TANA MONGEAU ARRESTED (w/ Jon Cozart & Lisa Schwartz)

TANA MONGEAU ARRESTED (w/ Jon Cozart & Lisa Schwartz)

T: I got arrested that day. S: That’s awesome! You Posted That? *clap clap* Embarrassing things from your past. *clap clap* Instagram, Twitter, but not Snapchat. You Posted That? *clap clap* *cheering* S: Welcome to You Posted That?! And here’s your beautiful host from Half Life 2, Ian Hecox! I: Hello, everyone, and welcome to You Posted That?, the show where we force our guests to face their online pasts. I: Speaking of which, let’s meet our three lovely guests. I: She’s a Youtube and Instagram superstar who looks exactly the same as me in a swimsuit–Tana Mongeau! T: Yes. I am a professional at taking my clothes off on Instagram. *whoo* I: Me too. I: Next: she’s been on Youtube as long as Shane’s been alive–Lisa Schwartz! *cheering* L: Forever connected. I: How you doin? L: I’m horrified right now. I’m horrified! I: Good. L: I’m terrified… and I’m so happy to be here! I: And finally, he’s the best and worst host in the history of the Streamy Awards–Jon Cozart! *cheering* J: Thank you. I: Jon, I assume you are still continuing with the tradition of not posting anything on Youtube? J: Yeah. I-I’m promoting right now, uh, feminism. I: Oh! S: Rock on! J: So I’m here on behalf of all women. Thank you. I: At the end, the winner of the game I: Gets S: This androgynous middle school basketball participation trophy. *cheering* S: Please don’t throw it away on camera. I: Alright, let’s jump right in to round one! You Posted Thaaaaaat? *cheering* I: I’m going to present each of you with a tweet from your past that has one or more key words missing. I: If you can fill in the blank, you get five points. Are you ready? T: No! I: Too bad! I: Jon, you’re first. L: Yes! J: Yas, queen. I: Alright. On July 20, 2017, you tweeted the following: I: “I love all my haters, especially blank.” J: 2017, I should remember that. L: Your use of the 8 in “haters” was real cool, you’re so hip! J: Thank you! T: Y’know why? It’s his engagement’s so high! 3.4k favorites? *a chorus of wows and incoherent cheers* J: Whoops! Um, I remember this, so I’m just not gonna pretend like I don’t. J: It says, “my dad,” bitches. I: Is it––wait is it “my dad, bitches” or just “my dad?” J: (triggered) JUST “MY DAD”, IT’S TWO WORDS! I: Oh, okay, alright. Alright I: Is it, “my dad?” Yes it is! *cheering* I: Well done. *cheering* I: Five points for you, sir! Well done. T: Relatable. S: *hahahaha* I: Lisa L: Oh I: It’s your turn. L: Oh, I’m so scared. I: On December 14, 2017, you tweeted, “I’m uncomfortably obsessed with @blank.” It’s a–it’s a handle. L: The problem is, I drink wine and then I tweet. I: Ah. S: Smart. L: So chances of me remembering are slim to none. L: Umm, Oprah Winfrey? S: Good guess. I: Is it Oprah Winfrey? I: No! It’s Cole Sprouse. L: I should’ve known, I should’ve known. I am uncomfortably–I am so much older than him and I love him so much. I: He is a sweetie. L: He’s over eighteen, right? Someone: Yeah. Someone else: No. J: Yeah. I: He–yeah. S: I think so. J: He’s deceptively old. *laughter* L: Very attractive. S: He’s forty five! *laughter* I: Tana T: Hi. I: It’s your turn. T: Yay. I: On April 22, 2017, you tweeted, “I’m a blank, bye.” I: That’s one word. T: Oh my God, I could fill this with so many things. Like, I automatically want to go to say, “assh*le”, but I don’t think it’s “assh*le”. *laughter* T: But I am an assh*le! Um. Wow, high engagement, go us! J: Yas! T: We all got the k, we all got the k, that’s what matters. I: K’s good. J: It–It’s not “an” so it’s not “an assh*le” (I: Ooh, ooh.), so you just, yeah you know it doesn’t start with a vowel. T: Oh, wow, oh, but I don’t have good grammar. I dropped out of high school. J: Oh, sh*t. T: Umm, “rapper”? I: Alright, is it “rapper”? No, it’s “psychic”! L: Clearly (I: Hey.) she’s not. I: Yeah, if you were psychic, wouldn’t you be able to… S: Not psychic. T: I guess we disproved the psychic theory, right? I: Yeah, I think so. T: Once and for all. I: Jon, it’s back to you. On February 9, 2018, you tweeted: I: “I’m beginning to think my mom doesn’t understand what blank means or maybe I don’t understand what blank means and am horrified for no reason?” I: And it’s two words, but it’s the same two words both times. J: Uh, it’s so long! Why would they, why would they make tweets longer? This sucks. Umm… I: This was after, this was after the 140 expansion. J: Umm, I don’t know! Any ideas, ladies? T: “Cryptocurrency.” J: “Cryptocurrency!” T: “Uber drivers.” Someone: Is that one of them? J: These are great, oh my gosh! I: Do you just wanna play for him? J: Yeah! I: Since you’re a psychic, maybe you can guess… T: Exactly. I: Is it “cryptocurrency”, even though I’m pretty sure that’s one word? I: No, it’s “double fisting”! *cheering laughter* I: It’s close, it’s close. J: Aah. L: Even better. J: God bless. I: I’m sorry, you get no points for that. I: Did you talk about that with your mom? J: My mom had–yeah. I: Alright. Well, let’s move on. S: Awesome. I: Lisa? L: Yes. My mom knows what double fisting is. I: Oh, super. Well, then you’re gonna be prepared for this one. L: Okay. I: Uh, on March 3, 2017, you tweeted: I: “Blank blank. Keeping me humble since 1990.” L: I hate myself. Umm… I: Don’t look to them, they– L: Psychic! T: Exactly. L: Oh, I’m sure it’s something very clever. L: Umm, I have no idea. I: “Cryptocurrency” maybe? L: Yeah, probably. I: Would you like to guess (L: Yeah) “cryptocurrency”? L: Yeah, say that. I: Did she say, “cryptocurrency”? I: No! L: Oh, awful. (I: Lip pimples.) A lip–they happen sometimes and you just have to accept it. I: Well, I’ll give you, I’ll give you some applause for… L: It happens, I’m just being honest! L: Not my finest moment. J: How old were you in 1990? L: Are we really gonna have this conversation? I: You can’t ask a woman that! J: Alright, I’m sorry. I: Mr. “Feminism” J: Feminism! I: Alright. Tana, on to you. T: Hello. I: On October 10, 2016 T: Oh, we’re goin back. I: Oh yeah, we’re goin back T: I was like four years old then I: You tweeted, “Blank blank is all I want ever”. T: I can’t tell if it’s going to be like a person or a food item. That’s the problem.

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  1. I wonder how courtney felt about tana being on the show… because of… you know… cough coughbrianna boho

  2. Um smosh invited tana onto his show and since has taken the piss out of her twice I’m sure

  3. Honestly, the dynamic between everyone in this episode is kinda… sweet? Also, they start 'roasting' Tana after this as a joke, because they know her. aAt least they waited until they knew her which is way nicer than most people.

  4. I like how this went from a neat idea, to a little more productionized, to now a full on serious game show. Was pleasantly surprised by those songs about each round! lol 10/10 would watch an entire 100 episode series of this with more celebrities and vloggers and such!

  5. So happy to see Shayne, Keith and Scott back. The show was fun without them, but they elevate it to another level. It's perfect.

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