Remembering the Prisoners by Drew Kizer

Remembering the Prisoners by Drew Kizer

been a great day here in actual
road I’ve been you’re pretty
much all day but it is just been
a real honor and privilege to be able to work together with
our leaders and to be able to five lead and services hearing
to be element to preach the
gospel to such a great one for
group of people and just really
is a p and the was great to be able to
continue our series on Hebrews chapter 13 after my
knee about it because we had a
few interruptions in the
preaching schedule and glad to
have that what it’s all about we’re
looking at he burst chapter 13
the parting words of the look of Hebrews and
thinking about them as parting
words to the year 2019 on Sunday
nights will be looking at these instructions and
thinking about them as they
relate to us and are working at
the end of this year in and as
we prepare and we’ve talked about the first
two verses of Hebrews are ready
for burst three of the bridge
chapter 13 1st three has to do
with remembering the prisoners and it says
remember those who are in prison
as though in prison with them and those who are mistreated
since you also are in the body Jesus hasn’t forgotten the
prisoners nor should wait back end of 2001 the Republican Party
accidentally sent an invitation
to a fundraising dinner
Washington, DC with President
George W bush to an i and the receive this invitation
he was a supposed to but extract
is somehow some media attention
and reporter went out to talkin in the manner been in prison for
three years for petty theft are
something like that he said well I’m going to
respond that I would be happy to
go but the president bush’s gonna
have to pull a few strings to
get me there so he got this mistake in
invitation be in a prisoner and
system you know that was an
embarrassment to the Republican
Party and Jesus also invites prisoners but
it’s not by accident scene Jesus he knocks on the
door of every heart is really
amazing his grace and his mercy and
reaches out to people in all
places the marginalize those on
the outskirts even those in prison and he wants all of
them to give their lives to him
repent of San to be immersed into Jesus Christ
and the live faithfully with him and that grace and that
mercy of Jesus is been a part of
his ministry says the very
beginning will get two neighbors 13 in a
moment but I would ask you to
turn over to leave chapter four and this is Jesus is first
public appearance might say for
30 years has just been the
carpenter sun in Nazareth and now he’s in Nazareth and
Sunday in the synagogue on
Sabbath day and it’s his turn to teach me
ask for the scroll of Isaiah and while every one is listening
and they have the sense that
something special is happening here is the following words as
league records and one chapter
four vs. 18 and 19 the spirit of
the lord is a bond me because his anointed me to
proclaim good news to the pour he is sent me to proclaim
liberty to the captives and
recovering of sight to the blind to set at liberty those who are
oppressed to proclaim the year
of the lord’s favor Jesus said he’s been sent to
proclaim liberty to the captives in this message started their
Nazareth at the very beginning and pass a scroll back to the
attendant and he said today the scripture being fulfilled in
your Mets and the people of his own
hometown been know what to make
of it and eventually some of them tried are running
off a cliff is such a
controversy all idea that Jesus
was the one who would fulfill
this picture was to proclaim liberty to the captives is pass that on
to you and I immediately from
his parting words we see a neighbor’s chapter 13 1st
three as we look at them were
asking a series of questions who whacked how and why the first question who has two
answers if you’re just looking
at the text and the first answer
the question who is those who
are now there are many are reasons
for a prison ministry of the
church to all inmates regardless of
their faith but the new testament in this
text in particular specifies ministering especially
to those who are brothers are
sisters in Christ not forgetting
them you can see it very clearly here
and this starts really a few
pages earlier in the verse
chapter 10 where the writer is outlining
pratt’s the background of this
letter and the reason why some
of his readers are thinking
about re they’ve been the engraved
persecution silicon chapter 10 and read with me vs. 32 and follow
he says recall the former days when
after you were enlightened you
endured a hard struggle was
sufferings sometimes been
publicly expose in a joyfully accepted the
plundering of your property
since you knew that you
yourselves had a better position
and an abiding o there had been some cases very
personal with them a brothers
and sisters in Christ and been
thrown into prison for the sake of the gospel
that’s the main emphasis here
that’s really what he’s talking
about what he’s saying don’t
create the the Christian prisoners and this
seems consistent with other places where this kind of
thing is discussed like Matthew
chapter 25 weary have the
parable of the sheep and goats
and son and he turns to the sheet any some glasses them a says I
was hungry and you fed me he said I was thirsting again
intrigue I was a stranger in the
welcome me I was making any
clothed me I was sick and you
visited that as a specify Christian
prisoners there a later on the
sheets a board when did we see
you and all of these conditions when did we see you in prison
and and when did we envisage you
in that situation and Jesus said inverse 40 truly sat you as you did it to
one of the least of these my
brother as you did it too many the brothers and sisters in
Christ are his body and takes a very personally when
his his brothers and sisters are
mistreated in prison and
neglected and he’s blasting them because they treated them as they would
treat him as I think it’s pretty obvious
when you look at this and you might think well OK I
guess I can relax because this
is America as the 21st century now to my brother of being put
