yana appa almost think you almost you hurry up. Hurry up guys and touch the precious Hey Hey funneh lol Ahhhhhhh!! (laughing) We’ve done it again, we’ve been thrown into prison because we would throw in potatoes at the high King It wasn’t my idea then gold said to the Queen she said Queen you potato have some potato And gawa And the Queen was like and she got smacked and now we’re in here but guess what I have an idea We’re going to I said we’re going to escape Because whoever designed this prison isn’t very smart yeah We’re escaping. Oh wait. It’s one of our friends. Hi. I’m Henry. Let’s escape while the guard is sleeping Yes, one of our potato throwers. Let’s get out of here Hey, where escaping through this dungeon like who puts lava in a jail cell unless you wanna really hurt us sound like are we? Dragons or something all we did was throw potatoes Yeah, I feel like we got life time in here look looks like the areas under construction Be careful not to fall in lava don’t fall into laughing. Oh Thanks for the advice. I lava you Henry. I Love a lock-in laugh at your party. I feel like I’m going to turn into a dragon because this is very tricky I mean why are they so far apart from each other? Yeah, it’s try’in to run little loner Oh no -its an illusion Lunar. Is dead. She handed the secret. I think you have to go in like every corner No, Lunar, these traps look deadly time you were movements carefully. What do you mean? These aren’t deadly? They’re just potato mashers oh? Stop Stop run run. I’m doing it OOP. Come on guys Let’s go Draco, and he thinks they’re potato masters than their potato masters (laughing) Let’s go step on the checkpoint. I don’t want to die like them come on come on come on. ditch them we’re leaving you We’re running out of this tower oh man, I don’t know how long this is gonna Take oh you made it to the top. Okay. I’ve gotta throw up now I mean never supposed to leave potatoes behind shoot. We need a key to open this door. Maybe one of the chests have one Without oh no No no no no no by oh come on I bet you it’s the chest in this corner really It’s gonna be the corner chest we have found the key in this chest This giant giant key, and we’re gonna go unlock the door this should do it right BAM this is where Dragon probably slept I think why is there so many random hay bales everywhere hello Okay, let’s get out of here all the look. It’s a green bathtub. Nope just kidding’ okay Let’s not go in there that person is also being trapped in the jail Okay, guys leave this dungeon is like four dragons or something because these are dying Clearly they didn’t want you to escape though, so let’s keep going here, we are or two Looks like we can only go down down oh That’s a dungeon. That’s really down though, okay We have to jump down Gold. I’m gonna make it all the way to that second thing without doing anything. It’s dropper. Oh We minecraft draw for trained us guys we’re ready for this We were made for this dungeon what is a dropper? Watch out. I hear traps in the distance. What traps I don’t see nobody Oh Oh lunar Those are pressure plates, then we got to be extra careful dude be careful Do we go go I? Think it’s time to guys my come on come on come on. Go go oh This is time I feel a rush now even one of us touches the floor It triggers the trap and we die really is that how it works. Okay? Please don’t step on the floor then Please just let me run through first Okay Drago that was extremely rude of you Don’t move guys don’t move you’re almost here. You’re almost you hurry up. Hurry up guys attach the precious wait. Hey Okay truce, I won’t do it anymore Gold is making it and There’s rock Rocco. Don’t step on the floor lunar is nice. I can’t Luna there. She’s alive now We are stepping on the checkpoint. What is that? where the ruins We’re in the deep basement of where the Queen hides all of her You just got wrecking balls in the face you triggered that no arrest it you press the red thing no I didn’t press anything. I promise but I fell oh Wait wait Rocco I feel like I did pressure that you did press it. It’s this It came in like a wrecking ball. Don’t handle it No, it’s it’s not it’s clearly not oh hey, that’s not funny Jump big jump Yes, we are making it to the broken ruins this person doesn’t look very happy bill trigger look look at their Fists it’s like slammed into the floor. Okay. Let’s go into the mouth and It looks like looks like we made it to some strange temple use the speed pad to run faster. Not this yeah, no No in one try let’s do this in one try Yes oh I’m actually doing fairly good. Oh, yeah, it’s pretty simple guys. It’s not like those twisty obvious where it twists is you a lot? What them what baby Doll this coming too fast yes Last one boom let’s go guys. Please don’t make it another speed run we waited for them for years Ages Wow we are lucky. I think we are in the training zone of the dungeon or the temple If this If these statues turn to life, I’m running I’m running right out of here We will need to lower the bridge find a lever is the lever possibly up here Oh, this is some fairly simple leave it switch it Shaboom. Wham what happened? Oh? Beautiful oh I Waited for you guys to cross the bridge, but the time you came here I Yeah, I’m sorry aren’t I the sweetest why did I wait for them? I should have just stepped on the checkpoint hi Drago Why are you up there? I am the gatekeeper Rodney Okay, so you’re gonna Close the gate. I was like please please don’t do it. Oh. Where are we next I feel like we are almost done this I want to go It’s your brother’s dragon joking So this whole time the Queen trap does to protect us Hey funny you think he likes potatoes no I think he likes humans that are wearing potato sacks though So there’s a possible chance that he might eat us please don’t oh? This is not gold Fahmy Jumping across this and