Talkin' Cowboys: Questions Before Camp? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Talkin' Cowboys: Questions Before Camp? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

the following is a production of Dallas Cowboys calm and the Dallas Cowboys Football Club this is he's talkin Cowboys training live from the Dallas Cowboys world headquarters at the star in Frisco [Applause] here are Mickey Spagnola Brian promise Rob Phillips and Bill Jones what's up Cowboys nation welcome into talkin Cowboys the finals talkin Cowboys of the offseason the next time you guys join us will be a training camp in Oxnard California late July so things are winding up here for the offseason program three-day mini camp here at the star starting up today Tuesday through Thursday and then the players are off and we are kind of off as a group definitely as a show after this week wraps up Robb Phillips hosting for Bill Jones he'll probably join us here pretty soon temporarily yeah temporarily I'll get out he'll kick me out of the chair soon Micky Spagnola Brian brought us kent garrison producing next door good morning gentlemen traffic he got stuck in traffic it's a long way from south wake well there's a lot of land mines along the way construction well I heard this how about this one for a good one this morning on i-35 coming south Oh through Denton okay it was a 30-minute back up because of rocks on the road sure so what he said some truck just dumped the rocks that they were going gobble and landscaping with I don't know what do you think Brian Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys time there's a lot of red lights out too there are there are Mick all right let's roll you have electricity I'm good I'm good Cowboys good good are you trying to derail the show or try to let people know why Bill's not here he's fine he's fine he'll be here in a minute but I don't know if we'll talk football by the time he gets here let's get to it all right final minicamp we've seen nine OTAs we've seen three we've seen three they've had nine OTAs over three weeks yeah three per week what's your biggest takeaway from what they've accomplished so far and knowing that they're not in pads and knowing that there's still an installation and all that stuff what have you seen that you like maybe something that you still need to see when you get to Oxnard I think I'll stick with my answer that I've had for the last two weeks and I think they've improved their team speed and I think it's pretty obvious offense defense guys that can do things on special teams and I think that's a step in there in the right direction so from an overall standpoint not having seen anything but a helmet on nobody's been tackled or blocked to the ground or anything I think that's the one thing that stood out to me as Sanjay loss ed told us last week this is one of the wide receivers coach one of the toughest competitions he's seen he's been in the league twelve years mostly as a receivers coach and he said quote there is speed all over the place and not only not just the wide receiver look at running back look how well the tight ends run look at some of the new guys they added on defense the the carry hiders and guys that can move and even you know what they did with the defensive backs the guys they've added you know Donovan Donovan Wilson's safety but he runs like a corner to me so yeah I think the team speed overall if once you can continue to run that fast when you're getting hit or you're supposed to hit then I think that's the that's a great improvement they've gone from receiver by committee to be one of the greatest groups he's ever coached yeah how about that how far off they were yeah I mean that's it is that it shows you the addition that you know with with what they've done with like Mickey's talking about with Cooper during the season Randall Cobb Randall Cobb to me looks like he's been with dak Prescott for three years now the way they're kind of connected I noticed the ball with him going down the field you know it's it's some underneath stuff but it's down the field throws to Randall Cobb he has that ability to get down the field and you can see him down the few can see him down the field III that's that's been the most impressive thing that I've noticed I think the thing that takeaway that I have I think they're I think they have be nervous and this is I don't mean to be wet blanket guy but just my observation as as a former personnel man I would be nervous about this I would be nervous about all the depth and competition that I've created but I'm not sure about my backup quarterbacks I haven't seen one of them really take the bull by the horns and I'm and that's where I think when we get to Oxnard and every day and practices and meetings and games that we will see hopefully that one of these guys emerges I I think backup quarterback is a very underrated part of your team but just think about again this organization has been very fortunate the last several last three years to play with a indestructible quarterback he plays a game a physical style he gets hit he runs around he delivers blows themselves he's tough inside the 5-yard line running but I think that's one of those spots that can derail your team quickly more quickly than anything and I think that that if there was a concern that I have going in is who is going to be my backup quarterback because I don't want this to be something where I've planned and done all these wonderful things to get this roster in a good shape but then not be able to have somebody and is it one of these guys or is it we're gonna have to spend some money on a veteran guy to be a caretaker as they progress through this season your points well-taken because excuse me can they with their numbers and with the debt they have across the roster keep three quarterbacks and if they only keep two you know they kept two in the past going back a decade or so when Romo was the quarterback they had dad one backup right correct me if I'm wrong and it was kitna they were veteran guys that they were they were comfortable with it had done it in the league kit in the Kyle Orton Brandon Weeden and so would you be comfortable going with just one young guy behind dak and I Mick I kind of look at it a little bit like the running back all this talk we had leading up to the draft you know what happens if something happens does equal Zeke never misses a snap but what if something does yeah you got don't you have to look at the same do the same prism is DAC even though he's never missed the snap dude injury yeah I don't think the problem is you've can you boxed yourself into a corner at this point I mean what's out there I and and now having said that there's gonna be more out there at some point with the quarterbacks that were drafted so its teams are gonna cut somebody that Connor cook got let go yesterday I think that's a and I know yeah that's a guy together that's a guy that they liked it and actually if you look at their draft board they had Connor cook above dak Prescott