Refugee Host and Stay-At-Home Dad, Maarten, Londoner #166

Refugee Host and Stay-At-Home Dad, Maarten, Londoner #166

Hi are you alright? Come in, come in. Yeah good thank you, and you? Hi. Are you alright?
Yeah yeah, good good. Oh no, don’t worry, don’t worry. You can keep them on if you want. Well I’m a full time house husband and father.
In general, I’m the first person in the house who wakes up, has a shower, makes breakfast
and coffee, obviously the school runs and then theres the after school activities and
homework. Sounds often that you’ve got a lot of time
on your hands but, it flies past. When you’re around children, that’s the best
excuse to behave like a child yourself from time to time, it would be a crime not to really. Did you used to play tennis is Syria? I haven’t played it for years. I think the main reason for us to host is because we hope that if we were in a similar
situation as these people and end up in a strange country where we’ve never been before,
that we’d be received in the same way as we’ve been receiving our guests. At the end of the day, you don’t choose to be a refugee, it’s something that happens to you and it can happen to anyone. We heard about Refugees at Home, which is
the organisation that we contacted who have helped us to find the guests that we can host. The Syria regime had bombed my area, I lost my parents, some of my relatives and my best friend and it was very difficult for me to escape. I would like to say to Maarten and his family,
thank you a lot for hosting me and I would like from all the people to help refugees
and give opportunity to refugees to live their life again because they already lost everything. I grew up in, mainly North West Africa but also lived in North Yemen as a child and one
that I remember very clearly was Angola when there was still a civil war going on. It’s definitely really shaped my life, I would say in terms of being exposed to different
cultures, playing basketball with people that have lost
their legs because of the war is a real eye-opener and how lucky you are as a person, that you’ve
never had to experience things like that. I like having guests at our house because they’re fun to play with. They are, aren’t they?

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