SHOCKING New Footage Of Sandra Bland’s Arrest

SHOCKING New Footage Of Sandra Bland’s Arrest

>>New cell phone video has emerged featuring
Sandra Bland’s arrest in Texas from her perspective. This is video that she shot from her own phone
which hadn’t been disclosed previously. And it appears that this video does further
debunk some of the accusations or claims made by the officer who arrested her, that was
actually Trooper Brian Encinia. Now, this before seen cellphone video is difficult
to watch, especially when you consider what the outcome of that story was. Sandra Bland was found hanged in her jail
cell. And the authorities initially treated this
as a murder or a homicide, and then later they determined that she had taken her own
life. Now with that said, I’m going to go ahead
and toss the video. If you have a difficult time watching this
type of content, I just want to make sure you’re warned about it. And let’s take a look.>>Get out of the car now.>>Why am I being apprehended? You trying to give me a ticket for failure.>>I said get out of the car.>>Why am I being apprehended?>>You just opened my car door, you just opened
my car door.>>I’m gonna drag you out of here.>>So you’re threatening to drag me out of
my own car.>>Get out of the car. And then you gonna stop me.>>I will lock you up, get out.>>Wow.>>Now.>>Wow, wow.>>Get out of the car.>>Really? For a failure to signal you doing all of this
for a failure to signal.>>Get over there.>>Right, yeah, yeah let’s take this to court,
let’s do it.>>Go ahead.>>For a failure to signal, yep, for a failure
to signal.>>Get off the phone.>>On my school.>>Get off the phone.>>I’m not on the phone, I have a right to
record.>>Put your phone down.>>This is my property. This is my property.>>Put your phone down!>>Sorry?>>Put your phone down right now!>>So he’s obviously angry that she’s filming. And you are paid by taxpayers, so you are
a public servant. And they should be able to record you. But that’s beside the point. He had alleged that he feared for his life. Keep in mind that now that we see the video
from her perspective, he’s holding a taser at her face, to her face. And he’s threatening to light her up. This was his exact quote get out of the car. I will light you up. Get out now. So, and why is this video now being released,
right? What, this video wasn’t used in the case,
the perjury case against the trooper and so I don’t know. This story in addition to all the other stories
that we’ve done on police brutality are so unsettling and it enrages me. So jump in, let me know what you guys think.>>Yeah, it’s kind of like similar to when
a mother is mad at a kid, about to give him a spanking, not an officer who has rules and
protocol that they’re supposed to follow. And I was under the assumption that any sort
of weapon is to stop violence, not just what we’ve seen in a video. We saw an officer pull out an actual gun because
someone was running away from him. That happened in North Charleston and we saw
here an officer pull out a taser and point it at someone because she wasn’t following
the rules, not because she was attacking him, not because she was a danger to herself or
others but because she wouldn’t do what he said to do. And so he threatened to physically harm her,
because she wasn’t listening to him.>>I will light you up.>>Yeah.>>And then later received support from his
bureau. So we see that-
>>He said he feared for his life, which we see in that video.>>Is absurd, is absurd.>>Yeah.>>It is a great like, I mean, this video
really needs, for people who don’t understand how white privilege works, this video would
be a great starter course for them, right? Because when you look at someone like Sandra
Bland who’s clearly distrustful of the police in that video, there’s obviously a good reason
for it. There’s obviously a clear reason that she
has to be distrustful of the police when they’re sticking a taser in her face. And then, when after her death, they’re supporting
each other rather than trying to get the truth out into the open. I mean, that’s clear also. There’s a bureau going on that is protecting
her and insulating. You are protecting each other rather.>>Yes. Yes.>>And insulating themselves from telling
the story and failing to protect her.>>Yeah, that’s part of the problem. I do agree that there are good cops out there,
but the issue is that they don’t come out and speak out against the problematic cops.>>This is what puts their lives in danger.>>Right.>>This is what makes people not believe when
a police officer says I feared for my life, these videos like this, I’m sorry to interrupt
you cuz you’re right.>>It’s a good point.>>The problem is that enough don’t say, hey,
this is a bad guy and I’m speaking out against it.>>Exactly. Yeah. And I want to just quickly do a refresher
on the perjury charge against the trooper. Now, the trooper was caught lying. He lied about the details of what occurred
that day and as a result he was facing purgery charges. But he actually took what appears to be some
sort of plea deal and so he didn’t have to serve any type of jail time. But he had to promise that he wouldn’t or
he had to give up his right to practice as a trooper or cop in the state of Texas, though. So if he moves out of state. I mean that’s a different jurisdiction and
he could technically apply to be a cop. And I mean is that really, if any average
American is perjuring themselves is that kind of treatment they get, right? I mean, it’s insane. And also, how did this tape come about? Well, investigators discovered video of Bland’s
2015 traffic stop confrontation with this state trooper on her cell phone two months
after her death, but never informed the public of its existence. Why? Why did they not inform the public of its
existence? And then finally, I wanna read a quote from
the Bland family attorney. His name is Cannon Lambert, and he says, so
if the video showed that he had no basis of being in fear of his safety, and he lied about
that, then you would think that prosecutors would be using that video. Again, he lied again. He lied about fearing for his life, and that’s
abundantly clear in the way that he’s reacting to her, the way that he’s holding a weapon
to her face, a taser.>>What’s so frustrating about this video
not coming out is that prosecutors, the police department, they are not defense attorneys. Defense attorneys have a job and sometimes
it’s a nasty job, but it’s what holds our constitution together and keeps people accountable. But defense attorneys have a job to do whatever
it takes to protect their client. Prosecutors, states attorneys offices, and
police departments, the people that they’re supposed to protect are everyone.>>Right.>>And often times it becomes, they behave
like defense attorneys and so they are the prosecutors act as if their crime is a state. So even though the right thing to do would
be to release this video and to make things fair because wrong is wrong even if it’s on
our side, it’s like no, no, no, we gotta just make sure that the state doesn’t have to pay
out anything here, which is not how things are supposed to work.>>It’s not and it’s because in many cases
prosecutors have a friendly relationship with the cops. They’re basically part of the same law enforcement
family, and I think that that corrupts some of the prosecutors, not with money but it
corrupts their judgment because of those friendships that they develop through their careers. And there needs to be a way of doing things
where they’re independent and and not working so closely with the cops that end up facing
some of these charges.>>But I think people who are you know, you
mentioned that there are obviously good cops and we all know that and that’s true. But I think people who are in the police force
right now or moving in that direction need to understand the distrust that the public
at large, particularly people of color, have for the police. And understand that their responsibility now
that part of the job is literally to undo that. That that is part of existing as a police
officer in America now and that they’re carrying that burden. And that they need to. They need to help us get back to a place where
there is trust in the police force. Not that I don’t think that we’ve ever been
there, but we need to get towards that.

