Should Condom Machines Be Installed In Prisons?

Should Condom Machines Be Installed In Prisons?

In the next five years California is planning
on providing condom machines in prisons now they’re doing this because whether they like
to believe it or not or whether you like to believe it or not sex happens in prisons all
the time and there is a huge issue with the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like
HIV and hepatitis C so as I mentioned within the next five years California must started
distributing in around 3 dozen state prisons and apparently California is not the only
state that does this in fact this specifically started in San Francisco which of course is
in California San Francisco started dispensing condoms to inmates in the eighties in a bid
to combat the AIDS epidemic at the time now there are more than a dozen dispensers in
the city’s jails which distribute around 2,000 condoms each month damn so they also do this
in New York and Washington D.C. and they’ve been doing it since the early 90’s with good
reason to do it I mean you know the rate of sexually transmitted infections and diseases
is higher among inmate in the general population now they’re could be a couple of different
for that guys who wind up in prison are usually not the most careful people in the world right
and so there are a couple of factors at play here and the reason they started doing it
in these big cities in the 90’s and even back in the 80’s is because they thought alright
we don’t want AIDS or different diseases running rampant in the prison population and whether
we think it’s wrong or not they’re clearly having sex in here they’re having sex and
of course in some cases it is consensual but I think a bigger issue that I think really
goes underreported and doesn’t have any solutions as far as I’m concerned so far as rape in
prison right I mean when you consider the number of men who get raped in prison and
the number of men who get raped in our military we have a high number of male rape in the
country right and it just doesn’t go addressed and I think part of the reason why is when
it comes to the military people are too embarrassed to talk about when it comes to our prisons
there’s this mentality of oh well they’re prisoners we don’t care about them they’re
throw-aways they deserve it you know there is that mentality yeah it’s a matter of priorities
you know I my whole life I’ve been confused as to why why why is it acceptable to have
rape in prison well if you go to prison obviously you’re going to get raped like why is that
obviously why are there ironically no laws in prison right and the reason is cause they
don’t care just like Ana said these are the throw-aways of society in their minds so they
think if you wind up in prison then sad day for you we’re going to let them do whatever
the hell they want to you yeah right and to me that’s always been insane insane so now
look my guess is the condoms aren’t going to work in the case of rape a guy raping you
isn’t that concerned about your well being right right so it’s not like oh shoot man
I forgot to get the condom from the condom dispenser before I raped you and by the way
the scale of the problem is enormous we’ve read articles that say that there are more
men raped in the country than women when you factor in prison rape yeah right that’s a
mind blowing stat right so but there are also there is also a lot of consensual sex in prison
that’s just a reality as well and they might use condom dispensers and also it depends
on the jurisdiction but there’s also conjugal visits some allow it some don’t allow it now
this would allow it all over California and to me it’s a no brainer like some people are
like oh the rules say they’re not supposed to have so why help them do it right but you’re
not helping them do it you’re helping them keep safe if they’re going to do it anyway
exactly exactly I think that this is a no brainer and in in cities where they’ve already
you know started this policy they have seen a decrease in the number of sexually transmitted
diseases so it is working and I think it’s common sense so it’s it�s good to kind of
put your own bias aside and go in the way of logic and by the way if you want to stop
sex in prison you don’t take away condoms you tell your guards hey don’t let them rape
one another anymore yeah boom problem solved I mean it won’t take care of the entire problem
but it’ll take care of a giant part of the problem cause obviously the guards don’t give
a fuck yeah I don’t know why it’s acceptable man it’s just it’s sick I mean we don’t we
we treat all prisoners as if they’re all violent offenders that have no point in being in society
ever again a lot of them are also non-violent offenders you know Robert Downey Jr. once
had that quote about his time in prison you remember of course he was addicted to drugs
went to prison for some time and he said I can never tell you what happened inside prison
cause it was bad I can’t even talk about it right and he said it in a way that was highly
indicative of something terrible happening right what the fuck man what the fuck I mean
maybe I relate to him more just cause he’s a celebrity and I know him through the movies
and stuff like that but if you don’t anybody going to prison how’s it fucking acceptable
to say oh OK Bob’s off to prison well good luck you’re going to get raped all the time
but also think about the number of people who get caught for possession let’s say they
are addicted to drugs like Robert Downey Jr. was right so you’re solution is to send them
to prison where they’re likely to get raped and that’s supposed to rehabilitate them how
that’s been our solution to it isn’t amazing alright as you can tell I’m dumbfounded by

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About the Author: Sam Caldwell


  1. I dont get it, TYT admitted this would never make sense due to a rapist not caring to put on a condom before he or she rapes someone. So why waste money on it?