on their drab all they were trying to get them and right there's a list of a small list of guys leading up to the fourth round there'll be some other guys get cut along the way but again you know XFL nexif I love that song Mill Kent that used to excuse me yeah you know the thing about though to your point Robert I think that when you look at running back it's an easier position to plug in and player and play sure I think that you know the the the James Connors of the world and people like that that have stepped in and played for a big time right is it the same I'm not gonna sit her and blow smoke up your rear and act like it is that's not that's not what I'm trying to do here I just think that you're better equipped to you know I feel like that yeah ok let's let's see Pollard let's see where let's see Jackson's been the guy all the practices that we've watched you know Jackson has been kind of a forgotten guy and if you talk to Jackson in the locker room which everybody in this room has he'll tell you he goes hey is the best I felt mmm-hmm so is it is it the most ideal situation can you can you get by with having receivers and dak and a backup running back I think you might be better equipped to handle that then you are having to play with a backup quarterback that you really don't know I have more questions this is crazy I have more questions about the quarterback than I do the running back just because I think I think you could plug and play well yeah and there's also opportunity to play another back you can spell right in the offense you can't sit dak Prescott down and and to your point right how many Pro Bowl running backs this year were third fourth round or later I think Phillip Lindsey was undrafted I mean absolutely I'm fine guys in the day three it's not perfect it's not perfect but it's the one position where you feel like you can play a guy that has no experience and and make it work you know if you have the offensive line if you have the receivers if you have the quarterback to be able to move the team the way that dak Prescott can so do you want to see what these guys do now do you want to bring in somebody right away start training camp I'm willing to I'm willing and I'm not going to say roll the dice because it's not a dice roll it's just a straight evaluation I'm gonna say okay I'm gonna look at this I'm gonna look at three you know they're gonna have plenty of games to play the preseason games I got four of them yep it's got some good competition they're gonna play you know the San Francisco defense will be better playing the Rams you know the Rams always give their defense their rosters better so you will see these guys compete against good defenses and evaluate and it'd be able to evaluate from there and I'm okay with I'm okay with the Mekons you know you know or that type of player but three honestly again Kaepernick is a whole nother thing but I'm just saying that to me I'm willing to give Mike white and Cooper rush an opportunity in workouts to to prove to me that they can be the number two guy and and and be if something were to happen that I feel good enough like okay this is who we're gonna go play with and this is how we're gonna win games and have that plan because the last time we went through this mm-hmm and they brought somebody in right midstream right I don't want to hear the BS about well he wasn't here he doesn't know the system who was the guy who was the guy that they brought in midstream oh why you staring at me I was trying I was trying to buy myself some time to think of his name the guy they brought in from New England cow cat Castle yeah train warm that for a night or two that's a euphemism for it the guy sucks that you know he is not wrong about that you laugh I know but max the delivery was great no no no no but he's not wrong I mean I don't want to hear that you know I don't want to hear well yeah is he playing let me ask you though Mickey if and I mean this in all sincerity I'm not trying to but do you feel like they need to bring a guy do you feel like they need a well McCown now even well what cuz if you say you're gonna bring the count in that just tells me that you don't think that Cooper rush or Mike white can play I think I think at this point since you've wrote this train this far yeah you got to kind of see it through a little bit mature sure and then if it's a veteran guy you know if you got the right guy and obviously you're not bringing in Nick Foles right but you would hope yeah yeah he should be able to adapt if he can still play right if he can play better than these young guys then he should be able to were there some questions of Nick Foles could play remember that week 17 game against Dallas good luck Joe yeah it was it was didn't Petersen say sure get ready yeah you know once they get to the playoffs and if they were to make a move for a veteran quarterback backup and let's also remember when he got to the playoffs that first game no game and score 15 points yeah it took a goal-line stop basically to get him it's got one touchdown because he recovered a botched fumble at the one-yard line yeah loses an aside but they to me it was coaching I mean they they made him comfortable they they implemented some zone read stuff and it got him rolling a little bit Rams did a great job with their guy that guy looked like if he was one more year for that guy he might not golf might not but but yeah make his points well I I just kind of I don't I don't want to be the wet blanket guy but now there's so many there's so many good positive things about this roster they in so many nice little battles and and things that you can you could focus on and if if the football gods smile on them through training camp and go through without serious problems then you know it will be it'll be fun to see but if you if you ask me what's my biggest concern just a valuation going in that would be the position that I would worry about the most well to Mickey's point they did try Castle they tried Sanchez so still out there but it didn't did yeah leave him out day two it didn't work and so and it worked with DAC and so they're trying to use this philosophy of developed behind him they got to see if it works as of three weeks ago they said what we heard basically was these guys need to work DAC needs reps right let's just let them we don't need a fourth guy right now right well the gods have just smiled on us to showers back to quarterback I put in the mailbag last week that I always thought he had a little something there would you would you in 2016 we had even head of Prescott going into training camp see that's what I'm saying with you know if you were don't demean yourself but you know but but showers make he made some policemen making a couple players here and there you have said he spent you know he's been on the same plan as the injured guys as those veteran guys where he practices two times and sits out one told me he should be good to go for day one a camp that's the goal seat now full go he has to feel like that you know