Stop Saudi Money, Not Syrian Refugees

Stop Saudi Money, Not Syrian Refugees

Well Friday was awful. I have a lot of friends
in Paris, and it it was a pretty sickening thing to watch. But as I’ve mentioned before,
we don’t really do emotion here, So let’s focus on the solution. Islamic radicalism
in the Western world is actually a much easier nut to crack than we’ve been told. It’s
not about more war, or further brutalizing refugees, it’s about money from the Persian
Gulf, first and foremost. Judging from the reactions we’ve seen so
far, our governments are going to keep ignoring this. They want to do what they’ve already
been doing, just harder. The war in Syria is now likely to intensify. If this leads
to the end of the ISIS sideshow, I’m all for it, but those who claim they’re going
to fix the problem by wiping out one group of lunatics are just plain lying to you. No matter how badly our governments want it
to be true, ISIS and Al Queda are not powerful shadowy networks commanding attacks from the
shadows. They are brands that lone wolves or groups of losers affiliate themselves with.
Bombing Syria to stop attacks in France makes about as much sense as bombing a Men’s rights
convention to stop school shootings in the United States. It may make us feel better,
but it doesn’t accomplish anything. Once ISIS is gone, there will be some other group
that appeals to young Muslim losers. The problem isn’t the organization, it’s the mental
architecture built up in the heads of the attackers. The worst reaction to the Paris attacks comes
from those who are trying to blame Syrian refugees, the biggest victims of ISIS terrorists.
Beyond being vile and cowardly, these people are just plain wrong. Terrorists who attack
the West are almost always radicalized in the West. Europe has exported
thousands of terrorists to Syria. Syria might have exported one to Europe, but we’re not
sure about that yet. Which brings us back to that mental architecture. It takes a lot
more than just Islam to convince somebody to kill. What it takes is money. Usually Saudi
money. For the past 50 years, Saudi Arabia has been doing its best to drive all diversity
out of the practice of the Muslim faith. Islam really is a religion of peace. The Saudi Wahabi
interpretation is not. Gulf countries build mosques worldwide, which seems nice, but they
also train religious staff in medieval interpretations of scripture, and they fund tons of hateful
literature. The Independent has reported that Saudi Arabia pours over a billion dollars
a year into these activities in Britain alone. This half century of radicalization, largely
paid for by Western consumers of oil, is the true source of terror. Much has been made of Gulf country cooperation
on shutting down terror funding. But these 14 years of effort, have only focused on the
last little bit of radicalization, and very incompletely so. The rest of this mental architecture
of terrorism remains in place. Knowing this, Saudi Arabia’s offer to build 200 mosques
for Syrian refugees in Germany is absolutely terrifying. Any restriction on religion is
of course deeply problematic in Western culture. But if we can keep foreign money out of our
elections, we should be able to keep it out of our mosques. We need to start looking seriously
at what that would look like. We should have started 14 years ago. The best way to honor
the memory of 9/11 is to stop Saudi money, not Syrian refugees. Thanks for watching, please subscribe. And
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  1. Paris victims, 911 but absolutely nothing about the 200 plus innocent Russia civilians killed by ISIS plane bomb. I guess Russian victims just don't count.

  2. Another overlooked problematic with Saudi influence is its visa's policy for the pilgrimage to Mecca. Saudis blackmail a great deal of foreign Muslims with it. Many non-Saudi mosques and foreign muslim communities are obliged to comply with Saudi requirements to a certain extent if they wish their Faithful to fulfill all of the five obligations of Islam. That's another important reason why Wahhabism is so predominant nowadays.

  3. One thing i have to disagree with that Islam is not a religion of peace , it's a brutal medieval religion . However most muslims don't give a shit , and large sectors of Hadith and Quran are ignored . A good example Is slavery ; Islam is Totally fine with it , with clear segments about it , ask a muslim today he tell you that's Islam is against slavery , because they even read apologetic bullshit or simply do not know that . I think they are similar segments in the bible You will get a similar reaction from a more secular muslim . Islam is not a religion of peace it's just most muslims are peaceful people and simple people who just do their prayers and know few parts of Quran and are too busy with their lives to give a shit , of course until someone bomb them

  4. jeez, islam is not a rellgion of peace, no rellgion is, but indeed saudi arabia is kind of the architect of all the worst things of islam today.

    I just want to point out, that most of the refugies arent even syrian, most of those people are young men from other countrys just claiming to be syrian.

    sad year for all of Europe, merkel is a naive traitor of her own people and europe, paris is tragic, EU is undemocratic and becoming more like the USSR, syria is on fire, and the exodus to the west is ongoing, sigh and it's only going to get worse.

  5. Saudi Royal family don't stand for Islam, they don't stand for Sunni,
    they don't stand for peace. They are greedy, corrupted, murderer and
    Israel best friends. We Sunni in Asia don't approved the Saudi Gov.
    Saudi Arabia Royal Family is not Islam but devil. Saudi Royal Family
    mislead Sunni Muslim around the world. I am speaking from Islamic and
    humanity stand point. Shame on you Saudi royal family!!!

  6. The book of islam teaches hate and death for all muslims regardless of affiliation.
    You could stop all Saudi money and islam would continue to push people to kill.

    It's what the book says that makes 20% 300 million want to murder,rape, and concur, not one countries interpretation.

    Have you read the quaran? REALLY?

    Do you know about abrogation?

    I believe you have muslims around you feeding you this BS that it' the Saudis corrupting islam.

    If you read the quran and are not TOTALLY disgusted then you are a muslim. Congratulations. little loud but the truth… attention to words spoken if christian

    check out the pretty pictures if your a muslim.

  7. R u a fucking idiot who has not even read a bad translation of the Koran. Another loser who never reads a Hadith, history of al tabari or just anything to ground you in the actual Koran based religion of these Islamic terrorists. Al bagdadhi has a PhD in Islamic studies moron. He calls his state Islamic state. Even his name has value to those who know Abu bakhr was in history. What a ignorant loser you are. Get educated moron.

  8. wasnt 911 terorist purpetraiters saudis ?? yes they were. so saudi is the suporter & creator off terorists…barbaric saudi rejim is the head of the snake,should be cut off

  9. "Islam really is a religion of peace"

    Having read the Quran, I got the impression that love and peace, at best, are optional in this religion.
    Islam's holy book dehumanises unbelievers at almost every page; the fact that a small part of muslems want to everyone they consider an 'infidel' should not be surprising.

  10. 💚

  11. Do you know that Saudi King wasted 100$ Million dollars in a single month in his vacation in Morocco right after he announced austerity in the country?

  12. There is only one interpretation of islam . The word " wahbaism " makes no sense and was coined by the west to promote the idea that there a multiple versions of islam. No claims the title " wahabi" for himself

  13. Jews behind this all sh.. U should ask them. They have big plans. First thing they settle promise land and rules the world. and many hidden plans. You better watch out.

  14. The WHORES in Washington want to please the Israel Lobby and the Military Industrial Complex by sending our tax dollars to rogue regimes like Israel and Saudi Arabia so they can purchase military hardware and kill people.

  15. People who blown themselves is not true muslim. They should read more in the quran. Sadly they've got an influenced by the western societies(hollywood things).

  16. Find out more jews rothschild family especially his 5 sons. Amschel, Solomon, Nathan, Carl, Jacob. Their legacies all around the world

  17. In Tanzania, where the peaceful Omani direction of Islam is dominant (40% Muslim), Saudi sponsored mosques are now popping up everywhere.

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