  2. Yeah it's sick and twisted nobody deserves to be raped. And they are dreaming if they honestly believe that after those rapists get released from prison that they'll automatically be productive members of society.
    Nope they'll go and rape more people. In society.
    Oh and those victims? Especially the ones who were addicted to drugs that'll just give them another reason to lash out at society as a whole and authority figures.
    And I don't fucking blame them.

  3. To compare prison rape with a same sex COUPLE sets the LGBT community soo far back. That said, if installing these dispensers prevents the spread of even 1% of STIs its a win. Common sense would be better police training immediately, rehabbing nonviolent offenders, and dexter-ing alllll of the rapists. Hello

  4. My question is how u know rape or the threat of rape or threat of violance is not a huge reason why they have "consensual" sex so rather than solving that problem wich could be done u instead admit defeat and supply these rapists with condoms? This just rubs me the wrong way. It will for sure stem the spread of disease but u are essentially not solving the problem of the rape in the first place almost encouraging it. Fuck man get rid of the prison system all together.

  5. That will certainly make it easier to smuggle drugs- I MEAN HAVE SAFE SEX! Yeah, safety. Safe sex. That's what they're for.

  6. Oh, that's great. You can go to jail for rape and now you don't even have to worry about getting AIDs the next time you rape! Seriously, no condoms for rapists 

  7. Fixing a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself which is the P R I S O N industrial complex and its corruption.

  8. for starters it is NOT a matter of priorities rape is a crime and in prison no one is punished fact and seams even some prison officers are involved in some ways as let it happen while they are in that area. As pointed out a few and is a few too many are innocent of any real crimes as most are black and other races. Now the republicans talk hard against gays but think prisoners don't deserve protection or rights so they don't care. But when a person has been in there for a short time like a few top rich republicans because of their crimes, do you think they have not had gay sex? I bet they are now gay and deny it as gay rape ends up in being gay because Republicans and some churches think that is how it works. Also they think it is evil and people can be cued or stop being gay if have proper treatment. That is how stupid things are in those idiots minds, as the gayest people are the ones that are the most butch and in charge with power, this should make people wonder what the truth behind those leaders minds are they a hidden gay person? This is proven in some churches as priest ministers even in Jewish and Muslim religious leaders too have been very naughty in a gay way and caught out. Time to deal with rape in prisons or minimize it to the long term dangerous prisoners but rape is still wrong.

  9. Wonder what would happen if a raped inmate files a lawsuit naming the state and city officials, the Prison officials And the rapist(s)

  10. Here's a solution. Start allowing them to masturbate! This is more predominate in American Prison and Jail System. You allow rape but punish them if they are found masturbating…giving them a condom is just saying hey go ahead and rape each other but strap up…

  11. I'm not opposed to prisoners having sex if its consensual and the condoms are a good thing. But most the time sex in prison is due to prison rape. The way to end prison rape is that if you rape someone in prison, you get castrated. It's simple.

  12. To hell with the condoms, your in prison as a punishment, so make them wear modified chastity belts. That would end STD transmission & prison rape & make them want to never come back when released.

  13. I'm stunned they not available already. And shocked about the rape culture in the prisons. Isn't there a hormone to suppress sexual urges, would that help with the desire to rape? Or would it just be a power n control thing.

    But yes condoms are a good idea.

  14. Huh they should give them some lube too and organize orgys for them!?

    Are you fucking serious?? Fix the fucking system so you don't have to give the prisoners a "better" means of rape! This is insane and should of never gotten this far!

  15. Seriously what the fuck? This video, and a few others, aren't showing up on TYT's channel for me. I only know this video existed is because it showed up in the recommended video section on the YouTube homepage for me. Is TYT doing something differently for some of their videos now? Or has YouTube fucked up in some way? How many TYT videos have I missed?

