Riverdale | Mark Consuelos – Prisoner 0001 | The CW

Riverdale | Mark Consuelos – Prisoner 0001 | The CW

– Hiram Lodge.
(intense music) It is with great pleasure that
I say you’re under arrest. – You know you kind of try to
forecast what’s gonna happen with your character and
I knew in my mind that you know he’s building this jail, it’s a private jail. It’s his. That he may be the first
client in the jail. And so he was and part of
the conversation we had when we were like the jumpsuit, there was this random number on it. And I said what, what’s
the deal with that number? Like what do you mean? I go shouldn’t it be like 0001. Like yeah, it should be. You’re the first prisoner. So we changed it.
(phone slamming) (dramatic music)

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  1. Will Hiram ever grow a beard and wear glasses like his comic counterpart? Also, off topic but I want to say this: give Betty and veronica bangs.

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