Shelter Official Trailer 2015 + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

Shelter Official Trailer 2015 + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

This is New York. It’s not a somethin’ for nothin’ town. Just can you give me a few days? Can’t do that. Nigerian. Came on a visa. And has overstayed his welcome. There’s just no place I can get you both in. He can’t be on the streets… Hanna! We need to leave NOW. We need something good. This? Is something good… I’m looking for my daughter, Hanna? This is Jake. He needs his mother. You have a child. He is alone. What’re you doing? Who are you? Who am I?! I’ve made such a mess. What I did is unforgivable. I don’t know how to be in the world at all. I used to live in a place like this. I was married. And now… I haven’t been able to see past the day in so long… You can have it all back, Hanna. It’ll be different this time.

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  1. Are there really no more black actors in Hollywood? Seems like the only one they can find is Mackie. He is a great actor, but he's been in like a million movies since Captain America 2.

  2. Anthony Mackie was also really great in We Are Marshall in a dramatic role. I think that's the earliest I remember him actually lol.

  3. That was one powerful trailer, looks very promising. Good to see Paul Bettany do directing and writing and I'm happy to see Jennifer and Anthony still get a lot of work.

  4. Oh for god's sakes, Grace. Do people still seriously believe "more government programs" will solve the homeless problem? I mean you live in one of the most "progressive" cities in the world. With one of the most "progressive" mayors in the world, not to mention the city council etc. Has there been anyone in power who has voted against "more government programs" for the homeless in the entire city? Sheesh, it defies everything right in front of your face and yet you still believe. Like a religion, I guess.

    Neither of those two look remotely homeless. And Mackie must still have money for a gym membership. The movie looks awful and unbelievable. Plus, if it is as Grace surmises a soft-sell plea for more government programs it will be even worse than it looks already.

  5. Grace you may want to revisit Mackie's filmography. It is very extensive and diverse. He may not have been on your radar til "Pain and Gain" but he is accomplished if not accoladed.

  6. I hope it's not romanticizing homelessness though. Like I think it would take a very different kind of film to give a realistic face to the struggle rather than using it as a tough and edgy backdrop to a romance movie. Also the only solution to homelessness is not government programs but instead a proletarian revolution.

  7. @Grace Randolph It's crazy how homelessness can be viewed as a scourge. I saw a facebook post of "Human of New York" and Richard Gere spent a whole day pretending to be a homeless person (without any makeup to cover his identity) and no one looked his way bar an old lady. He said it was one of the most eye opening experiences of his life.

  8. Anthony Mackie was good in the Hurt Locker Grace And 99 homes is showing some light on the homeless problem.I would have love you to review it .the movie looks interesting though and for some reason it reminds me requiem of a dream by some of its effects.

  9. Can u review the trailer of: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo its a bollywood movie and its a big one of the year. Just asking…

  10. Chiwetel ejiofor is in everything now getting tired of seeing his face 😂😂 good for him though Anthony gotta step up his game

  11. This production highlights something that I personally couldn't deal with as a director. I can never date or be married to an actress and have to direct them in very intimate scenes with another man or woman. I understand this is art but there are parts of a relationship, especially being this intimate, that I wouldn't share with the rest of the world.
    I know a lot of people would call that insecurity, but its not. but I will admit to being selfish when it comes to being in relationship. And I just don't know how Jennifer Connelly's husband directed her in in such intimate scenes?

  12. anthony mackie is now recognized by playing the falcon. he is in a lot of movies but he is a very underrated actor. its very interesting he is starring with betty rose in this movie directed by her husband the vision. i hope this movie and triple 9 will give him more prominence

  13. The greatest side effect from Marvel, is the abs. Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, Chris Pratt, and now even Tom Holland.

  14. Saw Anthony Mackie at Salt Lake Comic Con. He seems like an incredible human being. Really looking forward to seeing him in this impressive role.

  15. I'm a big fan of paul bettany. My respect for him really rose after i knew that he was making this, especially finding out his inspirations and motivation.

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