Sumo Pizza Delivery + Real Life Kid Cops Jail Video Funny YouTube Kids

Sumo Pizza Delivery + Real Life Kid Cops Jail Video Funny YouTube Kids

Hello. Little Heroes Pizza Delivery. Hi. I’d like a cheese pizza please. No Audio Hi there! Did you order a cheese pizza? Yes. Let me go get it for you. Wait a minute. Why is the box open? Half of it’s missing. Well I guess I better go get her another one. Sorry miss. The pizza is half gone. I’m just going to have to get you another one. Oh. That’s ok. Will you be back soon once you get it? Yup. No Audio I got your new pizza. How much do I owe you? Hmm. That will be 19 bucks. Ok Here you go. Thank you. Hey wait a minute! It’s not here. It’s gone. Where did it go? I’m sorry miss but the pizza…its gone WHAT?!? I know. Is this your first day on the job or something? No miss! It’s just…the pizza disappeared. What? I bet someone took it. Yeah! Let’s call The Little Heroes police! Ok let’s go. Dispatch to 38. Roger We have a report someone has stolen pizza from the Little Heroes Pizza delivery while they were out. Oh no. Me and Officer Smalls will go catch him. Come on officer smalls! Lets go No audio Officer Smalls! It looks like you beat me here. Dispatch said this was the place the pizza disappeared from. Let’s look for evidence! No audio Look! Crumbs! We must be getting closer. No audio Hey Officer Smalls…look there’s a guy…let’s go see if he’s seen anything. Hey sir. Have you seen any missing pizza? I’m not missing any pizza. No. I mean like have you seen anybody who STOLE pizza? Nope. Well there were people delivering pizza and it went missing. I haven’t missed any pizza. Igotta go bye! No audio That guy seemed a little strange…well I guess we’ll just have to keep looking. No audio Wait a minute! That guy IS eating pizza! BUT he said he didn’t know anything about pizza! Let’s go talk to him! Hey Sumo! STOP right there! No Audio Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (trips and falls) I got you! Is this the guy who stole my pizza? Yup! It is! We’re gonna take him to jail! Great! No Audio

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