Season 3….My little…Tent???

Season 3....My little...Tent???

what's up everybody welcome back to my little tent no no we're not in the tent anymore we're in a grow room now heck yeah we got the Gavita is going we got the scrog hung we got both systems running we are not in a tent anymore ladies and gentlemen now we still have the tent don't get me wrong don't get it twisted I didn't get rid of it over there as hubs this grow if you want to check out hubs grows I'll have to check out his channel at hugs grows that is the actual name is hubs gross hu BZ so let's take a look over here if I can get through here these are my oh gee Kush I just flipped them the flower yesterday so they're just starting to stretch up to this drug I wanted to leave them in flower and veg a little bit longer but we've had some personal stuff come up and it's just not going to work out so onward these are camo g4 ethos same thing these are the same age they're just a lot taller and less bushy than the OG Kush are but different strains those here's my little runt that could I'm not getting rid of her I have faith that she's going to turn out and turning out like fabulous smoke so there's all that we've got all the systems hung up and everything got this scrub that I made it's really friggin big and then like I said we got to the kavita's up and going so we are in full swing here it is officially day two a flower here in my little grow room so thank you for hanging out guys thanks for checking out this quick update I'm sorry I haven't been posting as regular as I should we've had some family stuff come up here lately and it's just you know how it is sometimes life happens so I will try to update you guys more regularly and shout out to the Michigan gym misfits and we will see you guys later deuces everybody

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  1. Oh daamn! That's looking really nice in that grow room! Great job! That's my goal too. Annyways, Grower's Luv and happy growing My Little Tent!

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