Shackling of Pregnant Women: Danielle’s Story

Shackling of Pregnant Women: Danielle’s Story

I work now I get paid decent pay, I live with my three-year-old daughter, and my other daughter is involved in my life. I was two weeks overdue and the doctor had said that they were going to schedule me for an induction the following week, so they shackled me handcuffed me Transported me to the hospital when I got to the room. They shackled my leg to the bed and my hand to the bed Separately they gave me the pitocin and I was there maybe like… 18-19 hours, but since I didn’t dilate they said that they were pulling the pitocin and sending me back. I want to say I had like a nice person help me out of the van or, into the van at some point But not everyone offered that same courtesy which point got kind of scoot out of the seat I sat down on the edge of the van, so that I could get out and feel safe because I was scared I was gonna.. trip myself getting out of the van so then after a week of Being there I went back to the hospital again the same way shackled Handcuffed and I got the pitocin again. Am I am I drip and then they shackled me to the bed Which was at this when the doctor keeps coming in and all the nurses It’s even more humiliating because your legs are open, but the one of them is like shackled it made me feel violated that if I wanted to shut my leg I couldn’t you know Anybody that’s pregnant normally wants to like hold something grasped something and you had minimal Movement they caught the left side in my hand I’m left-handed You have the IV in the other hand so that makes your movements even more restricted You have to ask to be unhooked every time you have to go to the bathroom So the whole time you’re just super nervous, but on top of being super nervous about falling I was super nervous because I was having contractions, and I could hardly stand up I was in excruciating pain it didn’t matter. I certainly wasn’t gonna run nowhere. I don’t have no charges of running skipping bail or anything like that on my record, no violence. Nothing like that. I was more concerned for my child safety before she even came out because It was just horrible not being able to roll over comfortably because you were shackled on opposite sides. So you just had to lay it flat on your back and be in labor, restrained. As the baby was actually coming out the doctor had asked them like you need to remove the shackles Finally the doctor told them that they had and take my shackles off. and I couldn’t move my legs up close enough to my chest with the shackles on, and so they needed to remove them. At which point the doctor told them that they had to remove them which in itself said something to me. Maybe they should have been there! I felt the humiliated, and degraded because I was chained while people could do anything they wanted to me. That’s how I felt, I felt degraded. It was horrible! (In tears) I would never want somebody go through that…

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