[SFM] Rainbow Six Siege. Hostage Rescue

[SFM] Rainbow Six Siege. Hostage Rescue

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  1. Niko is the only terrorist here, because you know… He's ain't Russian
    drops fake handcuffs

  2. I would love to see the hostage be a more viable asset so when you pick up him up and try to take him to the safe point he tells you all the enemy’s operators the ones you cant id

  3. o h m y F U C K I N G o O D N E S S please make a video that how you prepare all this ? i m your biggest fan …pin me if i dare you 🙂 alots of love from pakistan

  4. Ela why do you have to try and kidnap random people then try to kill me. We could be friends. #ThIcCcIQandEla
    Plus every male that plays our game get a little exited when they see us.

  5. 1:32 🤔
    [Attackers should only withdrawal the hostage out of the house. This greatly upsets the defenders]

    Me: Extracted hostage 97 times
    Upseted 485 defenders

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