Taken Hostage While Rock Climbing | Nat Geo Live

Taken Hostage While Rock Climbing | Nat Geo Live

( intro music ) About a week
into our expedition a rebel group from the
Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan moved through the valley and they saw us 1,000 feet
up on this big wall and they saw this as
this opportunity. And so, we awoke one morning to bullets flying
around our portaledges. The message was quite clear. We had to come down or we would get shot. So, we spent a couple hours
rappelling to the ground. And when we got to the
ground, we were greeted with these very scary-looking
guys, with big guns and army fatigues and
large beards and… We were taken hostage. And, few hours after we were
actually taken as hostages the Kyrgyz Military
moved into the valley and this incredible battle
erupted all around us. We watched in horror as a Kyrgyz shoul– soldier was
shot point blank in the head. And we were forced to lie on
his body for like four hours as this crazy battle
raged around us. Heavy machine gun fire, mortars
were shot over our heads. And then for the next
six days we hid. During the day we would bury
ourselves in holes in the ground cover ourselves up with brush
and lay completely still. At night we would sneak from
one location to the next. On the sixth night of captivity something clicked inside of me like, this real
survival instinct kicked in. I suddenly felt as though
I’d be able to sprint uphill without my heart rate
even rising. So, a plan was hatched
for the head captor to try and like head back to our
basecamp and get some food. And then we were told to climb
up this steep mountainside with our one remaining captor. And so we started climbing we were climbers, very
comfortable on this terrain our captor was not comfortable. And I started to think if we
didn’t get out of here soon like, we might not last
very much longer. And so,
when we were probably a couple thousand feet
up this mountainside in a super exposed section
of the climb… I decided that I had to take
matters into my own hands. So, I scrambled up behind
this one remaining captor and I grabbed the gun strap for the gun that was
strapped over his shoulder and I yanked backwards
on it as hard as I could and I watched him fall 50 feet,
hit a sloping ramp and then off into the blackness.

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  1. what in the flying fuck are you doing rock climbing over there anyways… especially when we got plenty of shit to climb in America

    good to see your still alive, but Damn y'all white ppl are crazy

  2. muslims dident do that they are tricking the whole world the people that took that guy is not muslim and isis is not muslim they are tricking people

  3. muslims dident do that they are tricking the whole world the people that took that guy is not muslim and isis is not muslim they are tricking people

  4. Oh my lord's sake!
    The Earth needs more of these true survivors!
    Armies having war! Looks like they were sick, give freedom to innocents!

  5. Should have gone to the Appalachians instead. Only mutants there. In all seriousness though your deeds were very brave but why the hell would you go there to begin with…..

  6. Bad plan on the part of the terrorists. Rock climbers are fearless. They routinely face the imminent threat of death, plus, they're all in ridiculous shape; strong.

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