hopefully not following into the ends by me falling into the ends of the probably funny hurry come on Run run run Lu Nichole’s hurry up. It’s cool Dude it’s an elevator no Oh really lying it down Go faster go up. I feel like it’s one person out of time you savages yes Yes, I’m gonna do this job you guys are being silenced just Get just just get off. I’m switched just get off Okay, one person up first were said gold no there. Goodbye So did you up? Well I’m back to start You guys we shouldn’t be rude about this. It’s one at a time. Okay um We’re off them here, just go oh you Go first by yourself. No yeah, you’re clearly gonna press the thing on me. I’m not going first, okay Go first Luna Jacko. Go up. Go what we just sent gold up. Go ahead go ahead Goodbye, track. Oh, I mean goodbye Jacko. Are you going? No? No, no, I’m sending you off first. I can make myself go up Wait please go to blue Tell me you stepped on the checkpoint Hey all right Gold dracco doesn’t know how to use it so send me up here we go I’ll be bad I step in on the green. Goodbye everyone. Bye Pickles are pretty fast. Don’t press it hey. I see I see you down there Don’t press it okay listen good. Yep. I’m good All right, it looks like we’re almost at the top of where the dragon is Go Okay, make it long Wow, that was the most teamwork thing I’ve ever seen us did so I think this is the work of the dragon the dragon is Spewing la lava out of the castle. I lava you dragon I love you dragon lover. You know what jumping across all of that lava It is time to climb to the top. It’s it’s starting to get a smoky low Yeah Is the dragon up there jackal uh? We won’t be able to get past the dragon unless we go into the dragon huh crazy, right? I mean you’re crazy. We could jump into the water What don’t you potato sacks right dragon? All right here comes belly of the beast Oh? His teeth are pretty clean for a dragon looks like we are inside the dragon remember to jump for a safe landing These are these are getting way cool. I would have to say jump down the hall and not like shiny Yeah, we shouldn’t slide oh It’s really realistic looking it looks like jello, but at the same time It looks like a dragon so clearly the dragon eats he has a a couple of skulls in here this looks like we’re in some sort of an ice rank the refrigerator of the Dragon because You spray that much fire you have to have someplace to cool down, right? Ha ha ha now that I don’t think that makes a lot of sense. Why would he need a refrigerator? Oh? Oh? This part is getting create a spooky There is a lot of jello on the wall ketchup. Honestly. I think this is a ketchup checked texture. He looks like pizza Why do you eat so much ketchup mr. Dragon? It’s cuz he likes french fries with his job No, let’s just not talk about where we went out of where we feel out we went. Let’s just keep going Ignore that we did not go out of wherever we went we thought we were Did he find us out yes? He farted us out lunar that is the most knowledgeable way all the way our friend is still here looks like we are Still in a cave of magic. We’re almost out of the cage imagine come on guys. I feel like we’re escaping the Queen Hopefully the Queen is not at the end there with like a sword or something and she’s like hi Nice to meet you blip and then she kills us This latter will take us out of this place no time for a long walk home. I don’t have a home Emma I’m a potato I live in the fine I Don’t think so hopefully it’s not where it’s just like walking forever. What what’s up there Drago? Why did you stop? a million steps Several million steps, it’s just a couple of stairs you lazy. Mm. I’m tired Just jump guys jump in his ways if you just jump through this Bam Bam Bam you run way faster all GG if you slip and fall Please Me first this time, okay, let’s go Let’s go up yay Let me up. I hate this elevator. It’s torturous one person at a time How’s it looking down there guys I’m gonna go up. Let’s see. What’s up here? Oh? We are going up from the elevator the whole team hey no, no no no no What happened there someone trolling me? No. I didn’t do okay that was spooky is that yet? Oh, just a slide. Oh a really long walk to the You mean the Queen’s tower there’s a castle oh And the dragon is coming for our potatoes Queen we’re sorry for throwing potatoes Nice she confiscated our potatoes. Well tracker you have two people night. Well. I thought the Queen is still in there She might put us back in jail That’s true And it took us like a whole 20 minutes to escape so I really really cannot afford to go to prison again, okay I don’t want to go to this Jail this dungeon of do Gold’s cheating she’s jumping We are at the door here it is You yes, we made it use the power-ups to find the secret no Not not not today. I don’t want to find no secret patch. I ought to go slope near the dragon You know what I feel like I know other secret batches. It’s beside the dragon. It’s probably inside the dragon What going you guys were gonna go find the secret badge? It is probably Inside the dragon I am going into the dragon’s brain. It looks like the dragon is made out of circles There is nothing relevant here Mr.. Dragon, I changed my mind We actually want to find the secret badge, and I feel like is it on top of the tallest tower. Oh, I found it Actually, it’s on top of the tallest tower in the roblox RV. Yes Finally it’s easy to find yes, that is a pewter click. Hey wow this is where the secret badges It’s on top of the tallest tower in the kingdom but if you guys did enjoy this roblox RV make sure to leave a like don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you are new and if you would love to Play the game the link is in the description box below Thank you so much for watching, and we will see you all in the next one bye guys

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