REFUGEE ELEVEN – Film 8/11: Diskriminierung – Gerald Asamoah trifft Eyad Ibrahim

REFUGEE ELEVEN – Film 8/11: Diskriminierung – Gerald Asamoah trifft Eyad Ibrahim

Hello, can I have the ball back? Since when can a foreigner play football? I’m Gerald Asamoah, 38 years old. I’m Eyad Ibrahim, 25 years old. I came to Germany when I was 12.
I’m from Ghana. I’m from Syria.
I play for SC Germania. Unfortunately, I’ve only been
runner-up in the World Cup. I’ve only made it
to the regional C-league. Hey.
-How’s it going? Good. You?
-Yeah, I’m good too. When did you get here?
-14 months ago. And why did you flee?
-There’s a war in Syria. You can’t live there. Did you have a job there? I studied English in Damascus. When I finished studying, I had to leave
or they’d have sent me to the army. What’s your story?
-My father had to leave us behind. He was a journalist and was persecuted
by the government. I was very young.
-When did you come here? When I was 12.
My parents were here already. I grew up in Ghana with my grandma
and then settled in well here. You said
you got a really warm welcome here. But have you also
experienced discrimination? When people first see us,
they just think, “There are 24 refugees.” They don’t know us. And they’re worried
that we’re bad people. But when they get to know us a bit, the situation changes. Have you experienced discrimination?
-Sure! Everything was great
during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. A month later I played in Rostock. Some of the fans
started making monkey noises. That really hurt. How did you react? How do you deal with the…
-… Situation? They motivated me to play even better and I played to the end. But it’s important to talk about it. So they realise:
our behaviour is not okay. Whatever your skin colour or origin,
we’re all equal. People here have to say:
there’s no place for that in Germany. Federal Agency for Civic Education
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