I feel strongly about the separation of Church and State, I hope the refugees would too. Some muslims in this country do. However Middle Eastern Countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia have installed theocracies. ISIL groups from Syria also promote a theocracy.

  24. I think what the sweden democrats are saying is a good idea, take in a smaller number of refugees, that means one that the country can actually handle and take care of, and help people in their own countries.
    Better to fix a leaking tap than to keep replacing the buckets underneath it.

  25. Yeah, regarding Hungary, please do not mix up the government's reaction with the people's reaction. As I've heard there are quite a few Hungarian NGOs and civilians who help the refugees and are not afraid to draw the ire of the authorities in doing so.
    Regarding the government, their rhetoric seems to be based on the hope that by declaring a 'crisis' they can get a blank check from Brussels that can fill all those empty pockets in the Hungarian Parliament…

  26. Thanks. The subject matter is a highly flameable disscussion fodder. But you said one of the most important things:
    "Keep calm"

  27. I don't know whether you've created your opinion watching the mainstream media or not, but there are not two groups of people, one of them thinking National Socialism would be the solution of the migrant crisis and the other one fearing the National Socialists. Germany is in fact a puppet controlled by the U.S.A. You could also call it American Germany. Since 9/11 the U.S.A. have been making the most fascist foreign policy after World War Two. The German politicians do exactly what PEGIDA and other radical right-wing organizations want: Transit zones etc. So the German people are told in the media that right-wing radicalism would rekindle and everyone had to be in favour of the refugees regardless of whether they come from war zones or not. And I am not in favour of the refugees who come to Germany although they were registered in another European country or are not from Syria, Ukraine, Georgia, Mali, Nigeria, Colombia, Sudan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Somalia, South Sudan, Libya, Cameroon, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan Burma or Afghanistan etc. and abuse our generous asylum law. There might be three groups of German people: Those who you generalized and those who have their own opinion and don't want to be pressed into a certain pattern predeterminated by the media.

  28. It is far more than a million by now, and just this year, and their families are about to follow. And we can't put them in tent camps like Turkey or Jordan does. We have to supply them with real houses or apartments, medical treatments based on our (and thus most expensive standards albeit they do not paid their share) and the other expensive needs.

    And of the 80 million Germans, million are with a "migration background" whose integration has simply failed. Not to mention that we have million of Germans who live already in poverty and their need should be addressed first.
    I'm ok with about 50,000 to 100,000 refugees, but no more. And asylum cannot automatically lead to immigration. It has to be a separated process and the immigration has to be conducted like in Australia or Canada with a strict protocol and under the premise: Germany's interests first!

    After the introduction of the Euro against the will of the people (70% were against it but it was waved through with more than 90% by the German Bundestag), the violation of the Maastricht treaty by Rot-Gr├╝n/Schr├Âder, the attempt to force a European constitution against our will (prevent by the French and Dutch peoples), the violation of the no bail out clause to save private bank and private investors, forced half of Europe into austerity, and they violate Schengen, Dublin II and national law (no asylum seeker is to be accepted that has entered Germany via a save country…and all neighbouring countries are save by definition), we shall now take a burden to take care for at least 1.5 million illegals?!

    Our political class has to often ignored the actual will of the people (for a greater good as they said albeit it turned out to be a disaster for everyone but them and the rich) and they also violated constantly written law while every citizens is fined for the slightest mistake – driving to fast, haven forgotten the buckle, worked a day of the records etc. pp. Sine qua non – the frustration, and even the hate, has its cause. And the hate won't go away by suppressing it.
    The political class has to address the justified worries of the people, has to take care for their interests (Hartz IV, Agenda 2010, Leiharbeit, working poor, Energiewende…are additional burdens we were loaded with) and reinstate and respect the law (=> Rechtsstaat).

    No, there is a lot to worry about.

  29. How naive. You think they are all doctors and scholars or something? You are invaded. How is Syria Germany's problem? Your crime will go up. Hope your gf doesn't get raped or you don't get beaten by a gang of angry migrants on state welfare bored out of their minds because they don't work.

  30. Danke, danke, danke !!
    Hab mir grade ungef├Ąhr 20 Videos zum Thema angeschaut und bin ernsthaft froh, dass es doch noch vernunftbegabte Menschen wie dich gibt. ­čÖé

  31. The "Birth rate" argument is complete idiocy. I'm going to show this in a hypothetical using the birth rate of Muslims in Germany. In this hypothetical, there will be 800,000 refugees, half of them being women.

    Every Muslim woman will have only 3.1 children. Each German woman would have 1.4 children. Starting with 400,000 women, the first year population would be 2,040,000 Muslims versus a native population of 136,000,000. The second year would bring a 3,662,000 Muslim population vs a native population of 175,200,000… This could go on for decades upon decades.

    By the time the Muslim population would have theoretically surpassed the native population, there would be no difference between one group or the other. Before this could even happen, the distinction between German and Arab would have been so blurred that a person couldn't tell the difference between the two. Not to mention that as more and more generations of Muslims are born, their birth rates would slowly drop to the national average before the migrant population could surpass the native born population.

    And there you have it. The most common argument against the refugees has been completely debunked; and it's quite embarrassing that this argument had ever been used.

  32. I'm German and I think i never heard anyone in Germany say that everything will be just fine if we just do the right thing ­čśÇ (doesn't mean I disagree btw)

  33. Rew,Hungary made the right choice.Read the Kuran and think for god's sake with your own head. You do not take religions seriously, fine. But muslims do. From now on your future is determined by the Kuran, so if you want to have an opinion, read it before, rather then just echoing stupid media views.

