[Applause] [Applause] good evening everyone I am back in Norfolk tonight I'm on the North Norfolk coast and this is Holcomb Beach which I think he's voted the third loveliest Beach in the world they also filmed the ending of Shakespeare in Love here if you've watched any of that crap I've been here for so a free times for in the past long time ago when I did the the North Norfolk coast path on my own I think we might be in the nudist section of the beach which is typical of tomat doors can't be a nudist beach and I've got a very distinguished guest with me tonight Hardy's back everywhere and he very kindly invited me up here at the last minute I was going to do the store Valley path which is New Market to cut away Don the owner I was like whew Hugh Tevan issues with the plan and found out Hardy was sort of doing a camp tonight he had planned on doing Birnam over East 8th was it and we've we've sort of a part sort of down that way and then we're gonna look at Gunn Hill earlier which you've just seen in the video and we sort of walked up here and a little looking the outskirts of Holcomb woods and then come up onto the beach and we decided we're camping here for the night so yeah cheers to inviting us by the way mate and it should be a good evening this one it's cloudy ish quite muggy out it's quite warm no chance of rain I think we've been told fingers crossed it don't rain so I've gone light with the ciders but I only got one side I'll show you that bit later on yeah we're gonna get our stuff set up and we'll come back to you I've got the RAB sill wing tarp and the ravage Raider hope baby all set up it's all took a little bit of work but we've got here in the end I've gone fairly lightweight on this trip got an MRE for later on I think that's the last one to review and then I've reviewed them all apart from the MRE pepperoni pizzas that Hardee's Carly bought me one of them so this one is chili and macaroni menu 10 gonna have it a bit like it's only about half 7 at the moment so I'm not too hungry yet cider of God is copper burg raspberry 4% it's the only side I've got tonight and thankfully is it tasty real have a lot to say Swedish original side of brand made in our family-owned brewery in copper burg town in the heart of the country the juice of raspberries are added to our apple cider to deliver an intense fruity tasting cider with an unmistakable raspberry aroma we hope you enjoy this very special cider as much as we did making it for you skal which means Cheers it's pretty cool and yeah it's not bad it's a you can really really taste the raspberry coming through on it cheers everyone to a good camp and this is where Hardy is on the June so he's got the world country helm 110 he's cooking stuff he's got an MRE as well and a look at this beautiful tin and some of you may know this already but the most probably don't I've actually just bought one of these and it's still in the post thanks to Hardy and I think the guys called Paul's pursuits and they've kind of swayed my judgement and a kind of persuaded me to purchase one it's a bomb-proof little 10 it looks absolutely brilliant I'm gonna do a review of mine when it turns up and probably do a wild campaign of review with it I've also bought the footprint because I want to look after it because it's cost me a little bit more than what I normally pay for tents but yeah it's cool so yeah he's got that tonight a Sokol can't wait to get mine and yeah so here we are it's a few people out running along the beach and a dog there we go it's not being a prom for dogs anyway yeah uh here is Hardy's here don't worry he's not done anything suspicious there we're just checking out the helm one beautiful 10 anyway see I'll be getting one well as a safe I've got one coming in the post cannot wait anyways right and it carry on drinking and then do a bit of grub soon so as mentioned earlier this us MRE menu ten chili and macaroni is gonna be dinner for tonight it's the last menu in the US MRE range that I've got to try apart from Assad he keeps reminding me the pepperoni pizza which is quite a rare one so but other than that this is Connor the last one so it's going to be a special one this so their schemes i've added a couple of extra things as always like I've got this snore and pasty by clipper for tonight just to help me drift off to sleep along with the waves and I think I've also added in it somewhere yeah a Maltese a hot chocolate as one the best ones go in so inside accessory pack I'll show you that in a second we have right off the bat a vanilla pound cake nice we've got some toffee rolls dunno what they are or what they're gonna be like I'm interested to see how they shape up the beef snack which is basically a bit of beef jerky there okay tad of a few times before we've got some cheese spread with jalapenos that's brilliant and the best crackers as well vegetable crackers to go with that they're amazing sar cardboard sleeve for the the main meal which is this the the chilean macaroni so we'll get that in its frh if that doesn't work I've got me a Trangia little alcohol stove what the mess that should be enough and if that fails I've got me the outkick cracky gas stove which is here too and there we go little cute bag smelt in a gas should be sorted we get a hot beverage bag which I don't always use and then we've got carbohydrate electrolyte beverage