[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.21 TTT #1 (Camping Ver.)

[SEVENTEEN] GOING SEVENTEEN 2019 EP.21 TTT #1 (Camping Ver.)

[So excited] [Hoshi, the dandelion (24)]
How do you feel? [Just so excited (24)] [Sudden straight face] Where are we going? They have cameras there, so it must be there. [This is healing, healing, Don’t stop this] [Hyped up] Hello! [Highly enthusiastic / TTT is back after a year] And when I see that, it looks like we are supposed to sit there. The chairs are just telling us, “Please sit here.” Then what if we don’t sit there? [Have you always been tricked? / Full of suspicions even before the beginning]
– There are missions on the chairs.
– There are missions on the chairs, we should sit on them. Enjoy it! Why are you so worried? [Too Much Suspicion / Today, let’s just enjoy!]
Let’s just enjoy, hyung! We got so suspicious over time. [Late kid]
Why didn’t he leave? What are you doing? [Including Junhui, all thirteen assembled]
You’ve been to the bathroom, right? Hello! What are you doing? Just chill. Then, shall we start drinking from the beginning? Yeah, let’s drink it. Do we start drinking from the start? [What are we doing, seriously?] Do we just chill? [Out of nowhere]
Then let’s say “Today, let’s just relax!” “Today, let’s just relax!” Guys, do you know what day it is today? Yes. A day off. A day off! – Relaxing!
– Camping day! [Filmed in late September]
Few days before Jeonghan’s birthday? Today’s the TTT day! Yeah! [Eat, play, and relax / TTT Camping Version]
It’s a camping version of TTT, you can eat, play, and relax, whatever you want. Please, could you nail it in front of us? [A side-effect from the Dodadak]
No experiment cams? For sure? Please, you shouldn’t lie! But what should we do for fun? Now that they’re telling me to play, I don’t know what to do now. Without the opening lines or anything, it’s a little awkward.. we’ll just say “Seventeen’s TTT,” shall we? Shall we? It’s the beginning. You start first. Seventeen’s TTT! [The oldest hyung can’t have fun when told to]
But what do we do? What should we do? [The maknae appears like the sun] [I hate the sun!] [Just so funny] [Free time starts!] I thought that, the place is a auto camping place, near the valley, And a foot volleyball court. [The camping place looks a lot different from expected]
– I thought there would be a lot of dirt here.
– I thought of a similar thing, too. [The rap for farming season (feat. Lee Jinho)]
Get up at six in the morning! Feed the dogs, feed the cows! But hyung, what kind of place is this? [The suspicion grows again / The space looks really suspicious]
It looks like there will be a mission ready later. [Super suspicious over there] Shall we open that? They said we can do whatever we want to. Oh, it’s a sleeping bag. People will think that we have been tricked all the time. [You sure you didn’t trick others?]
I was tricked all the time. The thing inside really looks like sleeping bags. Later we can play a treasure hunt. Hoshi, hide something. Get about 400,000 won in cash and hide it. Guys, I actually hid 400,000 won somewhere! [Coming soon, the real contents that drains Seventeen’s bank accounts]
You start walking around and finding the money. Then it starts. They will never stay still. [I feel so drowsy.. ZZ] Dokyeom, let’s go there. – Yeah, where do you want to go?
– This way. I really don’t think we need to do anything today. [These guys feeling suspicious, too]
But it feels like they have something in mind. – Doesn’t it? It just feels like that.
– Right. [The cat & the dog / Came to look for their owner]
Huh? There’s a cat! Wow, so cute! It’s Duri! Duri! Duri! [The big shot here]
– Are you Duri?
– Duri! [A big dog 1 / A big dog 2] You were well fed! Duri, let’s go! [Nope]
Duri, let’s go! He won’t go.. Come on! Duri, hang out with us, please. [Desperate..] [Hurt]
He went in.. [Hang out with us]
Duri.. Duri! [Obsessed] He doesn’t want to play with us. Oh, hey! There’s a lot to play with here! [Found something to play with] I need to exercise these days, it’s good to see these. [Helter-skelter] Coups, join! This is fun. Anyone who drops it gets a flick! [Suddenly the finger flick craze starts] [Coups gets the flick] [Friends are a little aggressive]
Why, why, what? [A flick full of love] [Feels like having been tricked]
It feels weird to start with getting a flick! [Coups is the only one who got a flick / Endless silent ball catch] [The oldest hyung is exhausted]
