Superman delivers Lex Luthor to prison | Superman (3 Hour TV Version)

Superman delivers Lex Luthor to prison | Superman (3 Hour TV Version)

You could at least send for a tow truck! Oh. Golly, Miss Lane, it’s too bad
Mr. Kent didn’t see all this. Yeah, poor Clark. He’s never around when S– Clark– Wait a minute. – Wait a minute.
– What? Lois Lane, that is the silliest idea ever. Let me tell you something, Miss Lane,
I think he really cares about you. – Clark? Of course he does.
– No, not Clark. Oh, well, Superman cares
about everybody, Jimmy. But, who knows, someday,
maybe, if he’s lucky…. – Miss Lane?
– Hm? [SHUTTER CLICKS] Jimmy, my hair! Now. Ooh, nice. Nice, nice. Front page,Daily Planet? Oh, gosh. I didn’t have any film. LEX:
♪ You must have been a beautiful baby ♪ ♪ You must have been a wonderful child ♪ ♪ When you were only starting
To go to kindergarten ♪ ♪ I’ll bet you drove the little boys wild ♪ [CREATURE GROWLS] ♪ And when it came to winning blue ribbons
Bet you showed the other kids how ♪ ♪ I can see the judges’ eyes
As they handed you the prize ♪ ♪ I bet you made the cutest bow ♪ ♪ Oh, you must’ve been a beautiful baby
‘Cause baby…. ♪ But Lex, you can’t do this to me. Why, Lex, why? Because I love you, Miss Teschmacher. Miss Teschmacher…. [SCREAMS] [RUMBLING] [CREATURES GROWL AND SNARL] By the way Miss Teschmacher,
your mother sends her love. [ALARM WAILS] LEX:
You’re messing up my suit. You big lummox, you. Come on, stop it, will you. Otis, it’s your fault.
Watch the ground! Good evening, warden. These two men should be safe here… – …until they can get a fair trial.
– Who is it? Lex Luthor! – The greatest criminal mind of our time!
OTIS: Of our time! – I hereby serve notice…
– Notice. – …that these walls–
– These walls here…. Will you shut up, please. Alright, take them away, boys. – You nitwit. Nincompoop!
OTIS: Guard, guard…. This country is safe again, Superman,
thanks to you. No, sir. Don’t thank me, warden. We’re all part of the same team. Night.

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  1. The reason Christopher Reeve will never be matched as the representation of Superman was not because he was great in the cape but great in the glasses. He added a level of humility to the role which really made the character and the movie so great.

  2. Tengo el DVD original con "escenas eliminadas", INCLUÍDAS directamente en el filme, pero esta parte con Luthor cantando al piano y SUPERMAN rescatando a srta Teschmacher NO ESTÁ!!! Dónde salió esto?

  3. Being a good old fashioned black and white hero never went out of style, it was just made fun so much that people stopped believing…but I still believe a man can fly.

  4. I don't trust her he never should've saved her from the fall like she try to save him why did she save him? I thought she wanted superman dead and then she tells him please don't let anything happen to my mother she doesn't have a mother she lied about that she made it up just to trick him or set him up.

  5. Kal El owed Miss Tessmacher one. She saved him from drowning when he had the kryptonite chain around his neck and he saver her from being eaten by Jackals

  6. When Luthor was first introduced, he had a full head of red hair. An editorial error regarding a bald henchman being confused with Lex led to the character's being forever smoothheaded.

  7. I pity Otis. I really do. The man didn't have enough courage to stand up to Luthor the way Miss Teschmacher did. In Superman II, he didn't see that Luthor made Otis look like a big FOOL.

