Simple Diamond Knot for Soft Shackle

Simple Diamond Knot for Soft Shackle

so here’s the easiest way to tie a
diamond knot for a soft shackle get enough working ends take the lower line through your fingers twist it into a loop then take the top line, pull a loop
up through and take the end round the back underneath the bottom line and then
through itself and what you’ve created here is a carrack bend and should look like a
nice sort of figure of eight with a diamond in the middle which forms core
of our diamond knot so the next is to take the tails and pass them around the opposite leg and up through the center of the knot starting with the red line
I’m gonna go around the back of the blue down and around the back and then up
through the central diamond of the carrick bend like so then we do the same with blue so you go
round down round the back of the red and then up through the center of the knot
parallel with the other tail it looks a bit of a mess but just pull it tight work the loose end through and you should end up with a really neat Diamond
knot which is perfect for use on a soft shackle

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