Smarttek Double Ensuite Shower Tent – Features

Smarttek Double Ensuite Shower Tent – Features

– Hey folks, I’m taking you
for a walkthrough today of the Smarttek Double Ensuite Shower
Tent set up behind me here. It’s got a change room
area and a shower area. It’s a really versatile way to set up an awesome camp shower. Let’s check it out. ♪ Hit it ♪ (upbeat music) I can show it to you guys in the Brownhill Creek Caravan Park in Adelaide’s leafy eastern suburbs just 15 minutes from the city. Not far to Adelaide Hills and
just across town to the beach. We’ve got some space to show you some products today, and
it’s been all about Smarttek. This is the Smarttek
Double Ensuite Shower Tent set up behind me here, and I want to take you for a bit of a walkthrough. We’ll start with the fabric it’s made of. Now, they’ve used the
same materials throughout. So this material and the fly
material is all a polyester. I’m not sure what denier it is, but it’s a good balance of
lightweight and durability. It’s silver coated which means you can’t see, it doesn’t create silhouettes
as much inside the tent which is not what you
want in a shower tent. There is mesh windows throughout. Now, I wouldn’t say
it’s a nice shear mesh, but it is a nice fine mesh, and the pole material is a combination of steel and fibreglass. This bottom section here is a steel tube, and then there’s a fibreglass section that collapses up inside of that that runs up to polypropylene or plastic knuckles
here, and there is also a fibreglass pole at the top there, and that all runs up to
a hub at the very top. Let me just pull this
aside for you to see, that creates the quick
collapse mechanism up there. Now coming around to the
side of the tent here, the only difference with
this end of the tent to the other end of the tent is that this end has got a little
shower inlet port here. So I’ve got my shower system here. This is my shower inlet hose that goes up to my shower hose inside the tent, so that just gives us
access for that inside. Looking around the tent,
there is another window. It’s got an internally
adjustable privacy screen, and that’s the same as the window we saw around the front of the tent, here. That’s pretty much all the
features on the outside. This fly is removable, we
don’t have to put it on. If I’ve got it on there, it gives us protection from a bit of rain. Back around to the front of the tent here. We’ll go through the one door. There’s only one external
door to the tent here, and we can roll this back if we like. There are tabs up underneath here that marry up with a loop
on the outside, here. We’ll loop that through there, and it keeps the door
up and out of the way, and there’s also one of
those at the bottom, here. While we’re at the bottom of the tent, I’ll just mention the floor material. It is a polyethylene or tarp, tarp material, so it is waterproof. The only difference between
this side and this side is this side has got a
mesh around the edge here which allows the water to flow out ’cause that’s the shower side of the tent. So stepping inside the tent here, now, it’s divided in two, we’ve
got the central door here, and this side here is kind of our change room side or the
dry side of the tent. In terms of floor space,
the two square sections, they’re about 115 cm by 115 cm each. Starting at the bottom
here with the features, on the far end here, we’ve got a couple little mesh storage pockets just for necessities at hand. As we work our way up the tent here, we get to sort of a towel rail. This can be removed, and
you don’t have to use it, but it just clips into
these little hooks here, allows us to hang your towel
or your clothes, whatever, up and off the ground or out of the wet. As you move up in the tent,
this is all mesh around here apart from this panel in the middle here, there’s mesh around the edges here, so if you are having a steamy shower, it allows the steam to escape
up and out of the tent. And in the very centre of the tent here, there is a small lantern
hook that you can use to provide a little light inside the tent if you’re showering in the dark. And now in the centre of this tent here, there is this door that allows us to separate the two
sections, probably ideal, I suppose if you’re having a shower, and you can keep all your
dry items on this side of the tent, you can now seal this side, the other side of the tent off where you’re having a shake
and get all that wet, everything stays dry in here. Let’s have a bit of a look in
the shower side of the tent ’cause there’s some cool
features in there as well. Now, stepping into this
room, the main difference between that one and this side is there’s windows here which
are internally adjustable. We can fold these down,
there’s no loop to, sort of, secure them, they just
hang down like this. So this allows a little bit of air flow through the tent, or allows it to dry out, I suppose, if it’s wet in here. People are gonna see in
if you’ve got ’em open. For start at the bottom now, there’s the floor I mentioned earlier with the mesh that runs
right around the edge, here, so the water can run off
and underneath the tent. To the side, two more
little mesh storage pockets. Now, this is all gonna get wet in here, so you wouldn’t wanna keep
your essentials in here. Just to the side of those
is the little access point that we saw from the outside where our shower hose runs up
the side of the tent, here, up to two Velcro attachment points where we can attach a shower
hose like I’ve done here. Next to that is a little accessory pocket. These are all mesh pockets here. Now this is removable, it attaches with little loops on the side, here, but it’s a good place to keep, I guess, all your
shampoos and conditioners and soaps and the likes handy. Now talk about the height inside the tent, now I’m 185 cm, so I’ve
got plenty of head room. We’ve got about 190,
probably 195 cm in here, so plenty of room to wash my
hair and have a good shower. The only thing is, this shower hose is, hard to have a high shower hose. This is pretty much my head height, so I’m not gonna be
able to stand underneath and wash my hair without some
squatting down underneath it. You might be able to lift
it up a little bit higher, but hey, it’s not too bad,
it’s in a pretty good position. I reckon this is a pretty
roomy en suite shower tent, and it’s certainly a lot better than a lot of the shower tents we’re seeing on the market where it’s really tight. You get in there, you
get washed, you get out. You can almost spend a bit of time in here and have a decent shower on your campsite. And that is all the features of the Smarttek Double Ensuite Shower Tent. I reckon it’s a great option
if you’re in a long-stay camp, and you can’t do without your
showers while you’re camping. This is gonna give you that little touch of luxury that you’re probably seeking. You can grab ’em online at If you got any questions, let us know down in the comments below. If you want more videos like
this, subscribe to our channel. We’ll send you all the latest
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