powder fruit punch flavor the MRE spoon is always quite good little spoons and that accessory packet we've got some coffee instant hype – that's not bad coffee that but I'm going to mix it with that hot chocolate we have some non-dairy creamer it's a bit different done if I'm going to use this we've got some crushed red pepper the toilet roll was always moist talat wet wipe as always and some sugar for that coffee some iodized salt she more or less always get little paper book of matches that you usually always get as well and last but not least we've got the chewing gum so the clear packet I think is either spearmint or something like that it's not cinnamon flavor which is good and yes that's what we're gonna be eating you know what I'm gonna say enough yakking let's get snack in right well the the alcohol stove is is boiling up the water for the hot chocolate in the coffee the frh is doing the main meal which will probably need going in the water on the snow just to heat it free but it's not that hot anyway we're gonna crack open the toffee rolls or I think Americans call them tootsie rolls see if we get a kiss don't think we got hit oh they are tootsie rolls there we go Wow any of my American viewers are probably like well familiar with these but I'm not so this is a this is different there we go a very chewy they're nice though slight artificial taste to him but I'm not bad there never remind me of the that's inequality streets you get the long chocolate like toffee fingers and they always get left last after Christmas and uh remind me that a bit hmm yeah not bad so far next thing what I have is the the beef snack which is basically like a bit of beef jerky or a really a really nasty army and then we got this comes double packed there we go bulls original beef stick always gets a little chuckle ah this is gonna be really chewy there we go I suppose there's a good bit of protein you know salts and fats in it as well but I wouldn't wouldn't actively willingly chose to eat this but it's not bad next up let's try out the vanilla pound cake know this there we go just see that in there I smells really nice this would go well with the coffee now I'm still boiling the water up because I've put the the main meal in that just to heat it through some more and then then I have the coffee of course that is incredible that's one of the best like puddings I've ever had in a ration pack that's up there with the cinnamon bun or the I think there was a lemon poppy seed pancake as well all right a canvas sounds for Candis it was that good I remember where I add it oh it's just they put this stuff in ration packs honestly ration packs are better than than you think that's that's incredible look at that open flies wrapping it if I had to give that a rating out of 10 that I'd get annoying easy because nothing gets to 10 [Applause] don't worry it's not blood bag this is the carbohydrate electrolyte beverage powder fruit punch flavor it's a very natural looking red color just mix it up in the beverage bag just so you can see what the colors like and now put it in my empty now gym bottle which has got a saamne bloke in the wood sticker on there like a bit of Simon I'm sure you will follow him already so sort of a shout out it's not bad as and got a overly strong taste despite the fact I only put about 300 mil of water in it about suffice yeah not bad right I think it's time to get our our main meal out the chili and macaroni don't know whether to put the crushed red pepper in it I think this is one of those meals again I've never eaten yeah and everyone's screaming at the at the screen gun you've never had chili and macaroni just like I've never had to know before now probably never have tuna again I don't I just looking at it I know that's probably gonna give me the shits I want to tip it up of course but there we go you can just about see that they're just peeping through the top give it a little stir there we go give it a try three two one oh that's not bad it's not got a lot of flavor to it which means I don't know whether I should put the pepper in it we could try it we'll give it a try shall we probably gonna actually balls it up now deadly alright let's put a little bit in first I'll put a smidgen in alright stare at me I feel so cultured adding spices and stuff to my food as I'm pretty boring normally you must think I don't get out much oh that's liven it up a bit oh I was really wrong there are these looking at me just I'm never inviting you up here again let's put a little bit more this way a little bit more in it it's only a little bit left sod it I bow to going aho my arsehole saying it's your funeral some that's gonna be proper hot it's definitely giving it more flavor though goes well with it she only st. badness I I could eat this definitely chili and macaroni not like chili con carne then like when I had that in a ration pack that was okay but I prefer this this is okay yeah okay and last but by no means least we're going to have the vegetable crackers with the cheese spread with jalapenos one of them is a little bit broken but it's not too bad you can say so much better even without anything on they taste good oh okay now they're falling apart that's where you can impeach these haven't survived well it's all actually really badly but I think this one has been squashed into a rucksack a couple times so it's