Star Shelter – 2 Minute Review

Star Shelter – 2 Minute Review

Star Shelter is a solo space survival simulator your spaceship has undergone massive damage and you need to repair the ship, salvage supplies and avoid a multitude of dangers to stay alive And since you’re in space, everything is in zero gravity You propel yourself by grabbing onto surfaces and pushing or with your oxygen thrusters Oxygen and energy will be your two primary concerns Although there are many more things to stay on top of. You refill oxygen with blue canisters and energy with orange canisters Inject those into your suit for supply on the go or return to your main ship for transfer to your suit You repair your ship and salvage materials all with your magic finger. After you salvage things you’ll build up your inventory of raw materials You’ll need those raw materials to engineer new items that you’ll need or even expand your ship One of the things I enjoyed most was boarding nearby abandoned ships to see what I could salvage. Sometimes you’ll need to hack a keypad to gain entry and you’ll often find new dangers inside like gun turrets or radiation For long-term survival, you’ll need to grow plants to generate oxygen and food. All in all, I think it’s an impressive and addicting space survival game and if things get too intense, you can play in creative mode Which has no dangers and you can build anything you want You’ll get at least five hours of play to beat the game and the environments are randomly generated whenever you start a new game So there’s lots of replayability For the regular price of $15, it’s a great game. I recommend it. (In-game voice): Spaceship has been damaged – oxygen is leaking Well, that’s it for now, thanks so much for watching if you like what you see please subscribe. See ya!

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  1. Wow this review makes it look way more atmospheric than the trailer on the store page does, they should have played up that angle.

  2. How did i miss this? This game looks great now another game on my wish list. This is the main reason I subbed to you Ben.

  3. This game reminded me of Subnautica in space, and Ben you should ask Mike (Virtual Reality Oasis) about his magic finger! 😉

  4. I have had my eye on this one since I found out about it a few weeks ago. Definitely on the Christmas wish list 🙂

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