Shiva – Full Episode 16 – Hostages

Shiva – Full Episode 16 – Hostages

What is happening here? Hands up, inspector! Hands up. Yes! But why? Bank robbers! Put down your weapons. Hey Dwivedi, Chaturvedi… …I am not saying
hands up to you both. You both pick up your weapons. Oh! Sorry Mr. Trivedi. You are committing
theft in my area. 50 miles away when… …someone commits theft then… …people say, ‘Don’t do it.’ Otherwise… Hey keep your hands up… …till I don’t tell
you to put it down. You both come with me. Stop, stop, stop! The bank has been robbed. Please call the police. Police! Emergency! Police. Sir, you are one of the policemen. Yes, we are. But I
am calling Shiva. He is a master in
chasing! Master! Hello. Okay, Laddoo Singh. I
am reaching there. Reva, thieves are going to Vedas
chowk after looting Vedas bank. This is the only shortcut
to reach Vedas chowk. I am going form this route and
you come from the main route. Okay, Shiva. Oh! Hey, what is that kid doing
in the middle of the road? Hey, Mr. Trivedi. He took our bag of money. What? Run. Yes! Go away from here. Sir, take these bags of money. He entered the school. You keep an eye on the
front and I’ll go behind. Okay. Hey, this side. Sher Singh’s people are… …speaking like cowards. A kid snatched
your bags of money. Drown yourselves in
a handful of water. Hey, Trivedi.
– Yes! I brought a handful of water. But how should we drown in it? Hey, shut up. Already
my mind is disturbed. Sher Singh, what should we do?
At least tell us. Now, we are trapped. You are Sher Singh’s employee. Be brave. You are in a school. You can take the school kids
and teachers as hostages. Then, I will ask for a bribe
of rupee 200 million. And I will release my
goons from the prison. Yeah!
– Wow! Hey kid, where is my bag?
Return that to me. Don’t call me kid, uncle. I will count till three. You need to surrender
till I am counting. Otherwise, I will come
upstairs to catch you. Take this. Hey! At least, you could have allowed
me to complete the count. Sir! Reva! Walk ahead. Yeah!
– Wow! Shiva, they hijacked the
school bus. – What? Well done, my soldiers! You
have done a great job. Guards, take care
of this school bus. Come on my soldiers, come with us. Now, you see… …I will take bribe
from the government. Now, we are in trouble
without any reason. We didn’t even have
anything to do with this. Sir, how will you go inside? Call tanks. We will
destroy the door. I have been trained as a commando.
I can do it. Now you’ll see… …how I will jump
the fort’s wall… …and go inside. Now what should we do, sir? The commando inside me
will not fail so easily. Oh yes! One! Two! Three! I will not leave, I
will not leave it. Holding it tightly. How is the commando hiding
inside you feeling, sir? Peda Ram, he is feeling worst. But, Laddoo Singh will
not give up so easily. Sir, what is the commando
hiding inside you trying to say? Hey, he is saying that I wish… …this gate was already open. Sir, this gate is already open. You have punished your
commando without any reason. Peda Ram, shut up. March! Left, Right. Left,
Right. Left, Right. Let’s go. How did this kid come
inside? Catch him. Take this. This one’s for you. There! Yes! Who is this? Sher Singh is speaking this side. I have kidnapped… …all those school kids. Look, you might be having
a misunderstanding. I don’t own any school. I am a police inspector. Police inspector. Don’t be so over smart. If you will give 200
million rupees… …I will release these kids. 200 million! I am not such a rich person. Thieves have stolen my wallet too. Now I don’t even have Rs.20,
let alone Rs.200 million. Did you get it? Hang up now! Come on, kid. Come on. I was waiting for you. Don’t call me a kid, uncle. I really liked your style but… …if I don’t call you a kid
then what should I call you? Shiva! My name is Shiva. What the hell are you doing?
Catch this kid right now. Hey! Why are you
standing away? Finish him, now. Take this one. Very good, Shiva. Let me handle them now. Robbery in my area. I won’t spare you. Peda Ram, where is
our back up force? Why are they not here yet? Back up force, I guess I
should exit from here now. Whoever wants to
fight, come quickly. Your boss is running and
I want to catch him. Should I go now? All people, hands up! Peda Ram, arrest them. Yes, sir. I want to go. Even I want to
go, I can’t wait more. Okay. Okay. Go behind that wall, quickly. Uncle, what if they
run away from there? You should keep an eye on them. Oh, yes! You all stay here.
I’ll be right back. Hey, you were right. Those guys ran away. Even that girl ran away. What? They fooled me. Yes. Hello Shiva, we all
three are safe. We all are hiding
in the watch tower. We can see you from here. And the bus is exactly
below this tower. Okay, I am coming. I am searching their
boss, Sher Singh. One man is running
away just besides you. I guess he is Sher Singh. Thanks, Reva. He is the one. You
wait there. I am coming. Hey kid, now try to catch me. Now, I have to use the super
glue Tyre of this bicycle. Oh my God! Who are you? Why are you not leaving? I’ll tell you if you wait. Hey kids, you don’t
need to worry now. Driver, take this bus outside. Let’s go. I am Sher Singh. I cannot lose from a kid. So, uncle, do you want
to fight more? Or is this enough for you? You should accept defeat. Sher Singh doesn’t accept defeat. Shiva! A kid has foiled my entire plan. He turned Sher Singh into a rat. Three cheers for Shiva. Hip hip…
– Hurray! Hip hip…
– Hurray! Hip hip…
– Hurray!

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