SNEAK In The BANDITS CAMP Steal The Map! Treasure Hunt Search For The Bandits Cash!

SNEAK In The BANDITS CAMP Steal The Map! Treasure Hunt Search For The Bandits Cash!

Previously on The Beach House When I was driving. I was noticing that somebody was kind of, it looked like somebody was following me. Somebody opened all the doors on the van. Oh hide! Hide! Get in there! Do you have the map? Did he take it from you? Oh, yeah, so I dropped his hat I guess ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘WHEN ADVENTURE CALLS’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫ Our last bandits video got over a hundred thousand views very quickly and so.. Much faster than we expected actually. So now it’s time to go and chase the bandits instead of running from them. We’re gonna try and find them. The last couple days. We haven’t noticed them following us No white trucks parked outside, nothing following us. Nothing strange happening. So I think that since they stole the treasure map, they’re kind of leaving us alone, which is great. But I think we need to get that treasure map back to that YouTube family so we can give it to them. Let’s take the hat that we found outside of our tent and see if maybe there’s anything. That it can help us be able to help find them. Maybe we take some DNA from the sweat on the brow. I Don’t know. Let’s look at it a little bit closer and see what we can find. Yeah, so we’ve got the Hat here They haven’t come back to this hat yet. No bandits have been looking for it. This is really cool. It is a really nice hat. It’s like beads and things on it But I have no idea. What if there’s any clues on that part. I don’t think there’s really anything that we can find from that. Is there anything maybe like tucked into it or I don’t know maybe. I don’t really know what to expect. So there’s a tag right here. Extra large. Oh extra large. What is that? Oh a piece of paper, maybe a dry cleaner or something. A receipt. It’s a receipt. That could be handy. Important campground. Pay camping fees. Valid for the days paid. Fill in date of departure 5-24 9:00 p.m. What day is it? What’s the date today? I have it on my watch, The 22nd. This is good to the 24th. Which means maybe they’re still there. They’re still camping there. I wonder where that where this campsite is. America Land and Leisure. Maybe it was at that campsite we went to. That’s possible. Do you think we should go check the same campsite that we stayed at? Some really Interesting clue. Maybe not the same camp sites at the same campground. Kind of look around for a white truck or a white SUV. Well we know that’s were they where because that’s where they got it from us. Right And then we left the day after. And now they haven’t haven’t done anything. If that’s that’s a huge clue that they might still be there. I think we definitely should go there and check. But I think first we need like some tools or something. To defend ourselves or something so that we can try and sneak and spy on them. I don’t think that’s gonna do anything, but I do think it might be helpful to get some binoculars and maybe walkie talkies so we can coordinate. Do we have any walkie talkies? No, we don’t have any walkie-talkies. But I do think we have some binoculars. I think grandpa has some binoculars. Okay, let’s leave Charlie here though. Yes with Grandma where it’s safe. I think he’ll be safe here since the house hasn’t been being watched. I think it’s safe here now. We’ll leave Charlie here with Grandma and Grandpa. That way we can take the car which is a lot less conspicuous than our big old van. Yeah. Maybe they won’t notice that it’s our car. Let’s go get the binoculars first. James go downstairs and get them from grandpa. We decided that we had to stop and get some food for everybody because we don’t know how long this might take. I’m gonna sit in the car with the kids. Michael’s gonna run in and see what he can find with a walkie talkie or whatever. I’m not worried about splitting up because we haven’t been followed. So I think we’re gonna be okay to split up. It’ll be totally fine. Okay, guys we’re getting walkie-talkies and I’m really excited I’m happy we’re doing this. Okay, which ones do you want? I? I get paw patrol. All right Here you go dude. Let’s go get him. We got the walkie-talkies. Let’s go see if we can find some bandits all right? We’re ready to go. All right. Hello? Hi, can you hear me? I think so. All right, sounds good Until you’ve been chased by bandits, You don’t know how scary it is. And there’s something that’s really liberating about knowing that you’re not being followed. Something really nice. I almost kind of am nervous that we’re gonna get back into that chasing thing again all the time. Okay, we are up back where we were camping the other night and we are seeing A campsite that we’re coming up on. What we’re