what he's out of practice squad availability how long can you stay on the press he done he's done he's he's like he's a redshirt senior and he's wait what road is paper prudent what if you graduate transfer he's not in the transfer portal either but you know yeah he can't but if you needed a fourth quarter back at camp that'd be hard to jerk him around like that wasn't it and send him back you know having Kellen Moore is your and Jon Kitna the fourth and fifth quarterbacks but and think about if you think about here there's four thousand six right there that's a tough transition back to QB though don't you think well he's the fourth guy yeah I mean he again he's out of he's out of his you know what to do him a favor to said maybe he can get on with another team or maybe make this thing you just let him hear we're having Jamil showers Garrett we're in Cowboys your intro if that's your Savior that's all no no I was just saying the about a guy that's that yeah if you if you're honestly looking for a guy if you said okay instead of bringing somebody in you know and you and you want the other two to get all the reps that's that's that's what I'm talking about I'm gonna give you the reigns bill but we were discussing no you can you can keep now did you have a flat tire I know I had traffic issues I mean it was a stalemate on 121 north this morning a stalemate oh it was a parking lot there yep at Carrollton Parkway 121 you can go check it if you'd like Mickey how one little traffic accident can stop one lane on it destroys everybody's morning I mean there are so many people late for work this morning why'd he leave early I lifted weights hour was coming to that point it's just a review what I told you last week speed stuck out to me what's wrong right I actually don't know the question but know what what's the takeaway from from OTAs and now we get into mini camp here which is pretty much the same structure as we've seen all just a different name yeah pretty much what else and for three days straight that we get to actually watch what do you need to see still when they get to Oxnard and Brian said backup quarterback based on what we've seen so far and I one more thing I want to ask you about that and I'll answer your question but yeah my batter Mike white what he's he's the younger guy have you seen more from him that's the problem no no you had no I haven't I haven't seen no improve minutes no no I haven't seen very looks very similar to my quite that last year was I was hopeful that he would go out there and and pitch it around and move the team it was to be honest to you that I was glad to see Jason Garrett the last time we got to watch practice Jason Garrett basically pulled the huddle back and said hey that your charge of this you know you're the one that running this you're the quarterback step up and be the quarter you know you got on him a little bit and I and I was like thank God you know somebody wake this kid up because if you watched him play great opportunities sitting in he does he does and that's what worries me a little bit that Mike White that was you know Western Kentucky Mike white it's not the same Mike white that I'm seeing here with the Dallas Cowboys and that that and I gave him last year I understand that but I've kind of seen some of the same things that I saw with my quiet last year those are the concerns with coming out of that system and in college you know you just really don't know for sure what you've got and whether it's Mike wide whether it's whoever it might be going back since since that offense came into the college football you just don't know what you have right for sure you know it is the hardest position to evaluate and I'll stay on that track Mickey okay my answer is maybe kind of obvious dak Prescott this is to me the best stretch of OTAs wheat now for years now with him for off seasons that that I've seen him have in terms of you know we got a question yesterday about accuracy just his command I get that it's not totally live but he just seems extremely comfortable he has been accurate at all levels of the field we've seen him make throws deep intermediate short there's just a comfort level that you see and I wonder how much of it is just a more stable receiving core that's what I wonder you know because I just made the list you know last year I mean these guys were vying not only to make the team but to be top targets for him post des diyate Thompson Tavon Austin Michael gallop Allen Hurns he didn't know any of these guys plus he had three four tight ends that really hadn't done much in the league other than Jeff Swain it's just a better more experienced group and now he's also got time on task with a Pro Bowl receiver that they got at midseason last year not not it's been night and day for sure and how much do you think it helps him even and Brian when you look when he's able to study his receivers and what they're comfortable doing like he's got an Amari Cooper and he's got four years worth of NFL stuff on tape from him he can actually look at him and see and how that translates even to practice and worth Randall Cobb coming in here I think it's just it increases his confidence level with these guys plus he's now got a full year working with Michael Gallup and and that's my big takeaway to what I've seen it looks like he's playing with a confidence and her wedding in there too you know Jarre when he knows those guys know what they're doing that's who they've got and you know that the receiver is gonna be in a certain spot that's what I'm you plate half the season last year with two tight ends who hadn't played in the National Football League no thanks about that that's right and then Rico and everybody goes silent yeah yeah look who you were playing last year at this time without Cooper yeah well they just they consciously went with that receiver by committee last offseason and then the witan thing surprised them basically around draft time I don't know if they really thought he was gonna hang it up and then he did can I ask a question the group why do you think they went receiver by committee what do you think you think that there was so much confidence in DAC that dad could make these receivers or is it like like I just like Rob said he needs it to be the other way well at the time I'll just jump at the time you know you didn't know Travis Frederick was gonna miss the season right and I think you might have felt like all right we got a strong offensive line we've got Zeke we've got pieces around him we're gonna run the ball we're gonna pound it and we can somebody will emerge you know I think they got put in that position because of the delay on the dez decision you know because it was mid-april before they made the decision to release dez and so you're past free agency and so yeah no other alternative at that point but to go receiver by committee I mean they flirted with Sammy Watkins you know and and and maybe they would have made that they probably would have cut ties with Dez if they had gotten the deal done