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conquest if you guys not checked out this game before it is a very awesome
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tools as well as command hundreds of individual troops to take on your
enemies I’ve had a ton of fun playing this game leveling up my characters as
well as exploring the world it’s extremely fun to kind of explore
around find different bosses and then go ahead and loot them because looting is a
huge part in this game but speaking of loot guys I’ve got something really cool
for you art of conquest has hooked me up with an
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you’ll be contacted through the in-game support also 20 other people are gonna
win $30 worth of in-game currency JQ from T with me and we are back and today
we are playing some roblox hope you guys are happenin amazing day wherever you
are whoever you are and I know I’ve been gone a while I’m back I’m playing some
video games now and I decided you know what let’s try and do a little bit more
as you guys can see I’m in a new house it’s different I got a different
backdrop I’m still waiting to get like a green screen setup and stuff like that
so probably won’t stay like this but nonetheless guys we are back and yeah I
want to play a lot more roblox I want to play a lot more games here on the
channel obviously roblox is one of my favorite
games of all time so I thought what better than to play some prison escape
there’s been a bunch of updates since I last played so we’re gonna come back and
well try and escape prison I didn’t notice you guys sent me like a bajillion
safes while I was gone I mean like a bajillion so I don’t even know I guess
we should open some of these let’s see we get in this one alright come on give
me something cool give me something cool like our God should not send me sister
did you all I do is open we have to go and escape from prison which clearly its
cell time I prevent had yourself so I’ve just got the regular uniform I what
would she go alright guys this this place might be haunted I’m like 98% sure
this place is haunted in fact I’m 110% sure confirmed this prison is a haunted
Princeton pretty Princeton prison it’s haunted you know what we’re bustin out
nighttime is the best time to bust out of prison everyone knows that because
the guards are all sleeping they don’t know what’s up I’ll blend into the night
look I literally blended into this wall now I’m blending you guys take out my
shades on somebody’s ease up you can’t see my easy like I got the east side oh
my god it’s snowing it’s snowing okay under construction alright you know
we’re gonna we’re gonna break out of here I don’t think these guys are doing
very much to keep popping jakie they don’t know who they’re messing with
they’re messing with a master criminal might be a police chopper right you know
we’re going out this way please don’t punch me
you’re getting punched your bro break it out of here
we stay in here okay all right all right yeah let’s go let’s go let’s go
follow me time to sit down have a picnic it’s a no hole in the wall you got it
you got it nice good job man we’re so close to some
spotlights we got some trees I’m not seeing any police officers around us
it’s our chance Oh as I thought that might be cop
well that’s definitely a cop or something let’s see yes we don’t blend
adjusts no very well orange does not blend into wine our
let’s go let’s go let’s go Steeler comes to the curb yes
Oh my buddy’s trapped we gotta go back for we gotta go back
I’m coming bro I’m going to get it I’m piggley’s no one behind
I’m gonna ran into it didn’t get in let’s go I don’t leave anyone behind you
gotta come yeah oh well what happened no oh no no no no no the cops coming the
cops coming I should’ve gone back now oh why would you do this
why even arrest me you just caught me back in the sand so lonely in here I’m
gonna read my memoir my journal page 1 chapter 1 I thought the change never go
back for someone it’s is you’re on your own out there
it’s all you the world’s never gonna get back to you do don’t go back see what
happened guys we went back we got captured that’s all right
sometimes it’s 11:45 p.m. so we’re not supposed to be outside of ourselves it’s
all locked off you know the one is sure one more guys I
gotta get something on my shirt I want to get a cool thing on my shirt we’re
getting out we’re bustin out of here we ain’t staying here for long hey hey
you do you know the way well you got a cool parrot thing on your soldier it’s
like a it’s like an owl come on let’s go bust it out of here that cop can’t keep
us for long if I don’t have a car we’re just we’re
just gonna walk it most please I’m not doing any big service going for a
nightly stroll holy moly you are a pecan it’s uh it’s heli
wait wait for me no wait wait I take what I said back you should wait for
everyone no man left behind all right now we get out of you guys
go go go go go can’t wait any longer sir we gotta go we gotta get this turkey man
out of here no we do not wait for out no don’t wait
for Alan you know what I need to take over where am I no no wait wait wait for
me please I’ll leave me this I’ll leave you down here the snow so cold and you
bring a coat no please please down totally clear you come down don’t do not
do not Alan it’s not important right now no Alan no no this is all your fault
they wanted to see they wanted to wait for you and this is what happened Alan I
don’t like you out this is your fall out this is what happened this is what
happens don’t try it don’t Frank get out of this Alan this is
your fault you know we gotta find another way oh my god we’ll just jump
top the ceiling oh oh let’s come let’s go alright I’ll leave you bye bye you can’t catch me faster than you I’m
Speedy Gonzales over here alright this our chance guys to comes
compas distracted now it’s time to punch once that thing go fuck don’t punch me
punch the lock this time for reals the gate lift the gate it’s not the best now it’s just me this
guy I think that comps coming for us we gotta go
I don’t think we have a car so open this car down that quiet night but you know
this car get out of here we’ve escaped we’re now criminal we gotta make our way
to the criminal hideout guys we can make it away to the criminal hideout we’ll be
able to survive all right take me there bro that’s uh that’s a friendly
helicopter dude you gotta go man now is the time to
drive bro now that we’ve escaped you got Drive it’s gotta go you know we got to
do the old-fashioned way we’re going on foot let’s go all right we did it we’ve escaped prison
now as long as we can make it to the print or to the criminal hideout without
any cops following us we’re good to go no one’s stopping papa Jake running
master and I’m gonna be running now four miles down on the car so car has no
helicopters that’s the plus side there all right now if I remember correctly
and I probably don’t the city should be just down here if we followed this road
in which we can make our way to the criminal hideout