Hey, shouldn’t we chill? We are here for some fun! [Choi Seungchul (25) sings: “Short of Breath”] [Exhausted from the start]
– Hey, let’s have a break.
– Yes, you can. Let’s relax. There’s a self-cam too. I will hang out with Duri. Do you like the cat? It’s so cute! Come on over here! [Needless to say, it’s super cute / Small and precious little kitty] Wow, what should I do with them? [Wriggle 1 / Wriggle 2]
– Aren’t these from the animations?
– We are the protagonists. Baby kittens! What should I do? The little kitties are so cute. [The tiger, member of the cat family]
Wow, so awesome! [Everyone’s eyes on the baby kittens] So cute. His tummy is real chubby, see. [Chubby]
He ate a lot! What did you eat so much? Look at it close. So pretty. Okay, okay, I will pet you. [Cuddling] [Instead of the cat, hunting dragonflies with the tiger] [The tiger spotted the dragonflies.]
There they are. Shall we catch the dragonflies mating over there? That’s a little.. [Protecting the dragonflies’ prvacy]
A little embarrassing for them, I guess? I just want to catch one of them. In reminiscence. Who’s that over there? Already fallen asleep? Mingyu is sleeping. Vernon’s fallen asleep, too. [Mingyu well known for his love of sleep! / As soon as the free time starts, he finds a spot to sleep] [Not a still image! / Sleepy Mingyu ver. 1] [Sleepy Mingyu ver. 2] [Sleepy Mingyu ver. 3] [Sleepy Mingyu ver. 4] [All the other members you didn’t see, all in the tent] [Meerkat 1 / meerkat 2] [Cozy] [Sweet nap] [Sleeping members behind, Going for the dragonflies again] We should get at least one of them, since we have been wandering this much. [Watch the show!]
– Yeah, we should..
– So that we are on the show. Why are they so high up there? – You see the dragonfly up there?
– Yeah. Hyung, you jump and give it a try. Do I? [First attempt / Hanging] [Failed] I going to get caught rather than the dragonfly. The pole jump. Yoon Jeonghan. [Second attempt] [Failed]
It’s stuck! [Hanging 22] Could you get it off? Huh? [Wrong swing]
Huh? What? [The net, what they attempted for, didn’t fall] [And the mic fell off instead]
We are such fools. [So stupid, the Dumb & Dumber] [Finally gets the net out]
I really want to catch one. – Hoshi.
– Huh? [I can’t be at this anymore]
The last attempt. – You be the tree.
– Okay. [The Hoshi tree]
Put one of your finger up. So that they sit on there. [Reserved for the dragonflies]
I will come back in 30 minutes/ Stay still. – If they sit on here, yell out! Call me, okay?
– All right. [Breathtaking back]
– He’s really really cute.. What should I do?
– How’s he so cute? Look at him! Hey baby! [Overwhelming cuteness] [Photo time / Photo time 22 / Photo time 333] It’s just so cute. It’s the best! It’s awesome. He comes to me. [Ready to play outside] Hyung, let’s do this. They’ve got this, too. That’s good, let’s do it. [I will stay here.] [Catching dragonflies] [Very Nice!] Awesome! We have to catch them in an edgy way. Okay, in an edgy way. “In an edge way..” Nothing edgy about that. Sorry! [There’s a saying] [You throw a ball without thinking] [And if you get hit, that hurts] Wait up! Wait up! That looks terrible, are you okay? I heard the sound. It was so loud! Are you okay, hyung? [With Shua’s sacrifice]
But we got something fun. – We got the fun part.
– All right. [Rough breath]
– It’s good that Shua hyung did something for the show.
– You made it for all of us. This would be the thumbnail for the TTT! [Dokyeom picks this thumbnail]
The thumbnail for TTT! He got hit right on his head. Everyone, are you enjoying all this? Yes, it’s so fun! It’s more fun than I expected! – This is so simple but still fun.
– Yeah, this is fun. [Didn’t catch anything for 10 minutes]
I caught nothing, but still fun [Bluffing]
– When we were young, we were quicker and faster.
– That’s what I’m saying. [Bluffing]
– If I were a few years younger, I could have caught them without the nets.
– Right. [When I was young..]
I will catch the flying ones with my one hand like this. [When I was young..22]
I will just snatch the wings like this. [Putting in the command]
Look for the dragonflies. Okay, I will look for the dragonflies. [Processing the input] [Scanning] [Found it]
Huh? I was looking at that, too. [They are a couple] Got it! Caught it! [Full of excitement] [Privacy protection]
But they are mating! Sorry! [The spectators gathering of the words] They are mating. [Release them considering their embarrassment]