with Watkins if they want it you know I think yeah so we've could have been in March and then you would have had a number one receiver basically you know and you wouldn't but I think the bigger question is why was there the delay on the desk you know and which which I think made it by making it mid-april what's out there now you got to go receive her by committee now so you think that you're saying the this the the lack of movement on des was the reason why they went by committee I want to believe that they thought that DAC was going to be able to carry that group that's kind of where I think that yeah and then you brought up the offensive line the running back they didn't expect Nikki how about the tide in and it but it they didn't have enough pieces in place – we wouldn't junk that Draft time when we got to the season openers n Whitten both yeah or the first couple games named me and don't include Beasley in there the starting to wide receivers let's carry it over we're five minutes late it will give you time to think yeah because you can't think about it that's right that's your point yeah and Bill Jones will jump back in the driver's chair next on talking Cowboys they're new apartments big such a great deal yeah it's okay just okay what's not right above the subway Wow I bet you don't even notice it after that's my neighbor Angus a deal that's just okay is not okay get a great deal with America's best network come into an AT&T store and learn how to buy one smartphone and get a second one on us based on GWS one score September 28 TV star sports Tours is the only official fan travel partner of the Dallas Cowboys offering exclusive game weekend travel packages with sideline access and photo ops with current players alumni and cheerleaders that's not all though you'll get to talk X's and O's with senior director of player personnel Wilma clay and of course with yours truly me 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Stetson is proud to be on the field with America's team find Stetson hats in the Pro Shop or at Stetson calm today back to the talkin Cowboys we're talking Cowboys we were talking NBA Finals during the break but we don't need to carry that over to talking Cowboys but what about this yeah you got Game seven on Wednesday night in Boston Cowboys and the Rangers are involved and they switch their game to three o'clock on Wednesday so that everybody could go to the by the way the last time the Stars won the Stanley Cup the only time stars won the Stanley Cup was 20 years ago this week that's right and the Rangers were in Boston because I was in Boston that week when they did it but we're talking Cowboys and it's minicamp are we and it is the first day of the minicamp to Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and then it's about us well it's right at a six-week break before the start of training camp in Oxnard California on July 25th which is a Thursday the Cowboys will be flying out to Oxnard so it'll be six weeks to the day can ask a real quick question yeah I'll try to make it quick if if you knew this six-week period always makes me worried I appreciate the time that we can go and do things hold your breath exactly what if would you as covering this team would you rather have the vacation time on the front end for example like a post draft and then start the OTAs and mini camps to where you only have like a two-week break or one-week break before training camp before we have to go I wonder if the coaches would like that are you asking me from a personal standpoint or if I was a coach I carry both if you like both I just as I begin my experience I would I would personally rather have the break after the draft you told me we'd start I would take the month of May off there you go I am totally on board with that because because the way it's set up now and it's nice for us to have this time coming up but foot you can have it in mate but as a team exactly you're not starting over when you get to camp but you're not grinding like you've been for 10 weeks straight and then these guys these guys are technically on vacation obviously gonna train on their own but are they well I know incident will yeah they will some but it's not the same it's not the same to me I would but I would rather see the players get more of a break I think I think if you had them if you gave them more of a break after the season an extra month after the season and then started your your workouts and things like that like Mickey said after mates they started June 1st whatever and then take all the way of all June and in all of July two weeks before it rained yes six weeks go six weeks of these o TAS or May or working out whatever you want to do and then when you get okay we're gonna report July 25th okay we'll give them off you know break on July 16th and we've got 10 days off and then boom everybody's back but then you don't lose that everything that you've gained these guys are a great athletes no question I mean you can't be a bad athlete and play in this league I'm just saying this I think you're susceptible to injury taking the six weeks off and then showing up for a camp where you go hammer down you know and that's where I think that's why they have to take it easy the friendship that the beginning no question otherwise you could just transition right in yeah you've done all this work to get in shape and then you say okay six weeks so what would you do prior to me nothing what about because basically the way it is right is right now the the organized offseason stuff starts April 15th right goes until basically June 15th so it's a two-month period right so how about doing the April 2 weeks whatever it might be three weeks leading up to the into May 1st take May off then do June yeah you know to where I'm just their only problem with that is then you're spending all of June getting guys in shape where you did it from the beginning of April yeah all the way through football but with six weeks off now do they come back and perfect you know they don't and that's why I don't think they should have that long of a break I wonder what the players oh I'm sure they love it mm-hmm I would think the planet I think the players I think the players if you gave them more time off after the season would probably appreciate it more because what you're doing is if you got him if you brought them in in June and work them through July you're getting them in that mindset okay we got to do this every day every day every day but I think if you gave them more time on the front end to recover I think they would be I think they would be a lot maybe they would be happier about that it's kind of like teachers out there whatever you know you get in you're off in the summertime and you basically have two months off in the summertime well I'm already hearing teacher friends of mine say there are two weeks into their summer vacation and they're bored yeah you know and for like players all right yeah I got six weeks my wife my wife's not Chinese she needs a break from the four she's