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  1. If a cop tells you to get out of the car why not just do what he says? You already know you're risking your life if you don't comply.

  2. Well, one thing I was always taught that the use of force allowed was equated to the offense. You should not use potentially deadly force to enforce control over a misdemeanor offense. Also why, since this video wasn't given to public record until after the perjury review by the court, hasn't the prosecutor been charger as an accessory after the fact?

  3. Some people just shouldn't be cops. This is why some are just bad apples, becoming a cop doesn't require a college degree so any dumb retard can obtain a badge

  4. How would anybody react to an officer being so mean and nasty over a “lane change” when most of us would pull over to yield to a police car. Sickening!

  5. Simply put, they don't care. They are Gods walking the earth, and are above the law. They will kill anyone that does not obey their commands. American citizens have no rights in their eyes, and only exist to serve them. We are bombing the crap out of 7+ countries for less…

  6. Lawyers,so let me get this str8 mot.1 Lawyer actually knows how to say every cops kids are dirty dimed in their own living rooms no one speaks up to help and every lawyer is oblivious?This situation might not have anything to do with it but I just nailed lawyers as wussies..

  7. If a cop is pointing a taser or gun at you and telling you to do something, now's the time to listen. Police are allowed to use violence to arrest you if you don't listen to their orders. That's how it works. There aren't many cops that are going to try to sweet talk you into the handcuffs. They won't even say "please".

  8. They killed her. Smh this dude should be handled on sight. He shouldn't even be allowed to sleep at night.

  9. So weird to see a black woman mentioning a constitution thats supposed to uphold law and order when she knows damn well that DOESNT APPLY to her

    Girl bye!

  10. Sorry but if they don't speak out then they are bad cops people always say a few bad apples and forget that the rest of the saying says that the whole bunch turns rotten

  11. I can't watch, it upsets my stomach too much. I never believed the suicide b.s.
    Since when does a traffic stop end in incarceration and suicide? She was murdered imho. Since when do prisoners get trash bag liners for their garbage pails? (They said she committed suicide with a trash bag) Since when do they get garbage pails?

  12. This needs to stop!!! Officers need to be held accountable for this type of behavior!!! There needs to have severe consequences for officers who abuse there power, and if ppl are still trying to make light of this you are stupid!!!!

  13. Someone needs to bring this issue up to the democratic primary debates. Because lets be honest, Republicans are a bunch of boot lickers and they dont care about this issue as long as the victims are people of color..

  14. Why did this idiot do this what did he prove nothing not at all thats a damn shame why would you trust a cop because of stuff like this

  15. True enough all cops are not bad but its a shame that you can't trust anyone that does include cops

  16. Apparently all black people are extremely dangerous to all white officers. We have super powers and able to kill with our voices……gtfo of here!

  17. Imagine Sandra Bland is your loved one. How do you feel after what happened to her? How do you recover from something like that?

  18. Stop expecting calls to snitch on each other just like crips, bloods, vice lords & other gang members not snitching cops not neither

  19. There's that "full video" conservatives are always asking for like they want premium access to this smut

  20. In general, police are bullies who want power. They are the people who, when the SHTF and government goes totalitarian, will stand in line to sign up with the new SS and Gestapo… or “Fatherland Security”. I mean Homeland Security.

