Scholarship for Students – A Scholarship from Dose Refugees 2019

Scholarship for Students – A Scholarship from Dose Refugees 2019

Are immigrants coming in to eat your pie? A Scholarship will be given to one of my viewers
No essay required, no application, no hassles My channel basically got a sponsorship, and
I decided To use some of it to cover the cost of production
And I’m giving the rest away as a scholarship for one lucky student
Watch the video to find out how you can win Our refugee for this episode is Sukhpal Singh
Ahluwalia He created 3,500 Jobs in Britain
That’s a lot of f**kin pies Immigrants
Are we really here to eat your pie? Let’s really think about this? You live in a territory. You build your own things. You grow your own food
And you have a system, which is working out for you. But, the next thing you know, your territory
suddenly gets approached By immigrants
Basically, strangers, who don’t belong to your territory
And so, the most obvious conclusion is That they have come to take some of what you
have A slice of your pie, might I say
And, to tell you the truth, this does sound scary
So, why shouldn’t you defend your pie? Hire some law enforcement agents to protect
it Build a wall, or even send your troops to
protect your border I’d do the same to protect my own pie
Anyone with any common sense would do the same to protect
What belongs to them This is solid logic
But it stands on one big assumption That a country is like a pie
Meaning – a country’s economy can only serve a limited number of people
And the fewer, the better But is this true? Is this how it works? Are immigrants really here to eat your pie? Or is it just possible, that
They are here to make MORE pies? There actually is an answer to this
Immigration has been happening for a long time
That we have records to look at And determine whether or not it’s good or
bad Immigration isn’t new
It’s not something that started when Trump noticed it
In fact, there had been instances in history where immigration
Was more intense than it is today Despite all the screaming that you hear on
the news In the early 20th century
The percentage of immigrants out of The overall U.S. population was
Higher than today And the U.S. turned out GREAT
But to try and answer the question: Is immigration good or bad? I’ve taken a look at this publication by
the Bush Center It says: “When immigrants enter the labor
force.. They increase the productive capacity of the
economy And raise GDP
Their incomes rise, but so do those of natives It’s a phenomenon dubbed “the immigration
surplus” And while a small share of additional GDP
accrues to natives Typically 0.2 to 0.4 % — it still amounts
to $36 to $72 billion per year.” This was published in 2016
“In addition, the rise in high-skilled immigration. A pronounced trend since the 1990s
Has been linked to innovation, specifically to higher patenting rates
Among immigrants Interestingly, the greater innovation among
immigrants Appears to boost it among natives, too
Immigrants innovate more than natives because They are concentrated in STEM occupations
Where there is lots of R&D and entrepreneurial activity”
So, look at it this way If the reason you don’t want immigrants
in your country Is because you’re concerned for your economy
You might want to reconsider your position Especially
If you want more pies at your disposal But, you might argue: Look we’re not against
skilled immigrants We’re against unskilled immigrants who come
in to live off of welfare And you’d be right
However In this argument, you’d be conflating
Poverty with lack of skill Sure, we can safely assume that most of those
immigrants Crossing the border are unskilled
But, that doesn’t mean they’re stupid Unless poverty equals stupidity in your dictionary
Does it? Be careful how you answer that
It’s not that immigrants are somehow Smarter or harder at work
That’s not what the Bush Center report is trying to say
That’s not what I’m trying to say It’s that… and I can tell you this as
an immigrant myself We tend to come from “sh**hole” countries
As Trump likes to put it So, we tend to be in a hyper-motivated state
of mind We’re constantly looking for solutions
And that’s the exact state of mind That causes us to migrate in the first place
And this state of mind is contagious It spreads around faster than Herpes on a
college campus But that’s not even what matters the most
Immigrants are not only motivated We also have different perspectives
Different skills, different problem solving capacities
Let me give you a quick example Let’s say, this immigrant Comes to the U.K.
Starts working at an autoshop and finds out that
There’s a better way to run that shop So, he applies it. And as a result, the business booms
Giving thousands of people new employment opportunities
This actually did happen in real life This guy over here came to the U.K. as a refugee
I’m going to say this one more time Ref-u-gee
And he took charge of a failing autoparts shop
And he made it grow insanely His business model was so successful, he ended
up creating 3,500 jobs
That’s a lot of f**king pies His name is Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia
A businessman originally from India The founder and executive chairman of Euro
car parts His opinion about immigrants eating your pie? “I believe the backbone of this country
is immigration” “And we should never, ever, forget it”
The backbone Let that sink in
3,500 jobs Those nasty refugees
So, as I mentioned earlier, I received a sponsorship for my channel
It’s a $1,000 And I’m supposed to use half of it to cover
the costs of production production And give away the rest as a scholarship
Now, I know it’s not much. It’s $500 dollars. But, it should pay for some of your expenses
Now, in return, I’ll need you to do one thing and one thing only
Share this video That’s it
Let your friends know that Dose Refugees Has announced its first scholarship
Now, I say “first scholarship” because I want this to become a thing
But for this to be even possible, this channel has to reach more people
So, click that share button And leave a comment
So that I can see your name and write it down for the scholarship draw
If you only click “share” I won’t see your name
And I won’t know that you’re participating So, leave a comment. It could be anything
It could be your name, it could be “Done”. It could be whatever you want
Now, if you want, when you share the video You might want to write something
That helps people know what this about It could be something like:
“Hey all” “Dose Refugees is giving $500 as a scholarship”
“No essay required. Watch to learn how to qualify”
I’ll put this in the description so that you can copy-paste it, if you want
And I’ll announce the winner by the end of February
Now, if this is the first time you watch one of my videos
I would strongly recommend that you Subscribe So that you can stay in the loop for more
opportunities like this And more content to come
And.. that’s it. It’s that simple
You help me, I help you. We all win. God, this pie is delicious
Quick announcement Dose Refugees is expanding its team
We’re looking for social media managers If you like to run Facebook pages, Instagram,
Twitter, Tumblr. Whatever it is you like to do
Just let me know, and I’ll send you more details
We’re also looking for content writers, more video editors
And if you have other skills that you believe could be important
For our production, you let me know, and we’ll find you a spot
Thank you so much for your time My name is Eiad
And you’ve just watched Dose Refugees What are you still doing here? The show is over. By the way
If you haven’t watched the first 4 episodes I would recommend you do that
This one was not even that funny It was just informative
But, the first 4 episodes Jihad, Chemical attacks, Bin Laden, Destruction
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