good for the players all right like you say six weeks is a long time so it's terminal that work that they put in for the last two months I mean had you take some discipline I'm trying to heart to maintain that more so Mar if they're smart two weeks before they leave for training camp they're back here working out doing work lifting so with that when you get to training camp it's not like you lost everything I'm just trying to prevent injury yeah but I think it also applies it to your point bill even more so with the rookies because they get the rookie camp they come in for three weeks four weeks and then there's going here they keep the rookies here though you remember that yeah things only get like a week yeah that weakness oh yeah oh yeah fourth of July and the rehab guys get maybe a week yeah yeah we have guys and there's a bunch of them sure they're gonna be here that's true yeah I'm just I'm it's a good thought I'm just trying to get them oh I'm trying to get the perfect camp of my team being in shape and us not missing any practice time so when we get into the season because they give them enough breaks during training camp you guys looked at the schedule that's a day off every three days I know we're to the western sizzler on July 31st I've already got that day playing Brian sent out an Outlook invite on email yes yes day by beating heart don't don't you must user Maddox s starting wide receivers not named Beasley go oh yeah that was Thompson and Hertz yes and then there was a third in there that wasn't Beasley the next week or the next two weeks get in there Terrence Williams Williams that was another one delay and you asked what went wrong with the committee yeah the top three guys at the beginning the season might not be here to start this year you know I applaud them for for realizing that that wasn't going to work and it took it took a team that was willing to move on from a star player that was gonna do it their way and it took a first-round pick and you had to have a lot of things go that way but I admired them for not sitting there and saying no we can ride this out and they would just ride this out or get better because it was and what we were wanting to get better was really interesting about to make if you break it down even more I know we're live on the air but those those snaps on offense the first few games they were it was a true committee like they were pretty evenly distributed it wasn't like it was this hard rotation of three four guys it wasn't until Austin got hurt and really they got Cooper and Terrence Williams got hurt they get Cooper and then they kind of stabilized that group gallop starts he starts playing more and I think it made DAC way more calm I think I think the thing with Williams I think the DUI thing was what got him put to pasture that was offseason right the foot thing yeah I think it was kind of like he was having some issues and but was he really hurt rui yeah writing I'm just saying that to me that it's just it was it was very it was very it was a train wreck it really was it was a it was just it was a bad miss evaluation and I always always tell people though that if you can't evaluate your own team then you're not ever going to be any good and I think they evaluated their situation not I think I know they value with their situation they had to do something so so so then look at last offseason okay they went through the whole month of march and free agency and it wasn't until April 13th they released Dez and then where you're harping on that one today but no no I'm just and it's an anniversary or something no no no no no and then wit and Surprise them Hey yep and in Terrence Williams so there's his deal in May I was wrong about Terrence ween so that was over a month-long period they there had made the oldest their own decision on Dez Witten made his decision Terrence made his choice and gear down who were your three primary receivers over the last half decade right then by the way you get to late August Travis Frederick learns he's gonna be out probably the entire season winds up being out the entire season you got a rookie left guard and the offensive line was not the offensive line that we've come to know until probably mid season when they make the coaching change and then they got better the only thing they had done it wide receiver was sign Hearns in Thompson like two weeks in Thompson has struggled though he has been a journey man throughout his career anyway and he's trying to hook on with some camera Boreas now but he's someplace but so didn't work so just look at this team in this offense now compared to a year ago or after the Frederick injury or the Frederick ganbare a syndrome last year I mean how much more confidence should dak Prescott yeah or how much more yeah like a whole lot uh-huh yeah and a confidence in him but how about confidence does he have confidence in the offensive coordinator oh there's the other thing yeah there's that's something new hummock yeah but mmm the second half of the season he completed 70% of his passwords it I'm not gonna get off of that sure Cooper showed up no no no question late nine games the last eight seventy percent completion percentage the last eight games which adds to his confidence level going into this yeah absolutely so I don't think there's been this dramatic turnaround in his ability to throw the football I think the dramatic turnaround is who he's throwing the football to so far looks accurate no I yeah first three years but I don't know I he looks so sharp in these practice yeah no he has no absolutely but it helps that he he knows who he's thrown to that's yeah him er kitna who Zeus mate who's made that if he talked if you had to say wow he looks well we know he looks physically different I could see that you watch him he's a guy looked in the baseball uniform looked like a baseball player mm-hmm out there at that the dirt celebrity you know and he's on that point he's one that I remember a training camp last year he told me that he'd put on weight at the year the after the previous season gotten up there a good way he's sure he had gotten back down yeah by the training camp and looked like he does right now yeah I mean he looked but he i'd love it when i see dak Prescott looking like he looks well he does look fit me he does but let's not also forget that he's been working with those dudes out in is it Arizona California the quarterback no the Tom house goose guys and stuff like that yeah you'll go into that in month of March see I'm sure I'm trying to think if it's yes so is it kid maybe that kid no or dak that we've seen we've seen improvement not only physically but we've seen better accuracy when he misses it's not the sweaty ball that goes flying and fluttering over people's heads if he misses it's maybe six inches four inches that kind of thing they've talked a lot about footwork Canada has and he got Garrett are you seeing that you see some things no you're seeing a guy that sits in the pocket and looks like he's ready to throw not a guy