If they’re mating, should we let them go? Yeah, let them go. – I am sorry.
– No, they’re not! They’re not mating! No! [Tricked!]
– What’s that?
– Did you catch them? [The other flew away too]
I did, but I let them go/ [4 years of group dance skills / Catching it with throwing he whole body] [Flip]
I got it! My spin catch! Spin catch! It must have been knocked out when you were spinning. – Hello?
– It’s alive. Hey, we can go on air! We can go on! [At last we’ve secured 30 minutes of airtime]
Hey, we’re going on air now! What we went through just to catch this.. Did you let it go? No, it’s here. [Catching dragonflies like when they were kids] [Nostalgic campsite]
This really brings me back to my childhood. Please put on some animal songs in the background. It’s so much fun. [Tent team listening to music on the speaker] [Going seventeen follows the copyright laws / replacing with dubbing] [Sound OFF / Dubbing ON]
They’re really excited. If the weather was a bit cooler, I’d join them. – Is it too hot?
– It’s too hot. Do you want to play a board game with me, bro? Let’s take a look. Doesn’t this game look really hard? I seriously have no idea. [Trying to figure out the board game / Playing table soccer] [Quiet & calm / Rough & commotion] Isn’t there a simple game we can play just sitting here? [Same space, different tension] [One hour of free time has passed by] [Situation 1 – Jeonghan & Hoshi catching insects / Situation 2 – Woozi & Vernon playing badminton]
[Situation 3 – playing ball with Wen Junhui / Situation 4 -cat and the butlers] [Situation 1. Jeonghan & Hoshi catching insects] They’re so cute. How are they having such a good time? They’re so excited. They get along really well. Woozi and Vernon are so funny too. They’re so tired, but won’t stop. Wow! I saved it! [Situation 2. Hollywood badminton] [Like this] [Can’t] [Rest] [Just can’t]
[Endless back and forth relay] [Real] [TTT is] [coming up next episode] [You can look forward to it] Isn’t Jun really enjoying it? [Situation 3. Mini volleyball] [Jousha & Jun VS. Dokyum & Seunkwan’s tournament you can only see on TTT [A determined look] [A serious game is expected] [Master of walking on this knees] [Fail] [Despair] [Penalty without even one rally] All warmed up? [Situation 4. Meeting of the butlers] [Playful back and forth] [Enjoy this moment / each member resting in his own way] The most impressive things about today are the dragonflies. Your highlight of the day is the dragonfly. You felt it too, right? The world is… – Two-faced…
– There’s no one to trust. There is no one I can trust! [20 minutes ago]
I caught one! You caught one? Uh.. what! [The dragonfly’s movement was strange]
Hey, you should let it go. Oh it’s flying away! It was an act! [Tricked by the dragonfly again]
What a good actor, this dragonfly. I think this dragonfly has been caught once before. So he knows what to do when he gets caught, play dead.. I can’t believe there are so many dragonflies flying around.. – Fall must be coming.
– True. [Woozi Vernon join / 3 on 3 mini volleyball tournament] [Woozi Dokyum Seungkwan / Brothers who love volleyball]
Hey, weren’tj we brothers who love volleyball? [Shua Jun Vernon / Foreigners]
– Hey, this is the foreigners team.
– Oh, that’s right! [Without Minghao / Network Love Team] [Minghao reading / Minghao’s team without Minghao] Minghao! Your Network Love Team is here without you! Cheer them on. [With lots of affection]
Fighting~ Uh OK. Great! I love your tension! [Game begins with Joshua’s serve] [Look at this kid?] [Failed to receive / one point lost just like that]
Oh, I’m sorry [Receive failed again / another point lost] [Network Love team up 2 points] [King of service / 3 points gained just by serving!] [To make it worse, the net is broken]
Oh wait, we’re going to have to be careful. It may fall out. Do you work in the net industry? [This is truly ‘NET WORK’] [Love making nets] [Back to the insect catching team]
We are now because we’re the insect catching team we’re going to try and catch grasshoppers and long-headed grasshoppers. It was a shame about the grasshopper, so I’m going to try again. – Should we try to catch another grasshopper?
– Yea. – OK.
– If there is one. [With a going cam in hand and going to the back of the campsite] Hoshi, I caught one. Already? I caught a butterfly. A butterfly? [I’m not going to miss this / running camera] – Is it inside?
– Yea. Where? Oh, good. Let’s go. [I let a grasshopper go and caught one butterfly]