  21. USA is not the most free country. America is a joke compared to first world countries. Such a shithole nation.

  22. It’s ppl them him that give cops a bad name (it’s mostly the ppl that got picked on in high school who think they have some kind of power over us civilians)

  23. Pls some civilian justice grouo.
    Look him up and hang him. Send a message. We will nog be policed by thugs. Thugs in blue will be fuckin lynched.

  24. Cops who speak out are tormented, sent to bad neighbourhoods, don’t get back up when they call in etc. Prosecutors receive their own problems. None of this makes it ok. That’s why the whole system needs to be overhauled. The investigators need to be a separate body so there is no conflict of interest and cameras need to be on at all times and mandatory for all law officers.

  25. WTH…people she killed herself!!
    Police has a gun, give it up cookie!
    Keep your big mouth shut and follow orders, don't give them a reason!
    I saw nothing wrong with his actions.

  26. Sadly this is normal for the South.😠 POS🤬 Cops are rampantly corrupt without any consequences!!

  27. Sadly this seems to be common in Texas instead of guns killing, it is cops who kill in Texas murder seems to be the way they go . They are always justified this is why people hate cops, they lie and instead of doing the right thing, they cover it up.

  28. This is why I never fill bad for cop when they killed.
    The day will come when the people in this nation

    gets fed up and strike back, all of the cops will be the
    first in line to get justice.

  29. Let's first understand that yes cops have a tough job dealing with people high on drugs that won't feel it if you taser them but the ones that are calm an asking questions cops still act like that person who was given no respect in anything an cause they have a piece of tin they have to abuse it

  30. They need to come out with jewelry cams for women an button cams for guys so they can say your being filmed with out holding anything so you don't get the cop scared an act stupid even thought that will make a cop even more scared an more stupid

  31. Of course it doesn't justify excessive violence, but when a cop tells you to do something, for God's sake, DO IT. There's no sense inviting trouble.

    Let your lawyer argue over the legalities in court. You're not going to win a Constitutional debate on the side of the road.

  32. , when an officer tells you to get out of the car you follow instructions you get out of the car you don't sit there and argue with him calling names do everything you can do to resist arrest she had this on Earth. Any officer who had to get what she got had to take what she was given out would have done what he did out of a drag her out myself

  33. The nations police do not know how to deal with the changing times. They become complacent in the ways of the past.

  34. If they dont do somthing about it, they should make a lifetime movie about it… then way more people will know…

  35. So sad that you mispronouned her name as if this is a new Case. We always new this. You really don't care about the black plight. Getting views is more important to you. She was a well none YouTuber that spoke to human and civil rights for blacks. They knew who they were pulling over period. You know why they hide information and lie about evidence. Black people are functioning out side of the Constitution. It never applied of refered to us from it's illegal conception. It is obvious that preditors and perverts rule in high classes. There are portions here and there that speak of us indirectly. Are we still 3/5ths of a man? Is Jimcrow alive and kicking? Is America still using Jerry to usurp black votes away from their Political Districts. Is zoning along with red and blue tape used to keep black children in low performing Title 1 Schools where they almost never reach AYP for years? How often does a black person get pulled over, stop in the street, or asked a bunch of questions with out probable cause other then being black or an officer with a suspicious feeling in comparison to others? I would like the statisticians to Doctor that up. No playing with numbers to make it work. Food for thought that makes you full and sluggish. I'm just saying

  36. This is so sad. How much more do we have to take. "Subscribe to "Heaven is Near by the Ambassador"

  37. Shuffling problem officers to other states/locations… Where have we seen that before?
    Oh right, the catholic church shuffling problem priests to other parishes to avoid charging them or having scandals. And THAT worked so well…



    WITH A TAX BUDGET OF $28,000,000.00 THATS RIGHT 28million $$$$$…. ANYONE WANNA LIVE IN LODI N.J OR JERSEY ITSELF . . ???????????????????

  41. To hell with you and "White Privilege".. I am a Adult White Male, that has been beaten unconscious by "Law Enforcement" because I said "NO".. Don't blow sunshine up my backside.. the "majority" of Law Enforcement are NOT bad people, BUT the few bad apples ruin the respect for the entire community.. Law enforcement should and is EXPECTED to be HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD. Those of us on the other side of the badge can have our lives utterly destroyed by those that are HIRED, not elected, by those in "assumed power". I have NEVER given these persons "a reasonable expectation of Authority". These are ARMED THUG's that work for a CORPORATION, and press their rights onto US, the citizens.. Its is long time for the people to take the control back from the government. THEY work for us as TAX PAYERS and CITIZEN..

  42. Cop got mad because citizens have rights. HE got mad because she didn't have to STOP smoking, this guy, doesn't belong in public walking around with the rest of us. who's NEXT? he's a ticking time bomb…..COP OR NOT…..we will hear from him again…….

  43. I hope they tried the hanging theory’s. Like actually tested it out because watching the documentary and seeing the perfectly tied none stretched out plastic from her body weight just doesn’t add up. And how did they supposedly get her body down from that position? They didn’t cut it, it wasn’t stretched at the neck. The noose was to perfect! And that is a fact!!!!

  44. False flag people….Sandra is alive. Do I know this for fact? No.Casper needs to do radio and stay off the TV. She's homely as Schenk.

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