grab some guns grab some weapons whoa what’s that red to the ground but if we
can get there we get some weapons at least we can defend ourselves feel like
we shouldn’t be on the main road because it all it takes is like one police car
to come down here and get us but I feel pretty safe I feel like we’re good
it’sit’s it’s night time we got the cover of night on us huh city
we did it guys we did it we made it to the city oh so beautiful I haven’t seen
this thing for years but now we’re finally free there’s so many choppers
going into the city like so many helicopters hey I got a paycheck $50 oh no no photo oh hey what’s up right
now it’s a police officer no I didn’t know what that was a friendly no why why would you do that come online we
were so close I literally could taste freedom
I could smell freedom I could breathe freedom guys the city was like right
here and then I saw that guy and I was like it looks like he was wearing an
orange jumpsuit I was like oh okay we’re we got friends here apparently not you
know what locked up in jail nothing is wrong what everything’s wrong sir
everything’s wrong you guys aren’t doing anything to help the Papa J Scott do
everything around here Louise follow the rules breakfast oh
great we got here
you got eggs pancakes juice this is not good enough for me
I don’t drink this I don’t eat this I want freedom for breakfast that’s what I
want and that’s exactly what I’m gonna get we’re going for freedom yes oh but
you know it’s a key card it’s got notes and stuff he knows how to
get us out of here I got a cop in there you know I’m not gonna go in there you
guys you guys chill by that cop and get caught I’m gonna do some sneaky stuff
around the side here let’s go Mariano let’s go marianna you gotta wait you’re going too
fast few seconds for the stop don’t yes people already out there problem with
Julie’s car there too okay okay we got a car this time guys we’ve got a car this
time there’s nothing stopping us 100 percent 110 percent can guarantee we’re
getting out of here nope why does everything have to go wrong
does this work this looks like this is a terrible place to put put a car superclub in heavy pursuit you’re gonna have to drift out of you drop the fence oh shit coughing Scott Scott
no no oh man it is so hard to escape from this thing I get it I’ll be a sweet
way to break out of here the back in this place again I hate this place
I want to leave let me out please let me out all right guys look if we’re gonna
break out of here and we are truly gonna become bandits we need you to think this
through God we tried to do our foot that didn’t work we tried escaping with a
friend that didn’t work and then we tried escaping with a car problem is we
went exactly where they knew we’d go and we didn’t use the cover of darkness
still breakfast I guess come on we got strength the
numbers decide punch it numbers oh my gosh what happened what’s
up okay Oh what are you doing where are you
going okay so we’ve kind of broken out okay we actually this is a good thing
this is a good thing that we did like you know backflip oh my gosh Paul that
poor lady she’s got destroyed okay wait let’s get the fur up here guys to be
Scout the area all right I can already see a cop he may or may not know where
we are in fact he might know where we are there is some friendlies escaping on
the right hand side I don’t want to risk it my hope is that maybe a helicopter
will show up here we need to steal that although I’m not sure exactly how that
works we can get in the helicopter then we’re golden almost empty to make a run for it I
don’t know where he is though well there’s another cop out there with like
a Bugatti definitely don’t want to go that way nobody got we got like two cops
down there might be three cops I’ll wash my backside to make sure no one comes up
here we gotta make it to that heli guys we can make you to that heli we’re free
okay we got some cops in here we got cops and friendlies it’s two cops and
friends I don’t know when to make a run for it
guys this is really difficult I feel like we have a bird’s-eye view of
everything we know exactly what’s going on helicopters spawned up here I could
get in so easily I don’t know if it’s worth it I think that guys know he’s not
going for it all right if this guy will go away then we’re good so I’m really
worried about jumping down he doesn’t seem to be doing anything to this guy
but I’m a little bit worried oh we don’t want
he’s going for him he’s going for he’s making a run for the halle will he make
it all these gonna make it oh I don’t think
he’s gonna make these get caught mom’s kind of chilled it’s like a chill
top yeah it’s all good if you escape Oh No yeah my trip tripped a little bit
little trip it’s all good we’re covered pretty nicely all the cars
keeps you spawning so let’s go No someone’s in here
who’s in here oh there we go okay all right we’re a proud we did it
another beautiful escape be making the city chants begin economy enchants I mean yes yes all right grab this grab
this oh we got a river prison uniform we got my Easy’s back oh we back boys me
back oh wait you’re on bro hey I don’t want
this high right now you’re under arrest be the cop let’s go let’s go out of the car I don’t like now don’t like now this
isn’t the time to like him game game no no no no no no come on come on come on
roblox don’t crash on me this isn’t the time roblox No well we tried our best guys we really
did we tried our best we did escape we did get our equipment and we did kind of
get you know a little bit of lay of the land I think it’s all practice you know
I used to be an amazing escape artist or escape or a prison escape or whatever
you want to call it but they definitely made a lot of updates to the game that
have made it a lot harder but nonetheless it is still a ton of fun so
if you guys want me to continue this game play some more continue where we
left off escape from the prison and go rob some banks let me know down below by
hitting the like button as well as leaving a comment also if you guys want
me to stream let me know I could definitely do some streams in this game
I think that’d be a lot of fun so let me know down below in the comments and of
course if you happen to be new to the channel make sure you hit that subscribe
button if you are completely new to me also make sure you subscribe to my main
channel Pappa Jake for funny real life videos but I’ll see you guys next time
for another awesome video thanks so much for watching this has Bob Jake I’ll see
you guys next time

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  1. Hi Jake I love your. videos and can you please play meet city game I love that game and I subscribed to your Chanel liked it to and clicked the bell botten bye Jake 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

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  5. I Already play that game my Favorite Hero is a leaper blonde hair half naked and with a very big sword

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