I caught a butterfly. Butterfly. Hoshi. It’s a long-horned grasshopper. A long-horned grasshopper? Is it a grasshopper? [Speedy grasshopper / the grasshopper got away because of the loud noise] Director, do you know where it went? [Over there]
Oh it’s here, it’s here. I caught it. Hoshi. I caught it. I can’t catch insects.. [Escaping as soon as caught. Lost butterfly but collected grasshopper]
-Bye butterfly.
-Butterfly flew away~ [Fussing out of this and that world] [Jeonghan the sunfish / Hoshi the sunfish] [Fuss1 / Fuss2] [Hoshi’s afraid of bugs! Endless fussing]
It’s done! [I’m the one who got caught..] [Back to reality] [Tried to catch insects but I was always the one who got caught]
[Insect collecting of idiots -Part 1 the end-]
Hey why do you catch insects if we’ll gonna do like this~ [Insect Expedition. Moved to the different place in a meanwhile]
Oh! I caught! [Butterfly caught in an instant]
I got it~ [Fussing reserved]
I think grasshopper’s gonna come out though. Then since we’re afraid, do like this and then open a bit. [Hop hop] [Waiting for attack] [Hop?] [Grasshopper’s here~] [No Captain Jeonghan. 100% Jeonghan the sunfish]
Hey what should we do! [Lid fell off in the midst of this]
Lid went in! [Serious eyebrows and hurrying lips]
-Wait.. like this..
-Lid! Lid! It went to the lid lid. [Funny no matter how they think] So funny~ [Insect collecting of idiots -Part 2 the end-]
Fools.. [Already 5 : 2]
It’s 5 to 2. We’ll serve with manner. Woozi! [Fantastic three play] [Spirit of tiger] [Spirit of tiger]
Toss with difficult one. Vernon!!! [Toss failed. Called Vernon but the ball went to Jun]
Vernon!!! [Spirit of tiger succeeded!] [Speedy game with the winning streak] [Ball hit the net] [Blocking succeeded. Vernon quickly hitting the ball away] [Break Time shortly’
Net Work Love’s new technique!] [Net Work Love. Developing new network]
Tying these two? [NET artisan Jun. UPGRADE with the touch of professional] [Second half begins]
I’m starting~ [Thrilling rally] [Woozi’s attack failed. The end of thrilling rally] -It’s okay, stand up!
-I’m sorry. We have to work hard at a time like this! [We only gave them one point!]
1 to 0. Woozi! Show us the luxury toss. [Player from Los Angeles. Joshua’s serve] What! That guys is?! Where did that serve king come from..! [Seungkwan saving the serve king’s serve with entire boy!] [DK blocked the Jun’s receive blocking the receive of Seungkwan blocking the serve king’s serve but] [Failed] [A league of their own. Match full of nervousness] The enemy is too strong! Get your head on straight! [* Not the same scene. You will not be able to hold it this time too] [Not at all] [Already 0 : 4]
Let’s meet again. Don’t be sad. Looking more forward to next GOING SEVENTEEN. [Okay… Let’s go with next!] [Dino taking rest with time] [Relaxing]
Believe yourself in the moment not to regret today’s choice~ [Sleeping Minkyu taking airtime. Sleeping for two hours] [Chewing chewing] [Yum yum] [Reading Myeongho / Phone gaming Scoups] [Phone gaming Wonwoo] [Every member having their own time] [Still fighting with insects]
What is it? [Found something!!!!] Carrot..? [Hoshi startling]
Hey..! Wait. [Brain Jeonghan thinking quickly]
Isn’t this like we have to find something? But there are only two of us who knows this right? We have to earn something… {Right there’s no way to just take a rest] [It’s not like that..]
Suddenly the start of treasure hunt..? [Next week’s spoiler in this time] [Rushing] [Running] [Posing V] [Rolling] [Full of happiness] [I’m sorry PD, but have you tried this game previously?] [Anyways, it will be fun *^^*] Shouldn’t we find something after we say we will play freely? [Don’t know what it is but]
Only two of us should know this. -Hyung(Bro)! Do you know what makes me amazed?
-What? You know there are like. Diamonds.. [It’s not like that…!]
There must be camera near there!! -Or should we work together to find it? Or should it be competition?
-I’m not sure about that. Director! Do we have to find treasures? [Lie]
At night…! [Luckily they’re fooled]
At night? Are treasures hidden? Then can we just play now? [Bragging in the meantime] I was so surprised when I saw that [Proud>One grasshopper, one butterfly, and two dragonflies]
-Did you catch a lot?
-Yes. We caught it all~ We caught all we wanted to get today. This Hyung is great. He catches grasshoppers and butterflies. [Lunch time. Members gathering one by one]
Ah~ it was so fun. -Jeonghan you did great.
