Sign up for Teatown Summer Camp 2019!

Sign up for Teatown Summer Camp 2019!

Teatown Camp is special because it allows
kids to be kids, be in the outdoors having the freedom of hiking, and exploring and everyday is a new adventure. A day can start with a hike to the pine forest, where they’re building forts, there’s games that they can play. They find frogs on one day, then the day is about
catching frogs. So while camp is structured, it’s fairly open to what makes the kids excited.>>What makes Teatown camp so special is, kids getting the change to be in nature and really
disconnecting from cell phones, computers, and just being in that moment and enjoying
nature and getting to discover the world around them that’s right in their backyard.>>A lot of campers start at 4 year olds and I will often see them over the years come back as
CITs and eventually counselors.>>I was a camper here first. All my counselors and CITs are, in, all the groups I’ve had so far have been, like, really kind and fun as well so I kind
of wanted to become part of that team and give back.>>It’s a lot of fun it’s like a really
different experience for me ’cause I’ve always been one of those kids who kind of sits inside
and just sees everyone else doing these things but I’ve never felt any courage or excitement
to go out and do it myself. It feels good to see them figuring out that there’s more
to life than just sitting inside and playing and watching TV all day.>>Essentially, Teatown
Camp brings the kids out of their shells. They, just, blossom into very confident young people.>>They come away with stories to tell their parents about what they’ve seen everyday.
They grow by making friends, by, having more empathy for animals and for the things that
surround them. And they make life long connections that will get them from here into their adulthood.>>Parents should enroll their kids in Teatown Summer Camp because it gives their kids an opportunity to really explore nature. They grow confidence, they become better people
for knowing what’s just outside

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