that you know and maybe when you get like Mickey saying you get Travis Frederick back you know you get you know you get Collins back you get you know a year now of of Connor Williams I mean Connor Williams look to me physically looks good too so you know maybe with all that up front and maybe his confidence but I'm wondering this little transformation is that the contract is that the pressure is that the is that the quarterback himself is it John kit kitna you know I you know he talked last week about the benefits of working out whatever that quarterback yeah he's Tom Tom house it wasn't Tom house there was somebody else that was involved two other day they know this new Orlando based group maybe it was wrong yeah he talked about how they worked on techniques on how you have to have your arm slot whatever angle right when when you got a talk-show you got a young show yeah you got a throw from different arm angles you can't always be sitting in the pocket with your arm here and here sometimes you're moving you're here he goes and I learned about that and how to get my feet set better when I'm not perfect in the pocket and he thought that improved his accuracy it was interesting to hear him go on and on about that might as well give full credit to the Tom Shaw performance enhancement camp at ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World there's your that's right non paid advertising and isn't that where he he talked about bringing the guys yeah yeah and what's important what's important to is what he they teach him it aligns with kitna it's not like it's something totally different his attention to detail guy yeah you watch him coach there's a lot of things that he's going through with these quarterbacks well I'll tell you what you know who he did wonders with his own son I kick and throw it did you why I've seen him throw it yeah when when they needed another quarterback they were running those routes with the wide receivers he's stepping in there throwing you're spinning it he never misses him no he's so and I've seen him out there working with him he's a college kid right he has eligibility he's still playing where is he that's a good do you see you yeah I don't know look it up I'll look it up I thought it was a small school I thought he was a small school guy too like anybody you guys only 8,000 people that's a small school what do you call the Division one double-a now if he is that's where lineal kid is who or has been yeah is it Jordan kitna Colorado State Palou car Pueblo yeah yeah those are on a silicon it is it's alright build a level Oh pills an investigative reporter that's right don't don't sell him short your college Colorado State Pueblo that's what it says here I think yeah that's not Colorado State I didn't say he's not the Rams that's like Texas A&M Kingsville that's right there you go going to Tennessee is committed to Tennessee okay well no high school class of 2020 oh is this joy just up the road which jaylen kitna jail that's a different kid yes there's a couple of kid newzealand yeah Jordan no one could really throw it you see the guy that looks like he's a he's a ball boy and he's got his hat on backwards and he's throwing strike after strike after strike that's him – my point about TCU Jordan kitna went to TCU and redshirt at his first year before transferring to Cisco junior college and then Colorado state pool oh yes so there you go there we go there's high freq area yet who's the head coach there another kid that no I'm kidding all right so we've taken care of the wide written so did we get bills take on what stood out I just fed off a Rob Phillips and Dec is the one that I've and otherwise its overall depth on the team the defense and what's going on in that defensive line we need to solve some defensive 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midseason form like I've seen with Malik Collins by the way the practices that we've got to watch maybe it's something to do with drafting somebody in the second round maybe it's a contract now it was too good feet yeah let's just get through the bags a couple of times before bones start to break mmm but you know I've seen with Malik Collins love what I've seen with Sean Lee running around out there yep you know you know what I think there's anybody talked to Sean Lee I asked this question Mickey did you ask him you know what they used to keep Sean Lee in bubble wrap like Shawn Lee and I need to ask him this and maybe you asked him this question I think Shawn Lee went told him and said I need to play yes I just need to play this is my last year I just need to play but he's on the practice off practice schedule but but but he could be where they practice him one time for no time did he do much in OTAs last year am I still he got to can yeah I'm seeing him running he was in bubble wrap in camp – I don't think he did team work yeah in OTAs yeah he's running with the twos he's out there running with you know Kyle Cuero and those guys I think I think and I need to in this and maybe one of us will ask of this but I think he went and told him it's like I need to practice I mean I just need you just need to put me out there I know I mean I and and so far so good for him and I think that maybe will be the plan he'll have an off day I'm sure I can't the veterans role through the the Witten's the Lee's the the offensive linemen guys all you know do what they have to do but I think Sean Lee just said hey the hell with it you know what I haven't played and I haven't played in three years basically obvious I need to go I just need to go practice even with all of his injuries the only time he had a season-ending injury was the ACL which was in the OTAs in 2014 okay where where it was an offseason deal where you get hurt okay and he's lost for the year okay and the other stuff is it's you know hamstring type stuff you know that's there's been other injuries besides that but broken bones or whatever but here lately it's been more it's kind of like Adrian Beltre with the Rangers where you get up there and pushing your mid-30s whatever and you're he's he's wound so tight right and his play and his role is probably gonna be slightly different right Sam linebacker he's not probably gonna be asked to play 50 60 snaps anymore unless somebody gets hurt and then he's on the nickel which he's been on during a TAS I mean I do know this talking to Rod Marinelli he's excited about having strongly on the field so they need him on the field so maybe maybe maybe it won't be as much maybe maybe we talked about maybe because it was Damian Wilson and you say well we don't want to we want to put Damian Wilson out there Sean leaves a little different animal yeah you know Sean leaves like aa guy on the field and make plays you know now it's saying well maybe we don't have to play as much of certain things and you play that three-man line I've brought it up before you were not wrong about that I can keep three and so backers are one extra DB the broad maraenui heard that right he confirmed it you're