State lawmaker assaulted near homeless tents

State lawmaker assaulted near homeless tents

lawmaker who says two homeless teenagers assaulted him is trying to decide whether to press charges. State Representative Tom Brower has taken a controversial stance on the homeless in the past… KITV-4’s Andrew Pereira talked to him today and joins us with more… Andrew? Paula, Yunji… Brower says he holds no hard feelings against his assailants. He said he’s visited the same location three times in the past week. The cut over State Representative Tom Brower’s eye is noticeable. The scrapes and bandages on his hand … hard to hide. Brower says he doesn’t deserve any of this. He says he was just taking pictures of the tents at this Kakaako street corner near the backside of the Children’s Discovery Center. REP. TOM BROWER: “WITHIN A FEW SECOND A GUY ON A SKATEBOARD DELIBERATELY RAN INTO ME AND HE PUNCHED ME SEVERAL TIMES IN THE CHEST.” That’s when Brower says he took his camera back out and began videotaping. REP. TOM BROWER: “SOON AFTER I WAS PUNCHED AN KNOCKED DOWN AND PUNCHED A FEW TIMES BY SOMEONE ELSE. A SECOND PERSON WHO I DIDN’T SEE.” Two boys who are homeless, ages 14 and 17, admitted to KITV4 they assaulted Brower, but claim they were provoked by the state lawmaker. Tracy Martin is acting as the boys’ spokesperson. TRACY MARTIN: “I THINK THOSE TWO YOUNG BOYS JUST WANTED TO LET THE PUBLIC KNOW THAT IT’S HARD TO BE FRIENDLY WHEN WE’VE BEEN TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF; WHEN WE’RE AT THIS LOW POINT.” Brower’s camera was stolen, but on Tuesday an investigator with the state Attorney General’s Office visited the encampment to get it back. MARK WIESE: “I WANT THE CAMERA BECAUSE THAT’S PROPERTY, STOLEN PROPERTY. OK, I’M ASKING YOU TO GIVE ME THE PROPERTY.” Minutes later the camera was in the investigator’s hands, but Brower says all of the pictures and videos were deleted. When shown pictures of the two boys, Brower was unsure. REP. TOM BROWER: “THEY COULD BE. I ASSUME THIS IS THE SECOND PERSON.” Brower’s been over-the-top on the homeless issue before .. Famously taking a sledgehammer to shopping carts in 2013. This time… He says he was in the area after lawmakers received an email from the Children’s Discovery Center about a homeless encampment. There’s no indication the boys knew who he was. There ARE indications they’re sorry. TRACY MARTIN: “Q- AND ARE THEY APOLOGETIC? A- VERY, YOU KNOW.” REP. TOM BROWER: “WHAT I CAN SAY IN FAIRNESS IS THAT I DON’T WANT ANYTHING BAD TO HAPPEN TO THEM AND I DON’T WANT THEM TO FEEL BAD.” Brower has been an advocate for homeless safe zones and passed a resolution in 2010 requesting they be set up. The state Attorney General’s Office is handling the investigation for now. Yunji?

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  1. Ceeeelllaaàbbration time C'moN !!! I LOVE TO SEE THIS! I've been hoping someone would stomp that Dicks head since I 1st seen video's of him taking a sledge to other peoples property! Now if people will smash his car about 30 different times… They'll be dancing in the streets!

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