in prison and religious persecution
is a thing in the past and we do
enjoy religious freedoms in
America and it’s great to have
tha hour review some some startling
facts from a paper that was put
out by the ethics and religious
liberty commission ads were read the 60 at things
very porn understand that the
situation is not the same all
over the world when concerns our
brot of a share some of the sings
with you in China Christian communities
have borne a significant brunt
of the oppression with numerous
churches bulldozed and crosses
tor to 14 in 12 years in prison
respectively for leading a Christian
congregation that was opposing a
government campaign to remove
crosses a top churches in the city and the government’s
stiffen penalties for apostasy
in blasphemy the regime prosecutes Christian
pastors on trumped up charges
and marginalize the country’s
minority Christian community imposes a restrictive
interpretation of surreal law
that applies corresponding
punishment such as whipping and
pay attention and invoke over am that’s up the
Islamic State in West Africa they continue attack with
impunity Christians and many
Muslims from bombings of
churches and mosques to mass
kidnappings of chil and in neighboring countries
leaving thousands killed SP
killed and millions this place is is a lot of people the situation is particularly
great for evangelical
Pentecostal Christians in
Eritrea that’s the east after
the diver choirs all to perform full time the
indefinite and poorly paid
National Service obligation and
while there under that enforced
National Ser and if they failed to obey that
they can be detained since
starred labor of views are other
legal documents confiscated as 20% recalls one last example numerous
incidents over the past year of
Iranian authorities rating
church services threatening
church members since 2010 authorities
arbitrarily arrested and
detained more than 500 in 50
Christians throughout the
country as of February 2016
approximately nine the
Christians are either in prison
detained are awaiting trial the
cause of their religi is so you think he was 133 if it
applies to Christian prisoners
not relevant today you are sold
wrong we’re talking about millio who were detained imprisoned and
even killed for the sake of a DOS and as the world we live in is great to live in America is
it that’s one thing we can say I need to be more grateful for
the freedoms of this country and
the needed but then we also honor repent
for ignoring our brother in other places I
think isn’t it time to mention that this coming Sunday night
were take another break in the
series to hear from Brother
Phillip Gann to man was started supporting of
this year January 2019 for his work in the Middle East
and in India as one of the few members of the lord’s church was doing mission work in the
Middle East he has established two preacher
training schools are pretty much in an
underground situation is Saudi
Arabia of all places and I know that you will really
be amazed to hear this is a man
knows that our brethren are in prison in knows about religious
persecution but don’t think that
just because things are free in
America today that they’ll
always be t if you not noticed what’s
starting to be called hate
speech to a a lot of the things that we
preach as Biblical matters of morality
are not accepted in this country
not accepted by the laws of the
land in many places don’t think it’s not coming one of these days may be in our
lifetimes we can be prosecuted for preaching is homosexual
island homosexual activity for
preaching and a same sex marriage and
preaching that the god created mares to be
between a man and woman for a
lifetime things in Easton Ellis say
without any embarrassment are
shame without any fear of
threats May 1 day be prosecuted as
crimes you see it in no is so one day this may become a
very real needed instruction for
the church now most of the prison ministry
of the war’s church needs to be
engaged in prison ministry generally
speaking not just a brother and
but that all inmates we need to
care for them maybe not the same way but but we need to be sensitive to
their plight as well and I’m appreciative to
so many of our sister
congregations where prison
ministries affected prison
ministries to old se up throughout the state and all
all over the LAN am very proud
when I hear about those kinds of
things going on and it’s great t not every churches in that area
or has the talent are as an
opportunity and and space and
time are limited and that but
that doe look a lot of you no people who
know people are in prison or you
have a family member who is in
prison or you will and then you have an opportunity
to do something individually the instructions of the bible are just about if your church
has a program for this at think this where we go wrong
a lot of times we think well
here I read about remembering those in prison and
my churches and prison ministry
shame on my church Sunday night and think about if the instructions and bible
not ask yourself and find taking
all the opportunities that I’ve
had to help prisoners can pay much attention you’ll
eventually see opportunities I try to keep
all correspondence with the at
least a couple of inmates and
state of Alabama and what should be a star limit
a Wichita started help pass your
name around and you’ll have
plenty of penthouse believe me
you call was somebody in SQL can I
get the name an inmate to send
the hygiene package to a because they don’t have the
older and they don’t have sold
shampoo based knees like that
toothbrushes and things like
that of that that you can help would
you can do this kind of thing
without a prison ministry at
your church not only that but
those p there may be a time where you
have an opportunity to to go one
visit somebody in prison and
show them the love of Christ see I have to have it all
planned out 43 church program many of you already have the
context necessary to remember
those imprisoned in general and
the still destruction here I
believe particularly two Kristin
brethren in the prison system