absolutely right maybe because he would move Wilson a lot to try to blitz and I bet Sean leaves little bit better at that Sean Lee will be a Blitzer Jaylon Smith will be a Blitzer position of concern of stars of starters on defense got defense on defense position sir I want to see I want I want to see what happens at right defensive end if Quinn is a 70% guy in the field or is he a rotation guy and if he's a rotation guy then who's the guy at right defensive end because we haven't seen hide nor hair of Tyrone Crawford right not at all not at all and I think he was in that Wednesday group that that guys you know and we've been seeing Wednesday practices and OTAs but we saw Wednesday last week but we didn't see him last week we we know what Tyler Bruce who's the guy there though is it Quinn and is Quinn the Quinn what do you say is do you think Crawford would start at right defensive end he would would I think you would I think that's the game plan yeah but if you get relaxed Randy Gregory you get ready Gregory Beck I'm kicking Crawford back inside mm-hmm I'd like to see my starting corners right now and you're just not gonna see bar bingo you know that's me Byron Jones point you know I think he said he wants to get back some time in camp they're trying to get him to week one and what Cheeto has a hip deal right now he's dealing with so I thought it was a hamstring uh Jones was the hip right he had hips so yeah Jones is finally working on the cords and stuff though – that's a good sign and I think they're I mean they're hopeful for everyone yeah but it's not a sure thing who is not the sure thing is is Lawrence a sure thing left in I think so or Jones a sure thing there about what we've been told is they're hopeful on both for week one now is it a guarantee for both I don't know about that I think it's more closer to Lawrence from what I've been told okay but also don't expect to see him in any preseason game right yeah right because just get him to think about it so you're not gonna play the fourth if you're gonna play you're probably not the first because he probably won't be ready is he going to Hawaii is he going to Hawaii I'm sure he is sitting on the kind of beach but doesn't mean he's gonna play you know last and here's the other here's the other point so if if you did play him in a preseason game how many snaps 10 now tense Maps gonna make the difference between him being ready for the opener this is not this is the edge you'll argument with Emmett Smith and Zeke at the running back position but he practices so hard at training camp he does I mean you don't need him to play as hard as he practices a training camp that's where and he's front-running pretty hard yeah he is was out there yesterday running yeah so I'm with you rob I'm with you on the corners and Mickey I you make a great point about the right end because right now we're seeing Anthony Brown Jordan Lewis and CJ Goodwin on the nickel you are surely right about that so you know you're not we're not seeing the full depth chart and maybe you know as we get deeper in here allama alum bow so chinos gonna be fun I'm just saying I haven't seen the starting group right now early before he pulled his Hampshire I haven't seen Byron Jones and until week one that was my concern was the right corner that was my that was my Emory how is Byron burger Jones is tough I mean they've been Anthony Brown in place of Byron Jones yes yeah yes I guess the question is if Byron Jones is not ready to go week one how confident are you with the replacement what happens is how confident are you with who goes into the slot cuz it's gonna be Jordan Lewis sweet Lewis yeah they've been moving good one right yep good one's been getting work yeah right corner rock but yeah that was after Cheadle went out yeah good one got work I like to see more of Jordan Lewis but that being said I want Byron Jones healthy and I mean he was the best corner by far on this team last year so they're trying to get this Michael Jackson ready by the way yes please ed nickel they're pediments lot playing outside I you know you know the position it's not going to change and everybody was up in arms about safety safety yeah and you know what it's what's gonna be I think and and if and if the if the if Mickey's friend Wilson makes his donovan Wilson makes his team it's because he put cave on Frazier on the street I don't see them carrying five safeties mm-hmm I really don't know that's just me I I don't know how they do that but if I but that's the position to me that it's not gonna change Michael Jackson's got some safety sighs about it yes to ten first time I saw him on Rush Street safety they look like a safety to me okay West Street – it was that's a long safety they say this ain't defense but I think I brought it up last week and I can't remember if I did it after we finished well that trail the way you just did y'all okay with the kicker on I think you did break it up last time you did bring it up last week um that's the one thing are you you want to see more a Casey Redfern what's that headlining in or the Redfern I don't know one of my favorite childhood books i t what thing I know what practice starts I am going to pay attention I'm sorry folks if they're in Oxnard I'm not gonna shake your hand I've got to go watch kickers workout you know the kid faded a little at the end he's not a kid he was 27 years old Mickey just throwing that dirt you talk about Maher yes 20 is 20 he's gonna turn 30 November 2000 what did you mean I just meant I didn't think he was I do this is the first time in his career he's been in the same place two years in a row yeah he's always hop scotch trying to find a job sure so now how much does that help him that he gets a full offseason conditioning pressure of having to make kicks because obviously they'll get rid of you if you don't make it you have to have a back-up plan yeah and I'm not sure what the back-up plan would be yeah because this I think they consider ret Redfern he's been a C Redford as more of a punter than he is a placekicker yep kind of the same thing we had the same talk about this guy last year so if they're that concerned not in say they were but but if they were don't you think they would have a kicker in here I think they should at least think about who they would turn to well you know there's six weeks between now and the start of training camp and maybe there's a kicker out there I'll say it once the heavy that's if Steve Hoffman was here he'd go down to the Home Depot and he'd have a workout at the stadium and you'd have an all-pro kick or the next day that was which light bulbs to buy yeah yeah hey listen I'm looking at paint and have you ever made a field goal we got like a minute left so it's coming up at 10:35 no difference between the kicker and the backup quarterback that's because they're just not out there all over that's true can't go down to Texaco and get one Mickey we got to leave you can keep talking if you'd like Dallas Cowboys calm and the Dallas Cowboys football club [Applause]

