State’s elections, ethics agency to transition to partisan commissions

State’s elections, ethics agency to transition to partisan commissions

IT’S THE END OF AN ERA IN WISCONSIN POLITICS… WITH THE STATE’S ELECTIONS AND ETHICS AGENCY SET TO MAKE A BIG CHANGEOVER… POLITICAL REPORTER JESSICA ARP EXPLAINS WHAT WILL CHANGE. this is the last couple days this sign will say government accountability board, as the state transitions into two new commissions :47 2 SOTW1 44 nat this is the first time all six of you get together :30 3 VO/MINI-DISCW2 55 THE STATE’S ETHICS COMMISSION MET FOR THE FIRST TIME TUESDAY… SIX PARTISAN APPOINTEES THAT WILL NOW MAKE DECISIONS ON LOBBYING AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE. G-A-B AFTER A LAW PUSHED AND PASSED BY REPUBLICANS TO CHANGE THE STATE’S ELECTIONS AND ETHICS WATCHDOG. 3 SOTW3 45 one of the observations the department of administration made was we’re just changing the name on the door it looks like :53 but there is change in the sense that the legislature has much more control over this executive branch agency :01 4 VO/MINI-DISCW4 53 THE LEGISLATURE AND GOVERNOR APPOINTED THIS COMMISSION… AND THE SIX MEMBER ELECTIONS COMMISSION… OVER WHICH MIKE HAAS WILL SERVE AS ADMINISTRATOR. 4 SOTW5 45 i think the main thought we have in mind for the elections commission as a staff is that we want our customers and our partners not to notice any difference in the service they get on a daily basis :15 1 VO/MINI-DISCW6 55 THAT’S IN PART BECAUSE IT WILL BE NEARLY EXACTLY THE SAME OFFICE STAFF WORKING FOR THE COMMISSIONS… WORKING IN THE SAME PLACE. DIVIDING A BUDGET AND OFFICE RESOURCES… AND LIKELY WORKING WITH A DIFFERENT NAME ON THE WALL. THEY’RE RUNNING EVEN NOW FROM THE STATE LEVEL. THE AUGUST ELECTION. 1 SOTW7 45 there has not been a disruption in the election at all and i think that is due to the fact that we have had some transition time :40 2 VO/MINI-DISCW8 55 THE DECISION-MAKERS WILL CHANGE ON THE COMMISSIONS… BUT THE FORMER G-A-B STAFF SAYS THEY DON’T THINK THE PUBLIC WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE AT ALL… RAISING THE QUESTION OF WHY THE CHANGE WAS NECESSARY. 2 SOTW9 45 in my mind there wasnt a legitimate point, there was a point to change things and that was the legislature wanted more control over the watchdog agency :24 4 SOTW10 45 The last official day for the goverment accountability board will be thursday. In downtown madison jessica arp wisc news 3 :12 ERIC — DIRECTOR KEVIN KENNEDY WILL RETIRE FROM THE G-A-B TOMORROW… HE’S BEEN THE STATE’S CHIEF ELECTIONS OFFICIAL SINCE 1982.

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