Sophie’s Terrifying Space Camp Adventure – Single Parents

Sophie’s Terrifying Space Camp Adventure – Single Parents

Do I deactivate
the atmospheric shield or not? If you deactivate
the shield, every last molecule
of oxygen escapes and the terra-forming colony
will die! If I don’t deactivate it,
you’ll incinerate on impact, sacrificing yourself,
your crew, and your priceless cargo
of frozen seeds. We gave those terra-formers
our word! They knew
what they were signing up for! If I just had
more time! 10 seconds to impact. There is no more time. This is your mission. What do you want
to do? [ Alarm continues ] ♪ ♪ What do you want
to do? ♪ I want
to call my dad! [ Explosion ] [ Alarm blaring ] Impact achieved. [ Sighs ] Simulated fatality rate —
100%. Simulated victims
are as follows — First Officer Adrita Anderson, Age 9,
Westlake Village, California; Chaplain Father Albert Andrews,
Age 10, Butte, Montana; Embedded Journalist
Amy Andrews, Age 8,
Hilton Head, South Carolina… Why couldn’t it
have been me? Why? Those people had families,
damn it! [ Somber music plays ] ♪ Hey, Soph, unstrap yourself
and get down here. We’re gonna be late
for “Cabaret” tryouts.
[ Excited chatter ]

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