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  1. The dramatic turnaround with dak is due to primarily to
    1. Getting rid of the crap Scott Linehan
    2. Getting a better QB Coach to help his mechanics

    Cooper joined the team when the OL started to do well.

    The Cowboys did not need Cooper. They need a better OC & QB coach …. to get the best out of Dak and the ofensive weapons they had.

    Linehan's crap playcalling and stupid Zeke focused offense has been the cause of the offense up & down performance these last three seasons … because Zeke only does well when the OL is great … and Dak has been badly coached to follow Linehan's calls, and support the Zeke focused offense as a game managing QB, not a pocket passing QB with the offense build around him.

    Dak was drafted to be developed behind Romo …. to run the Romo focused offense.

    The Cowboys offense has been Zeke focused since Romo got injured, and Dak has has no development to be a prolific pocket passer like Romo.

    Cowboys finally got rid of Linehan and now Dak receiving better coaching from Kitna as a passer.

    But Kellen Moore was Linehan's protege, and Moore was a bad QB coach in 2018.

    Kellen Moore has stated he still wants to feed Zeke the ball as much as possible — ie. continue with the stupid Zeke focused offense.

    Again. Dak & Zeke were drafted to play in the Romo-focused offense.

    Cowboys need to trade Zeke … and build a BALANCED offense build around a well coached pocket passing QB and a solid OL.

    Kellen Moore should not be saying they will feed Zeke the ball as much as possible … unless he was lying. Kellen Moore should have Dak & Zeke playing in the offense that they were originally drafted to play in.

  2. Sure…Mickey can get off topic sometimes. But he’s not purposefully rude like Rob Phillips. Insecure Rob always has to look at Bryan for reinforcement well he demeans, beLittles, and is downright rude. The show would be a lot better if they played to Mickey’s strengths rather than try to belittle him. Has RP ever had an original thought? or is he just there to tell Bry he agrees with him?

  3. Why is every coaching position seemingly making sense except the head coach 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Jourdan Lewis isnt long like Chris Richard wants.. but hes a baller. I love watching the replay of the saints game. Our defensive backs looked amazing

  5. Don't forget….Dak was a healthy scratch for the last 2 preseason games, mainly because Freddy & Martin weren't healthy. So looking back on it all, it's not too surprising that there was a slow start to the season. But I agree, Will McClay and everyone involved has done a INCREDIBLE job transitioning the WR group from a Romo type of group to a Dak type of group.

    Not only have they transitioned, but they got better too. I love Dez, he was a force to be dealt with. But he's never been as good as Amari. I mean, Amari is one of the few WRs that can get on Julio Jones' level for a stretch. Then to go from Terrence Williams to Michael Gallup is a huge upgrade. I would also call it an upgrade from Beasley to Cobb. Only got Witten left from the group of Romo.

  6. I'm just curious why you all waited until today to discuss the backup QB position. Dak needs competition behind him.

  7. Let me guess, for the 23rd year or so in a ROW, the Cowboys are the favorite to win a SB right? HAHAHAHA 23 years or so and NOTHING. "America's team" yeah right.

  8. I think this show is the 2nd string because, although Rob is conciliatory and Bill Jones is the consummate professional…Brian's struggle with the English language and Mickey's glowing incompetence, malevolence and truculence undermines their efforts.

    Mickey, Brian, David and the Spanish woman need to all be on the same show…titled…"Quota"…and scheduled to come on daily at midnight. Between David Hellman's condescension, Ambar Garcia's anal fixation on feelings [rather than football], Mickey's verbal slights & attacks with Brian's bludgeoning of the English language, I have no doubt of its rapid success.

  9. 21:43 why go WR by committee?
    Because no Wr is going over 1,000 yards with a run first team! The ball gets spread around Cowboys are unstoppable. But when you force feed a WR because he is a star defense adaptation is expected!
    Is this rhetorical or is BB this stupid?

  10. 11:00 inBrian B is smoking crack!
    No way can u replace Zek (Ezmoney) with a plug in play situation! Lmao now I know why Cowboys cut you! Water pistol Pete jr moment!!!!

  11. Give Mike White the time to improve & learn his craft in his 2nd camp, he will be much better I think. Love Hearing Dak's accuracy is improving with better coaching, AND that he is still losing weight. I love his dedication to improving his craft. The New OC using his New talent is the key. Misdirection must become the staple. Tavon has a roll in this type of system in my book! Pollard has many skills that should be used. What young FAST Cheap WR takes Hurns job? Can Ty Crawford prove he deserves a Highly paid spot vs a Younger & better? cheaper Dlineman? is the FA DT C. Covington a player? need the Dline to step up before Doomsday & Super Bowls come back.

  12. Every show Micky cant stay on topic.._Its always story time or a learning experience with this guy…They should put him on the Cheerleader Show

  13. Connor Cook was graded above Dak but failed in the NFL AND AAF #ChylePlease 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. Gotta agree with Brian……God forbid, if Dak goes down….We better have a decent #2!!! I think we'll be good though! 💪
    DC4LIFE!! 👊

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