going to take it and then never did yeah there we go oh that's breaking trying to spread it as best I can but here we go add some good cheese and crackers anyways we've seen him so I'm gonna go walk the rest of them down I swear I was a little look at us MRE menu Tim chili and macaroni the final one I've reviewed Hey so now what I'm gonna do is I've kind of made like a list of my favorite menus and I'll just order them off of ebay as usual and take them on wild camps so you won't see all the menus you might see a few repeated you know they'll be my favorite ones so I won't be reviewing them anymore I'll just go I've got that menu and that's it really so no more reviews of these but I'll look for other types of ration packs to review at some point so it's not the end of that but just look I'll make you aware you right we're about quarter to 11 now and me and Rd have been chilling out after dinner chat and putting the world – right it's been good from me try not to blind Hardy with the head tilt in a moment so so I'm not putting the camera on it on him and we're feeling a couple of spots of rain in the air so and it's way past Hardy's bedtime he tells me he reliably informs me so I think we're sort of going to batten down the hatches get in our respective shelters I'm going to do me snore and pasty I've only got a liter of water left so I'm gonna try and have a strong snore and pasty and save the rest for her for the morning for breakfast go on have a ration pack for for breakfast so I'll show you that in the morning it's been great and I really peaceful it's been like no wind it's not that chilly but yeah just some light drops of rain in the air so okay well it's coming up to about midnight now I'm in the red bridge Raider hoot bivy I love being in this in this show Aries I think it's hands-down my favorite show us still it's still exciting getting in at each time Hardy was saying that earlier on tonight about his helm 110 he still looks forward to getting in it and gets excited about setting it up and stuff and I'm the same with this hoot Biffy it's brilliant so I'm gonna get an early night and I think sunrise is about half for something like that so it's gonna be an early one but with both said we'll get up film bits of it and then probably go back to sleep and have a lay in because we're not gonna be disturbed areas really quiet and out of the way and stuff and we're not in a rush to get back so yeah that'll be alright I can have breakfast and you know we can sort of leisurely get packed up and and head back to the car Burnham ovary steak it's been a really good camp really like here this is the sort of coastline I would love to have on my doorstep so I'll definitely be coming back here doing more walks and wild camps for sure I'll uh I'll chat you in the morning so it's good night from me good morning everyone it's about 6:30 in the morning I'm having to be quite quiet I think Hardy might still be asleep so I don't know wake him up so for breakfast I'm going to be having this Norwegian arctic field ration this one is sports musli and the total calories of this of this meal and sides equates to 1,300 calories apparently so comes in a sort of sealed bag which I opened ready to have a little list and you can reseal the packaging with that little sticky label there so I think is pretty cool so have a look inside we've got a protein bar chocolate crisp 39 percent protein there okay later I've had them before we've got a bar of 60% cocoa dark chocolate that's that's quite good and our spoon she's quite flimsy and when Andy from Ken's survival reviewed one of these always entertaining some nut cream it's basically a chocolate hazelnut spread then we've got some holder mil Colombian free shied instant coffee we have the wet wipe two pieces of peppermint chewing gum then the main no itself is dehydrated is this sports muesli yes I have a picture of him I sort of show us roughly what sort of stuffs in it it's a light meal it says oatmeal raisins bran flakes wheat flakes how rye wheat bran apple chunks apple and sugar sounds interesting should be good whoo and we have by Bridgeford some whole wheat bread shelf-stable nice to go with the the nut cream and we have an energy drink powder which is peach flavor there we go I'll probably have that for the walk back we've got quite a feral walk back to the car and then you get a little plastic bag to put your rubbish in or you could collect or in it if you need it so so yeah that's what we're going to be having so enough yakking let's get snack in sorry first of all that's a peach flavored drink isotonic energy drink that's really nice really flavorful but not overly sickly that's just right that I'm gonna have that for the the walk back that's now the only water I've got made up the coffee books I'm not a massive fan of coffee I didn't have any hot chocolates what I did have was a team with whitener and sugar so I've taken the whitener and the sugar and I've added if I did that to it yeah the whitener hasn't really mixed in it's gone so a bit lumpy and so sat on the top of it which isn't great yes that's our coffee I'm gonna let that cool down for a bit before I drink that and then I've made up sports usually as well make that hot I haven't done it with like cold water I find usually takes about a hop sure if you can't see this but there we go that's kind of