now are asking the question who
always been a lot of time on it
but we wo but he also says it and that
those who are mistreated as second phrase which is meant
to accompany the reference to
prisoners strengthens the
position that is talking
specifically ab those not all prisoners are mistreated notwithstanding
all of the abuse is that maybe
in the correctional facilities at this time we know about those
things but there are people who should
be in prison right cell not all prisoners are being
treated unfairly are being
mistreated their many of them most of them I would hope that
are in there because they should
be in there Peter says don’t suffer as a criminal I’m paraphrasing
your first Peter 414 and
following but if you suffer as a
Christian glorify god in that
many he stunned of those who are
being mistreated their many in our churches in
our schools in our communities in addition
to those in prison and been
treated unfairly by evil people
in positions of power just because they are powerless
to help themselves as not excuse for us to ignore
them or neglect and we must do
something to help which brings
me to the second question here
answ what is it that we are asked to
do an answer that question is the
first word of the text remember remember that don’t be like that, they’re who
was imprisoned and with Joseph year member Joseph story is in prison unfairly being
mistreated he never did anything
wrong is unfairly accused of conover’s
wife Lanza lands in this prison
Egypt and interpret streams for
a Baker and a cup bear interpretation of the cup there
is favorable you gonna be released from
prison again be restored here
for positions, bear to the king
only do mean this one favor
joe’s assay because I had been unfairly placed in this dungeon become Baird did not remember
Joseph and for two years Joseph
languished in prison and a place it in deserve to be
an Adobe like the cup beer remember
those in prison remember those
who’ve been mistreated by
society which means notice that remember them pray for them right then assess them if given
the opportunity visit them if you have the
opportunity to do so and remember not only those who are behind bars but also
those are the recently released here
is a neglected ministry of the
church of your talk about
neglected ministries talk about
those wh of maybe you’ve heard the term
rescinded the recidivism it’s
not easy to say recidivism recidivism is the rate that
people are release from prison
and return back into the prison
system than numbers on these on
recidivism is horrible 2/3 of prisoners about 67% are back
in the prison system again in
less than three years when used
expand at the five years is
someth of people have been in the
prison system return to the
prison system in five years that’s the real
problem is is something the church can
do I don’t know I’m sure there’s
some programs out there is some
things and people are doing I personally am not aware of
what’s being done but I know
that more can be done by god’s
people to try to find these
folks when and help them become members of society I no
it’s a really hard thing to do
and I’m I’m not really not old
knowledgeable mauceri but it’s a
ne and I think neglect equals and
not remembering which is what we’re supposed to
be doing here we also remember
them by continuing jesus’s
mission to the prisoners two as
we rea your first year of course to a
liberty be on release from
prison and he’s not talking here about just prison bars and slaves of a
chains of slavery is talking here about the
slavery of sand and the truth of
which he said you shall know the
truth and the truth shall set you free the Frazee said we’re not
enslaved and he said everyone
who commits an is a slave to San we may not no how to keep people out of prison or to reintroduce
former inmates into society
there may be a lot to learn
their Bowie know the gospel and we know people enslaved by
San and what is our mission don’t
forgive those people out there
who are lost who are captives and proclaimed the liberty of
Christ today and is not just
about being behind bars in fact it can
be behind prison bars and be set free as a movie, with Denzel
Washington I have not seen in
I’m not recommending it adds
read about it as I was putting
this lesson ga and Washington is a playing of disgraced commercial airline
pilot in trouble with alcohol and a lot of bad things and there’s a scene in the movie
weary sitting with some prison
inmates in the stalking them
about as experiences and all of his regrets and all the terrible things that
he’s done that is landed him in
jail and cause them to join the
prison community and spend a lot
of time behind bars and says this to them it’s
really strange things says them
a man behind bars he says this
uses for the first time in my
life I’m free you know what he means by that
he’s not talking about being
released from prison he’s talking about a more
important kind of liberty the
liberty of the soul being set free even though man
has put chains on the necktie to
freedom is something and Joseph
knew about something and Paul and Silas
know about ness why they were singing and that’s the kind of freedom
that we can promise people
behind bars and out in society who are lost
and in captive to send so that’s what what I do you remember that the
thirdly another question how how do I do this and the answer
that the writer Hebrews gives us
is do it as though it in prison
with them and the key phrase here of
course if the phrase as though if you’re unfairly imprisoned
alongside others you would accuse them judge them unfairly ignore them you and add to their
mistreatment and get angry with
them be sympathetic to if you were imprisoned alongside
of them you would notice than
you remember that and pray for them you would
listen to them and correspond
with them and help them if you
had the pot any possible
opportunity to remembering those in prison as
though you were with them is following the golden rule
Luke six verse 31 as you wish that others would do
you do so today and if you are
