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  1. Never take what or who does not belong to you. Prison gonna make understand you just don't do what you want to people okay. So now both of you need to let this lady FAMILY know where she is. Shame Shame on you. SMDH

  2. If you can't pay attention to teachers, you will later in life face cops and judges. You can either be brought up in a good way or in a bad way. You choose. Too many dropouts, this is the result.

  3. I would leave that woman that put this further on my conscience by saying 'Stay out if it.' What if that was You or his daughter. I hate he listened to her. Leave her sir, if you haven't already.

  4. I wish I can hear some news on Aniah whereabouts. Where is she? Both suspects need to start talking now. The victim family need answers. The judge and the court need to realize that's the most important thing at this point. Aniah is probably lying somewhere hoping and praying somebody will rescue her. It makes me cry.

  5. I do believe that Yazeed forced Aniah into the car.The accomplice followed in Yazeeds car.Aniah started fighting and Yazeed either shot her or repeatedly banged her head against the dash board….this is when the car hit the railing and explains her blood in the car.Meanwhile when they stopped the accomplice noticed that Aniah was dead or near death and secretly freaked out… this was not the plan.He turned states witness on Yazeed.The police are spinning things a little to protect him as a states witness….this is the only way it makes sense.How in the hell would the wife who is NOT on the scene tell u to stay out of it.No woman would see a child harmed.This narrative is false.I do believe a woman is involved though.A woman was involved in the previous kidnapping a robbery charges of Yazeed.They were setting older men up to be robbed.

  6. The witness’s wife is going to live with blood on her hands, I feel she partly responsible for this girls death! Saying it’s non of his business?!?!? If someone is being harmed you should anything possibly to save her!

  7. That witness needs a year in Prison for doing absolutely nothing his Girlfriend too.
    What if that was your daughter….

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