  8. The idea of a cinematic universe where “Superman” is JUST ONE of many “other heroes” is absurd. “Superman” is unique and must remain so … same for other heroes such as Batman. Christian Bale Batman was unique and certainly the best representation and that Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy was by far the best. But putting “Batman” and “Superman” in the same universes is absurd it doesn’t work. Let these heroes be alone. Putting all these “false gods” in a cinematic universe ALL TOGETHER has the same effect as creating a false religion a la MCU … Superman is Christopher Reeve and Batman is Christian Bale

  9. This ending scene could be the best ending to any superhero movie that has come out. When the superman theme plays it hits u really hard cause it has a hopefully meaning to it

  10. I remember, years ago, telling people about this scene (saving Miss Teschmacher) and being told that it never happened. It's nice to finally see it again, after so many years, and realize that I'm not nuts, after all…LOL

  11. I remember, years ago, telling people about this scene (saving Miss Teschmacher) and being told that it never happened. It's nice to finally see it again, after so many years, and realize that I'm not nuts, after all…LOL

  12. I remember as a kid when the music played I'd look at her and say " mum I'm Superman", and I'd lift my right arm up and run around the room. 😭 I'm 43 now and my wife thinks I'm Superman . Xx

  13. I like the warden at the end of the scene, he could have just lingered, watching Superman, I mean it’s not everyday you see a man fly! But nope he takes off saying to himself I have to process these two criminals! After all me and Superman our on the same team!😃👍🏼

  14. To me Christopher Reeves will always be Superman but the flying in these movies are better than they are in today's movies

  15. When I became a a police officer, the first thing I said to an Undercover agent who thanked me was "Oh no agent, don't thank me. We're all on the same team. Goodnight". I had a good chuckle to myself afterwards.

  16. While I liked Supes saving Miss Tessmacher from Luthor's babies, in made sense why it was cut. After attempting to kill her, there's no way she would've helped Lex escape; in Superman II. For those wondering what Luthor's babies were, a leaked original script said, they were a combined tank full of gators, electric eels and sewer rats. But, they couldn't do the special effects for them. So, the "below pit" was left to audience imagination.

  17. I love the theatrical version of this movie, but I found the 3 hour tv version hard to watch. I understand why 37 minutes of it had to go.

  18. I think Supes would have seconded thoughts of bringing people to prison these days with people getting suicided and all.

  19. Chris Reeve and Gene Hackman . .
    They kept the stupid low key
    and really made this superhero bullshit funny, believable and hillarious at the same time.

  20. The grandaddy of ALL superhero movies 1978 sfx in those days were not great but they still managed to pull off the flying sequences of course a films only as good as its director & cast & what an outstanding one it was i could go on but ive said it at the beginning of this rant brilliant even got an oscar

  21. Rest in peace Chris you where the greatest superman ,and a big part my childhood in the 80s, those last lines in movie say it all.😎👍👍🍻

  22. And then Lex Luthor would have been immediately let out due to the fact that Superman clearly doesn't know what due-process is. lol

  23. People complain about Eisenberg having hair (even tho he's based on early comics and it makes sense) but this dude be looking like Willy Wonka

  24. I don't blame the last part of Lex Luthor's underground lair scene being cut.  It doesn't make sense why Lex and Otis would still be there after Lex's California plan went bust big-time.

  25. Is there a way to be safe in all conditions? Is there anyone to help?
    Is there a film character who tells us how ?
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  26. and smile! c. reeve, not gonna get into the whole who is better what is better, they've all been good, routh to cavil, but reeve was a true superman, living life to the fullest he could paralyzed neck down. that man had everything to die for, but chose to live.

  27. We've had some legitimately good Superman performances since then (Dean Cain, Brandon Routh, Tim Daly, Tom Welling, and yes, even Henry Cavill), but even four decades later, somehow no one still quite measures up

  28. This ending gives me chills every single time I watch it. Christopher Reeve's note perfect performance and John Williams majestic score are simply amazing. Every single superhero movie owes a debt of gratitude to this movie and it's director, Richard Donner.

  29. I don't think I've ever seen that sequence where Superman saves Miss Teschmacher. Of course, she still helps Lex escape jail in Superman II….

  30. 2:44 at first when I first watched this whole movie, I really believed that Lex did had hair. Now seeing this…well…I just cracked up just seeing him take off his wig in a very funny way.

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