what we're looking at think that's ready to actually try it's really good apples raisins say so he's got a faint hint of cinnamon to it that's actually really good the music is in these Norwegian rations of usually on point I ride the chocolate muesli ones and that was amazing as a sort of meal that gets better with every buyer that's incredible so next we'll have a look at the dark shock shock the bar cuz its first only 60% tastes more like milk chocolate but I'm not complaining that's really good it tastes like good quality chocolate so it doesn't taste artificial or you know cheap it it tastes really good yeah the next thing we're going to try out is the chocolate crisp 39% protein bar almost looks like a rice krispies bar these are quite tough for quite dry so I think it worked really well if you dunk it in in the coffee we'll try it on his own I taste a lot better did last time just drying the coffee anyway nice creep like that definitely it just takes on a whole different texture when you you don't get it I suppose it's like you know tea and biscuits or something really good it's just gone 8:00 a.m. Hardy is now awake he's been awake an hour I should say to his credit although he did get up early and catch the the summarize what there was of it and it's really warm and sunny now so I'll finish the ration back all but the like the bread and the nut cream I'm gonna save that because I'm really full up after having that muesli so I say that for me next camp and I'll show you it then so I'm gonna start packing stuff away all leaflets are set up last so I'll get the bivi out from under it get any sand out are there get that packed away and we're not in a rush really so I can leave the tarp setup and then just sort of lay under it on the man chill out really for a little bit but this is our view incredible we both said what a fantastic spot we found and we very nearly didn't camp here as well we were gonna camp as a site further down the coast at Gun Hill which still looks like a really good spot as well but to be fair you're tripping over brilliant spots on a North Norfolk coast this is fantastic this is sort of like the area that actually first really got me into the outdoors and camping and just yeah that that kind of lifestyle of wanting to sleep outside cuz I really so it's beautiful yeah I think the tide might be coming back in again sort of over there a bit okay it's about 9:00 a.m. now and as you can see we've all packed up leaving absolutely no trace bit of flattened grass and sand with us about it go all the rubbish on the back the rocks Aki's much lighter as you can see the tide has come in but that's fine because the footpath sir are up on the dunes here and we're Hardy is he's packed up and left no trace as well so we've got I don't know good couple of miles walk back to the car probably a little bit further than that so enough talking let's get walking we've made it back to Hardy's car here in the lovely little village of Birnam Oh free state and we're just outside the hero pub named after of course Lord Nelson and that's the end of this video I hope you've enjoyed it fear not though I'm going to be spending a couple more days here in Norfolk as I've got some time off work and I'll be doing another while camp with Hardy in a day or two time so really looking forward to that we going somewhere different so thank you very much for watching and I hope you enjoyed it go in the comments let us know what you think and until next time stay safe look after each other get out there and explore choose guys see you soon

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  1. Awwwwww does this mean no more tuna MRE's just the fun factor of your face after you took a bite makes that video worth watching more than once

  2. Not commented for a while now….just to let you know im still watching mate…..top location. I've a helm 3 for me and the Mrs, only cost me £160 and 2.8kg, not bad for a 3man. Im sure you'll be pleased with yours……..cheers…Stu.👍

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    great stuff and congrats on completing the MRE challenge.. just think of all those weird drugs the yanks feed their forces floating around in your system 😉

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  9. Another great location Tom. After your praise for the ridge raider I took delivery of one last week and was out at the weekend on a beach camp near Hastings (loads of history etc, you’d love it)….you weren’t wrong a great bivvy and loads of room, thanks for the recommendation. Will be interested how you get on with the Helm…have my eye on a Photon 1 at 600g it’s ridiculously light but the price, the price!

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  13. Awesome, really love your vlogs. They capture the essence of stealth camping but also general camping under the stars (stealth or not). The reviews of gear and MRE's is excellent and the quality of the videos is top notch as you give equal time to the scenery, location, adventure and gear. Having lived in the UK as a 'kiwi on my OE' I lived in Chadwell Heath and just sad I didn't get to this spot. Would have been a real taste of home as we love the sand and salt air. Thanks for posting.

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    Another interesting video Tom!
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