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  1. you get prpbation simply for walking on private land? you get arrested for looking at a cop in the usa, it seems. wtf usa?

  2. Can they keep her career on probation and stop her from making movies? I still haven’t recovered from her terrible acting in “a fault in our stars”.

  3. Fun fact, her left eye is higher up on her head than the right. Try not noticing that everytime you see her now…

  4. How about interviewing people who aren't actors/actresses/singers…there are other interesting people in the world.

  5. I loved when I found out she was a protester at standing rock. fuckers should have a criminal record for stripping her. they are the filthy criminals not her filthy criminals. if they treated her badly imagine what they did to non famous protesters

  6. Shailene is so dope!!! I thought she had the personality of yogurt after seeing her on American Teenager but she is an actual badass.

  7. It's too easy to get arrested in North Dakota I just tell them no! Then they roll up into an assball.

  8. If you are a young woman, this is the woman model you would be wise to pattern your life after. Shailene has a strong constitution based on justice and virtue. She sacrificed herself to protect our people and our water the stuff of life. This is a woman with a heart, a righteous woman. Peace to her forever.

  9. Questions: If you have a charge for committing a crime on your record, how can she travel to other countries so easily? Does it have to be a certain charge because usually a normal person would possibly be refused upon entering a country. Can anyone inform me?

  10. I love this show and shailene but for your information Fiji water is available to the people of Fiji. I should know since I live in Fiji
    bula! vinaka!

  11. I can't figure out why I don't like her. Love her activism but she just annoys the bejesus out of me. I don't know why.

  12. I've been a fan since the secret life of the american teenager, now, knowing she's willing to go that far for her cause, I'm even more of a fan! Specially when you see many hollywood young people getting arrested for drug/alcohol abuse, I feel this is a noble thing to be arrested for.

  13. I liked her since the Secret Life of the American Teenager, loved her in the Fault in our Stars, adored her in the Divergent trilogy and up until now she's still one of my faves because she's not just a good actress but a beautiful human being inside and out <3

  14. She was with all the native americans in the Standing Rock, protesting with them in 2016.

    I have so much respect for her. Such a big heart.

  15. I’ve read here some ill-advised comments about taking this actress (or any other human being for that matter) as a role model to emulate. I beg to differ. I do not believe in idolizing another human being for the simple fact that mankind is inherently fallible. One’s absolute moral compass is not derived from a person’s set of values or society’s construct in my opinion. As satanism rules in Hollywood, and Shailene, as any other celebrity, is part of this satanic cult, I would certainly NOT encourage teens to follow in her or others’ path. Not only does she encourage in her movies nudity, promiscuity, and pedophilia (Divergent series follow the premise of a minor female being wooed by an adult, and her White Blizzard movie follows the same trail), she also promotes hazardous health practices, such as eating clay, that speak to the utter mind control she is under. She acts well – I grant her that. However, projecting her acting chops unto her adequacy as someone to idolize is nonsensical in my view.

  16. Jail is not fun? Aren't the american people so proud of their jails? You don't want them in your neighborhood, but they are great…

  17. Not only is she the ugliest girl in the world, but she also has the most annoying sounding voice in the world.

  18. She is the last person I thought would get arrested lol, I don't know why but I'd love to hear Theo's opinion on this lol.
    Imagine if this was back in the Divergent days "sorry new movie got cancelled Shailene got arrested trying to save Pipelines"

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