  16. So lets get this straight……more people have contracted STD's in prison then there are gay individuals in prison. We can then assume that most of the individuals contracting STD's have been raped. So naturally, we should make it SAFER FOR THOSE COMMITTING RAPE by offering protection from STD's. I can't believe I live in this goddamned country where no one seems to give a crap about men getting raped in prison for NON-VIOLENT crime.

  17. They should put netflix in jail 2 stop them from being bored. Being bored in jail is a bigger issue.

  18. How can some people condemn countries where they cut off the hands of thieves, and then turn around and accept or tacitly support that thieves get raped in prison? No crime deserves to be punished with rape. None. Not even extremes like genocide.

  19. the inmates will figure out how to use the condoms for all sorts of crazzy things now lmao,  condom sling shots and daggers, choke wires, bolas, hanging rope, etc.

     also a way to swallow your drugs on a moments notice when they start a lock down search (just always keep ur stash tied in a condom ready to be swallowed)

  20. I'm not sure y at this point TYT are dumbfounded by institutions which defy logic… as long as there is money to be made sending people to prison… people will be sent to prison. .. i wonder who lobbied to get condoms in prison? Instead of addressing the root cause you just put a bandaid on it. Y? Money to be made using the bandaid…

  21. They are not there to enjoy life. If they wanted the right to have sex, they shouldn't have committed their crime. Nothing like giving a rapist a condom and permission.

  22. Putting condoms in prisons is a bit counter-intuitive. Sure, there's rape every so-often, but putting in condoms is going to INCREASE the sex rate in prisons by suggesting it's fine putting condoms there. It reduces risk in HIV and doesn't make prisoners think about getting filth on their privates.

    We need congenial visits. Let prisoners have their wives or girlfriends or whoever come in once every so often for inmates and let them relieve themselves.

  23. You want to stop rape in prison? How about isolating prisoners who have raped other prisoners PERMANENTLY in solitary confinement so that they cannot rape again? How about having single cell prisons and private showers? Oh wait that would cost too much money and be to humane.

  24. The only way prison rape would ever go away is if there were a massive mentality change in your country regarding crime. As long as this old testament crap ('an eye for an eye') remains the basis of your prison system, it will remain broken. In fact, it only seems to get worse over time.

  25. I'm actually surprised it took them this long to get it , condoms are a neccesity in the prisons and outside.Look Booty bandits are always on the prowl . Look rapists don't have to have sex , they want to humiliate their victim and we know if the victim of rape is male its all "crickets" .

  26. Because rapists first thought before they rape someone.  "I should put on a condom because I care about my health and life…" 

    It's no secret that most men would rather raw-dog it, what makes you think a prison rapist would believe otherwise?  Putting condom machines in prison facilities doesn't address the issue of forced sodomization in prison.

  27. its funny how you guys will cover stupid shit like this, but not the UVA student who falsly claimed rape. we see the agenda, young turks.


  29. Fkn rediculous…. prison was a cruel place back in the old ages. designed to punish the lawbreakers… now you can have sex you get 3 square meals a gym. All they need is wifi and you are living for free. GET REAL!

  30. It seems like a good idea and all…  But I hope that this isn't proposed as a solution for preventing the spread of STDs in prisons.  The prison system needs REAL reform not this half assed bullshit "yeah prison rapes are a problem, no biggie the rapists have condoms now"

  31. I see this the same way I see the places that give out clean hypodermic needles for drug addicts. Its illegal, its bad for them, I don't want them doing it, but their going to do it anyway. So let them do it safely.

  32. People who are messed up enough to rape are going to rape, whether condoms are provided or not. Providing condoms does not help the rapist, they help the victim.

  33. Condoms should definitely be allowed in not only prisons, but schools, bathrooms, and public places in general. First, because if a prisoner gets released when he has an STD and doesn't tell his partner, s/he then has it, and so on. Lastly, because people are gonna do the diddly. Why not be safe about it?

  34. Given that we're well into the 21st century there is no reason to not have complete and total control over prisoners and their movements. Ankle bracelets or some similar device can monitor them 24/7/365 and those should be accompanied by scores of high definition video cameras filmed every single tiny fraction of the prison. Gangs should not be allowed to control the yard or other areas of the prison. It's fucking ridiculous. It's laughable this this is still allowed to happen.