in prison how would you like
people to treat you power that is that’s how you
treat them that’s the idea here looking at
things from the other side of
john Maxwell wrote a book
winning with people and in that
book he instead of putting others in
their place we must put
ourselves in their place are this really
great story about American Airlines and
1930s is known something else
packed it wasn’t called American
Airlines but they were really
good at and I was a big problem that the
ceo was taking very seriously at
the time and that he sent out a
word to all the station manage but nobody listened to sell this
solution was to call a
conference at national
headquarters for all station
managers from all ov which he edit and a certain the
results after that a what he
needed them to do was to see it
from the other side and was is offering them aside they can sympathize a lot better is seldom do you have to be put
into prison to be able to see
things from inside a whole not
hopefully you can I start to
sympat one of the people who are
imprisoned in a figurative sense
and we’ll talk about a lot are
those who are shoddy and there a
lot i one members of his congregation
that can no longer leave their
homes they can drive their cars and
completely lost their
independence making of the virtue storing it
in food for themselves some of them are in home some of
them are in nursing homes and folks they go many days at a
time sometimes without seeing a
single soul you may say well as the prison
and sounds like prison in the and a lot of the story I didn’t play in the same as a
lot of them are forgotten and you ever thought about what it would be light to be in that situation think about it and treat them the way you would
win be treated one last question why why do it and he says it very plainly
versed three why should we do
this since you also are in the
body and nobody analogy for the
church were all members of the
same body but not everybody is the same
function not everybody’s in the same
place and life not everybody is
the same opportunities as summer out in front prominent people and honorable
positions a put that in your
quotes and other people are
behind the scenes and we usually think about it in
terms of their body sitting in
the four walls of the of the
church building but this passage expands our
thinking on the body analogy he’s not just talking about
people with different talents
although that’s included he’s
talking about people in
different places people who we may have no
contact with because are shut
off from society he’s not just talking about
people in the church building
he’s talking about people in on mission fields underground
and persecuted states is talking
about people serving the
military on battlefields in the
count people in the inner cities
across the tracks are in a
hospitals and nursing homes and
yes people are in prison and a saying there all a part of
the body and you can ignore them anymore than you can take off your big toe put it
inside war and just doesn’t work
if they’re really a part of your
body and you should mean or the
channel where they are and
remember them and we must
remember them because they have
value in god’s odds Charles Colson you may know that
name because it is a part of the
Nixon administration and unlike Nixon he went to jail
for his crimes for for being
welcomed president and wise in
prison is converted to
evangelical not the truth is we were
presented body he became a
person of faith and wrote a lot
and a lot for prisoners and
tells a swan sto to check on prisoners is seeking
to get them the basic means that
they they have any Esau lot of
men on bombs watching black and teammates and invade each have
their own individual TVs and
watching TVs and there’s this
one guy in city and a bunt
reading a b and is on death row been on
death row for 15 years as a pulse and Aston it are what
he was doing any said I’m
studying for the priesthood in Colson said will is there
anything that I can get you may
be a a television set and demand said know you know
I’ve found that those TVs are
good way to waste a lot of time it was amazing about the story
to me is this guy had nothing
but time but it’s on TV is a waste of
time and we’re busy in our lives
and we can’t wait to get in
front of TV, saying TV’s bad the
sulcu that man was remarkable because
even one is on death row he
believed that he was valuable to
god he may not of invaluable to the
warden or to the state artist
family anymore are the people
that he committed crimes against
or asking us to remember those who are in
prison is asking us to see people as
god season which are people was souls of
immortal potential who will lived in eternity either on one side of god or the
other either in heaven or hell we start looking at that would
boil things down to the heart of
the matter to were really matters
remembering those are imprisoned
missed reducing the body of
those society is redeemed your
redeemable un every soul is valuable in god’s
eyes he desires for all people to be
saved and come to a knowledge of
the truth first 10 of the chapter two
verse three and four so should
we socially to Christ words of remembrance we have this inverse five I will never leave you nor for staking that’s why we’re reading about
the prisoners here because his
words to us are his words to those in prison
and that’s our lord we talked this morning about how
he watched people’s feet and
said because I’m doing this you
should do this a service to be
lig can we say the same to those
who’ve been mistreated those of
men imprisoned for the sake of
the gospel are for other reasons
tho can we say to them I will never
leave you want to say king and Pierce here tonight you’ve
been mistreated in been for sake and we say to
you we will not leave you we will not for staking in if we can help you in any way
we want to be here for you may be during the singing this
invitation saw you can let us no
respect to somebody after
services but we like our Lord
Jesus ar

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