looking for is a white truck Or a white SUV. Or a white vehicle. Motorcycles, anything but that’s what we’re looking for. Go slow. Just in case. Oh there’s one!! Hide the car! Look at that! That’s a white truck. There’s a white truck here. That means that we need to get out and explore. This is one of those campsites, so it could be here. Do you want to go and Check it out Or you want me to go or do you want to both go? What if we split up the kids and bring a couple of them. You guys have perfectly quiet. No talking Okay James goes with you I’ll take Corbin and Ellie. You guys can’t talk? But first let’s get the binoculars out and see if we can see anything before we leave. I think see some people out there. Yeah, where the binoculars? There down here. Everybody get your coats on. Ellie get your coat on it’s cold. Corbin Do you have a coat on? Shhhhhh. I think I see them from here. Oh yeah. That’s them for sure. I think he’s holding a map and one of them’s got cowboy boots on and the other one, He doesn’t have a hat. So maybe that’s the one that lost his hat. Do you guys want to see? You can see his cowboy boots and he’s definitely holding it. Well, it looks like a map in his hand Oh, yeah, these binoculars are good. See how he’s got that map. I think that’s the bandits and I think that’s the map you guys. We’re in the right place. That’s the truck We need to be so quiet. [whispers] Should we go over there? We’re going to. I want you to follow me, but you guys have to not say a word. Stay with mom. So do you want us to sneak around and try to distract while you try and grab the map? That’s a good idea. You guys sneak around. I think I see a spot that you guys can go around okay. [Whispers] Do you see them? [Whispers] Rebecca! [Whispers] There’s a walkway. If you go around those trees, there’s a walkway that goes around to the front i think. [Whispers] You’ll be able to sneak around. Get down! Both of you kneel down! [Whispers] We have to be quiet. Okay, looks like they’re gonna go around. [Whispers] Okay, I can see him. I can see him thru the bushes over there. Can you guys hear me? Yeah, we’re around the corner I can barely see you. Can you see me? Okay, so we are watching the bandits and we’re coming around to the streatham. Okay, just be really careful and we’ll see you guys soon. Hang on you’re almost there, okay He said careful, okay [Whispers] He doesn’t have a hat! That’s the guy. That’s gotta be the guy cause he doesn’t have a hat.. Go around the other side keep going all the way around Wow. we got really close to them. We’re okay now and they didn’t see us. So we’re gonna go around try and go all the way out and around in front. And then hopefully we can kind of be a Distraction so that Michael can sneak up and hopefully get the map. So they can’t see us right now we can’t see them either hopefully we can get around a little bit closer I think we’re almost there so they can kind of see us are they hear us or something and they leave their camp and I hope they leave that map there instead of Holding it and talking about it. It looks like we found the path Hopefully this leads around [Whispers] So mom is going around as a decoy. [Whispers] Do you know what a decoy is? [Whispers] No. [Whispers] Mom is going around to the other side of the camp to make some noise and distract the bandits. [Whispers] So the bandits will leave. So we’re waiting for the bandits to leave. Then when the bandits leave. [Whispers] We”ll go in and see if we can find the map. Yeah, this is almost around. Looks like a bonfire went on there. Might have seen us. You’re saying they’re almost there. [Whispers] What sound should we make? *(Stomps feet and whistles)* Guys I think the bandits see you. Oh no! Okay, they’re gone. Be quiet though. Let’s go! [Whispers] Quieter. Be really quiet you guys. [Whispers] Pages, I don’t hear it They’re coming! Get down low low low! [Whispers] They’re gone. We have to be so so so quiet. So don’t say anything okay. Okay. Let’s go [Whispers] They’re right there. Hey there Bill, see where they went? No Henry. I haven’t seen them. Still looking though. Alright. Keep your eyes peeled. Okay. Shh uh-huh. It’s the map! Corbin that’s the map Is this what I think it is? This is that YouTube family’s treasure you guys. Maybe we should put the map in there. Well, let’s see if there’s anything still in it. I remember this from their video. [Whispers] Guys, I cannot believe it! We found the treasure that was stolen by the bandits from that YouTube family, and we got the map back. I Think they’re coming back. Corbin you keep this. I’ll grab the treasure chest and then we need to get out of here. They could be back any second. I’m worried about James and Rebecca Okay. Still no sign of the bandits. I hope they didn’t catch mom. Careful guys be careful. I can’t believe we got it all back for that YouTube family. They are gonna be so excited to see that. Okay, let’s get the car on Let’s get ready to go guys. So you guys buckled? I See them! They’re following us! Guys I’m going as fast as I can. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. They’re right on our tail and I think they’re really mad that we stole that treasure. They are right on our tail aren’t they? Do you think would you go to that people’s house, that YouTube family’s house? We just need to shake these guys. I don’t want to bring them to that YouTube family. Once we get out of this canyon, I’m gonna see if I can shake them. The truck is still following us. Did you even get the map? Yeah, he just set down the map when he went to look after you He wasn’t thinking. I don’t know why but there was also that YouTube’s family treasure. What? Yeah The the bandits stole the treasure from that YouTube family. Like the treasure box? Like the box of treasure? The box that says explosives on it. That was full money. Whoa! That was in their camp and I grabbed it. So we have the map and we have that YouTube family’s treasure. No way! Yeah, so we’ve got the bandits cash. We’re gonna go, we gotta shake these bandits But then as soon as we do we can get both of those returned back to that YouTube family. Okay. Now all we need to do is get rid of these guys. Where are they? You seeing this? Are they still back there? They are there. Keep going! Keep going! Oh, we caught a green light. They’re probably gonna get stopped. They’re still following us. There’s actually more than one white truck back there now. Are there? Yes Get down James. They’re coming up really close! They’re coming fast too. They’re right on me. I’m going over the speed limit. I’m going as fast as I can. Guys. Maybe we should call the police I don’t think we should call the police. Why? Well, what do you think they would do if they got to us and we have an entire box full of cash! They might think that we stole it. They’re still so close to us. You know what it’s getting dark. I think that we need to try and find a place Let’s just go as fast as we can and pull in somewhere that’s kind of hidden. Yeah, these bushes if there’s like a road or something. It seems like they always find us It’s like no matter what we do like, let me think about it yesterday. We told someone we are camping in the mountains We completely lost them and somehow they found us You know how they got into our van. Maybe they put something in there that we don’t know about. Like a tracking device. Look around. Guys look around and see if you can see something. That might be reason why they’re tracking us Maybe there’s something inside the car that they put in here when they were watching our home. Becca you look around too. Look around up here. Okay, Becca, I think I might have found something this was in the driver side, I think this might be the tracking device. Have you seen this before? I think this is the computer chip that they’re using to track us. I don’t know how to turn it off. Maybe we should like throw it outside of the car. Throw it out the door and And then they’ll stop following us or stop being able to find us. I think this, I think this is the reason why they’ve been able to find us so easily. Okay, let’s get rid of it You’re getting a little bit further away We gonna like Try I think it’s getting dark outside. Maybe we need to just like Maybe we can drive with our lights off or park with our lights off Just ahead of them enough that we can like pull in somewhere turn off our lights really quick. Yeah, they’re getting further back there. I think there’s a spot up here Yeah There’s a spot right here. I’m gonna pull in right here. Back in and then they’re gonna not even see us here. It’s gonna be perfect. We’re just enough ahead of them and I don’t think they’re gonna see us past this fence. I’ll just hang out here and let him go by. Everybody duck! Everybody duck down! I think they’re coming around the corner right now. Get down! Yep. They’re coming It’s them. Duck down! They’re going really slow. They didn’t see us. Okay, I think we’re safe. Let’s get out of here as fast as we can. Lets wait….lets wait. Think they’re going away. I think we’re safe guys. All right now that we’re safe and they’re gone We’re going to go home as fast as we can so that they can’t follow. Now that they’re not following us I think it’s safe to go back home. I think so too. Yeah Let’s go home. We made it home safely. We got that YouTube family’s treasure Okay Yeah, it’s full of money So once this video hits 500,000 views, Then we’re gonna go and return the treasure chest and the map back to that YouTube family and make sure that they have Everything that they’ve lost from the bandits. That’s right. Let’s do it ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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