  35. Yes – absolutely!  Without a doubt!!  Actually, I am stunned this has not already been done in most of our prisons!

  36. The prison rapist might wear a condom if only so he doesn’t catch anything from his victim. Condoms are also good because some of the prisoners will finish their sentence and get out and then any diseases they acquired in prison are now out in the world with them.

  37. Umm no one would use the condoms. they're criminals, y would they care if they give some inmate a disease ?

  38. America is a very brutal culture, under a polished, somewhat civil surface. Rape in prison is accepted because of this core brutality, of which many Americans are very proud, especially American men, as they confuse brutality with masculinity.

  39. ahhaahaha america is one hilarious country. if i wouldn´t know better i´d say it´s a third world nation, maybe developing but no industrialized nation even comes close to the appauling, disgusting, corrupt, etc. society.


  40. stop letting the animals out of their cages, and it will cut down on the rape immensely. adding these machines is just going to make promote more sex. i dont get why the animals have so much time out of their cells to murder and rape other cons and guards. disgusting i think.

  41. There were something like 6 rapes during my 4 years of incarceration, this video seemed a little hysteric to me. oh and prison made me a better man in every way , can't fall in that throw away stereotype. Already enough discrimination for felons looking for work love you turks

  42. All the problems in the prison system stem from the fact that the prisoners are practically allowed to run the prisons. The reasoning behind this isn't that the prison staff wants them to, but when criminals are allowed enough freedom to make trouble, that's exactly what they'll do.

    So many criminals (especially gang members) see prison as just a part of life, and there has been a whole culture developed around prison. There should be no such thing as prison culture, prison should be a shameful place that destroys the strongest man who enters.

    Imagine this: Based on the crime committed, new arrivals to the prison are handled in appropriate way. New arrivals are sent to a high security area where they will be evaluated for several months before being allowed contact with other prisoners, and any contact with the outside will be strictly monitored. Violent/sexual offenders are castrated and given heavy sedatives, those with a history of escaping are to be bound at the wrists and ankles until their day of release, etc. After a period of time (2-6 months), if the prisoner is showing a genuine will to reform their life, they will be transferred to a separate sector that will focus on helping them complete a GED, build job skills, and stay off of drugs. Those who wish to continue life as a thug will be held in high security isolation indefinitely, and will not be released back into the public just because a period of time has elapsed.

  43. Hate to disagree, but there is legislation covering prison rape:

    Not saying it's effective, but as a point of clarification, someone in government does/did at least acknowledge it at one point. And not for nothing, but you can still get charged with new crimes while in prison. I work for my state's prison system, and used to work in a correctional facility, and when you say "the guards don't give a fuck," that's not really true. You can get rather severe disciplinary actions filed against you for sexual contact of any sort. Maybe it's different in other states, maybe it's more like Shawshank there, but there are quite a few rules regarding sexual contact in prisons here.

  44. Seems like a sound plan If this decreases the likelihood of HIV transmission thus decreasing the cost associated w/ treating convicts w/ HIV.

  45. Oh yeah, you'll allow rape, but only if it is SAFE rape…
    I swear this country needs to get a nuke dropped on it so it strengthens back the fuck up instead of being the cracked remains of something good.

  46. Bumming must be legalised in America. Such a disgusting country…….They might start having condom machines in farms, expecting to bum animals…….You call this freedom. Next……

  47. Cenk Uygur, I completely agree with your assessment.  The social acceptance of rape in prison is deplorable and shameful.  Your priorities are spot on.  Thank you for hosting the topic.

  48. the prison population in the US is literally at least 7 times as high  as that of ANY other Western nation. while all the other Western nations have virtually the same prison population. it's an extreme hocky-stick statistic. so, clearly, 6 out of 7 people in prison in the US are only in prison because of systematic problems with the American judicial system.

    combine that with the safely assumable fact that America alone has such huge prevalence of prison rape (it happens in all countries but is no where near that common) …

    then factor in how the poor, the black and men get far worse sentences for the same crimes as the rich, white or female…

    then add to that how America is the only country where prisons are a private industry, though they are also heavioly subsidized on top of that… and that they use these prisoners for slave-labour, literally.

    …but it's the greatest nation in the world, yeah?

  49. bout time politicians Gore brain and do that an ad education programs and job training programs help people getting jobs to the jobs coming out of prison Statewide and Nationwide

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