  34. "and to be sure it's 300 and something attacks to many, BUT …" sounds almost as crappy as "I'm not a nazi, BUT …"
    ZEIT released an Article on that topic today: naming 222 attacks being "rocks thrown or worse" excluding graffiti and slurs.
    So yeah, party like it's Reichsprogramnacht.
    (Sorry, but I'm getting sick of this topic … from both the pro- and contra sides [albeit a bit more from the contra one than the other])

  35. Man hat den Leuten gesagt dass es das goldene vom Himmel hier gibt und wie die reagieren wenn sie sehen dass sie hier das nicht bekommen wei├č keiner, dar├╝ber sind vieeele besorgt. Es gibt IS-Terroristen in den Massen und wenn sie dann anfangen zu schie├čen….na dann gute Nacht..

  36. Unfortunately wherever a Muslim refugee goes, trouble follows it. Lebanon ( the only Christian controlled nation of the Middle East ) had a serious long and deadly war after a bunch of Palestinians moved there from Jordan. What these refugees brought with them are random attacks, murders and terrorism. There may even be a rise of the number of neonazis in Europe and a new conflict would start.

    Don't turn into another Lebanon! That country haven't recovered for decades.

  37. The new German nationalists are not "Nazi's" ( for the most part)….Being stridently pro German, wanting Germany to be for the German people- this is not "Nazism" this is just a healthy love of your folk and land.

  38. Sag mal ,Andrew, hattest Du auch nur die geringste Ahnunung was Du mit diesem Video ins Leben gerufen hast???
    Was meinst Du wie lange das so weiter gehen wird, hmmm?



  40. Mir hat jemand erz├Ąhlt das Nazi ein guter Begriff ist und von den Juden auch heute mit Jesus und Nazereth in zusammenhang gebracht wird ! also Nazi = Nazereth ? rewboss w├Ąre toll wenn sie dazu ein Video drehen k├Ânnten. Und es hie├č, das man Adol…Hilterer als Prophet sah ?!┬ž klingt irgenwie bekloppt f├╝r mich,vorallem wenn man sieht, wie gew├Ąhlt wurde.Was sind sie von Beruf? Sie wissen dar├╝ber deutlich mehr, wie ich als deutscher.
    Und sie leben doch auch in Deutschland, also kriegen sie doch mit wie es hier wirklich abl├Ąuft.Jeder ist jedem egal,man denkt nur an sich selbst und um seine Familie.F├╝r Deutsche fehlt es an allen Ecken und Enden.Statt Rechte gibts pflichten,die Autos gehen den Bach runter,p├╝nktlich ist auch keiner mehr und dank Internet und Smartphone denkt und Dichtet auch niemand mehr. Man hat ja Google und Facebook.Und der Staat will, dass man immer l├Ąnger arbeitet, dabei dreht sich jetzt schon der Gro├čteil des Lebens um das arbeiten.Wenn es nach den Politikern geht, sind die Krankenpflegerin bald ├Ąlter wie die Patienten.Die denken auch nur an sich und ihre st├╝ndliche Di├Ątenerh├Âhung.Sie sagen ihr England ist nicht mehr wie vor 20 Jahren und sie f├╝hlen sich nicht Heimisch. Willkommen in meiner Welt, ich denke genau so, aber ├╝ber Deutschland.

  41. Remember the time when the soviet armies were massing throrwards Berlin and all the germans fled to syria?! Me neither.

  42. Let's look at the amount of refugees in different European countries per capita.

  43. According to Wikipedia:

    "In 2014, about seven million of Germany's 81 million residents did not have German citizenship. Ninety-six percent of these people lived in western Germany and mostly in urban areas."

    Roughly another 6 million people have a migrant background but were given German citizienship, mainly because they were born after a certain date. Many of them are badly integrated into German society and instead form their own parallel societies, speaking their own languages. I don't want to focus too much on ethnic Germans because the ethnical background does not always matter. The point is that many migrants don't consider themselves to be German, even if they have been granted citizenship.

    tl;dr – There are no 81 million Germans in Germany.

  44. Dude an EU statistic showed that 60%+ aren't refugees (as in people from nations deemed to be dangerous enough to grant asylum) but are economic migrants. The anger at Merkel and Germany is justified. Accepting so many was reckless.

  45. I get your point with the current situation being nowhere near as bad as however bad the race-riots were in London back in the day (I don't know anything about that but I'll take your word for it that they were bad), our point of being worried is to prevent something like that from happening here. I look at figures about London and how there are severely segregated muslim communities, wanna-be muslim patrols, open islamist rallies, women in burkhas doing missionary work and preachers who talk about how they envision the shahada replacing the union jack over the houses of parlament one day in the not too distant future and all I can think is "fuck that".
    And that's not even direct xenophobia towards refugees since most of these fucks are homegrown right in the UK and the worry is more about the children and communities that will result from many of these refugees staying and breeding, not to mention the fact that we already imported a whole bunch of turkish muslims who have already demonstrated how reluctant these people are to integrate.

  46. Those only scared of the AFD and not the immigrant crisis itself should consider that a lot of these new immigrants would happily vote for a islamic version of the AFD.

  47. Calm down and get bombed/shot/stabbed/hit by truck by… poor refugees. Have you heared of terrorist attack in Hungary?

  48. Hallo, ich war von Anfang an gegen Merkels Irrsinnspolitik in Sachen "Fl├╝chtlinge". Auch die nicht gerechtfertigte Grenz├Âffnung habe ich immer offen kritisiert. Und ich tue es weiterhin. Du machst echt gute Videos. Take care.

  49. Thx a lot for this video. ­čÖé Good work. I agree to everything.

    (one more nice comment under a good video ­čśŐ)

  50. still, at the rate they are breeding, and the fact that they don't want to assimilate, but rather impose their religion, in a couple of decades they will be a substantial minority.

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