-Yeah. You did well to Hoshi. -Minkyu did you sleep well? -What?
-Did you sleep well? You were sleeping very well. I really like this~ Let’s release them when we go to eat. It was so scaring to catch grasshoppers.. [Skippering]
Wow it’s moving~ Observe. That one is a grasshopper. I think it’s picking a fight to butterfly though? [Seventeen insect museum succeeded. Attentions focusing on grasshopper and butterfly]
Grasshopper is a little bit…to butterfly.. -Grasshopper… Oh my god grasshopper!
-Why why why? [Seeing grasshopper jumping for the first time]
-It jumped!
-It jumped. -Is it in the upper side?
-Yes it is. [Coward 1]
-Should I open it?
-No no no. [Coward 2]
-Seriously no.
-Why why~ Why seriously no. Grasshopper doesn’t do anything.. [What did i..!]
I hate grasshoppers.. [Let’s have lunch!] [Today’s lunch menu] [Cold drinks]
[Milk / Orange / Coffee / *Babo Latte Available] [Menu 1 Croissant Sandwich / Menu 2 Shrimp Bruschetta / Menu 3 Potato wedges / Menu 4 Chicken / Menu 5 Beef Salad / Menu 6 Garlic Tomato Pasta / Menu 7 Sausage Platter [Total of 9 menus and 13 sets of fat macaroons] [Actually this time’s TTT has hidden secrets…] [Once you eat fat macaroons, you use everything that you enjoyed until now] [Since it’s not funny if we give this for free] [Anyways, enjoy your lunch] What?! What?! What is this. [Going as planned. Attentions to macaroons from the start]
These macaroons are so cute. This is really healing. What should we do ? [What do you mean. Enjoy it *^^*] [Managing Seungkwan. Eating fruits first] [Various menu. Members having this and that] [Got you. Jisoo picking up macaroon] -It’s a video.
-Oh it’s a video? [He.ate.it] [Clean one bite] [But it’s really delicious. Siren going off without time to be amazed] [Staffs rushing in] [Let’s eat first]
Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. Let’s eat. Ignore. Ignore. [Meokbang like hamsters] [Not understanding the situations]
-What is it?
-What? -You said there’s nothing!
-Don’t care about it. Don’t care about it. [Tent broke and food stolen] [Almost new] -What~
-Why do we live like this? Why.. do you give and take it away? Today’s real concept is happy camping day. [Isn’t is UNHAPPY?] Today’s real concept is happy camping day. [HAPPY CAMPING DAY. HAPPY CAMPING DAY] [Have to rebuild the happy camping day by gathering diamonds from the quests. (feat. fat macaroon)] I knew it. [Liars]
You said there’s nothing.. -So they had something.
-At least I’m happy since the macaroon tastes so good. [Big bites]
It’s really tasty. Macaroon’s crazy. [Recharging sugar=Recharging energy]
Didn’t we release too much energy? [Taste making the eyes opened] [Picking up before getting stolen. Why are you still eating..?] [Meokbang of hamsters. Still eating] [Still eating222] Since the foods are taken away let’s stop eating with honesty. [NO Honesty]
Everyone, should we explore the store to check what we can buy and then run the game? [Let’s go to the store next week] I think we named it a little bit wrong? [GOING SEVENTEEN]
Let’s meet again. Don’t be sad. Looking more forward to next GOING SEVENTEEN.

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  1. Me as a human being: want them to notice me
    A cat: getting a lot of recognition from svt

    I'm questioning my life for being a human rn😂

  2. 원우오빠가 분석하고있던 보드게임 어떻게 하는지 다 알고 원래 한 30분걸리는 게임 10분도 안내서 끝내는 만렙찍어버린 1인임다


  4. Yoo I really vibe with whoever’s editing these Episodes.
    Pledis staff always makes me laugh like the camera man running after hoshi and jeonghan after he lost them and the voice overs were funny.

  5. I love the way that even with a camera, Seventeen knows how to display their own personas. You have all the free time in the world and what do you do with it? One sleeps in the tent, one sleeps OUTSIDE the tent, one reads, two are on their phones, some are playing badminton, some goof off playing volleyball on their knees, and some catch insects.


  6. i love how they were so calm when they got their food taken away unlike onefineday
    they were like "i expected this" "but the food was really good"

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  8. as this program runs, it become funnier and funnier. but why are the boys still trust their staffs? 😂 i mean, the moment they said "do everything you want" i knew something's gonna happen. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHA

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