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  1. Now let's talk about everything that they conveniently left out. What they don't tell you is that the Salvation Army is a bigoted ANTI-LGLBT organization. they also don't tell you that there is a high barrier breathalyzer test that you must pass in order to get a bed for the night, and the last time I checked Jesus Christ wasn't about high barriers. Finally all of these social services that they're bragging about require valid identification and most homeless people simply don't have it. So in the end the Salvation Army turns out to be just another bottomless pit black hole non-profit that gobbles up massive amounts of money in donation that ends up being nothing but payroll for all of its administrator.

    I mean think about it, of all these homeless videos that the news features doesn't it ever strike you as odd that none of these nonprofits have success stories to talk about? I mean all of these nonprofits collectively consume hundreds of millions of dollars sometimes even billions of dollars but if you were to ask them how many people have they ever actually gotten into PERMANENT HOUSING it would drop your jaw on the floor as to how small and pitiful the number actually is!

  2. 3:08 no, we don't need funding we need to get rid of capitalism

    we need to make housing a right water internet Healthcare a right and we need to have great public transportation not a public trans, nut great

    so that people can get a job

    we need to have socialism so that people can get paid good money having A job doesn't do much

    if most of my money goes to paying capitalIST bills

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