Temporary Animal Shelter Press Conference 10-9-19

Temporary Animal Shelter Press Conference 10-9-19

Welcome good afternoon everyone. thank
you for your interest and seeing what we have been able to accomplish in an
incredibly short period of time, This building behind me represents an
incredible collaboration all focused on the best interest of the animals that
come into our care this collaboration has included the governing bodies of
Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie and St. Lucie County for their patients as we move
forward to try and find a solution to the animals that come into our care from
all three of our municipal partners. Also I’d like to acknowledge the working
group that has worked hard to not only try and arrange for a contract of
successor contract with the Humane Society St. Lucie County but also as we
embarked on an effort to provide a temporary shelter for the animals that
come into our care. So these folks are standing over here all of them have
should be commended for the hard work the expertise and the knowledge that
they brought to the table. As we move forward with with the temporary shelter
also I’d like to do a shout out to the our county staff that includes our
facilities department, our building department, our planning department and
our legal department:all of whom work diligently in a short period of time to
bring forward this temporary shelter and our animal safety division I’m so sorry
about that Ron, most importantly. The animal control services from each one of
the municipalities brought expertise brought their advice brought their
suggestions to us as we prepared this temporary shelter. I do want to emphasize
that this is in fact a temporary shelter. It is not designed to be permanent to
any degree it is here for the purpose of being able to provide temporary shelter
for the animals that come into our care and that would include at least an
extension for no longer than six months is what we
anticipate, Fort Pierce is in the process of putting out an RFP for permanent use
of their shelter at the Savannah Road site so we’re looking forward to seeing
that progress as we move forward. So what we have here is we have three
municipalities these partners do not want to be in the sheltering
business but they do believe in a solid partnership that is based on
collaboration trust tamp transparency cooperation and communication as we move forward into the future. So on behalf of all those who are involved over the past
a year we look forward to collaboration and we look forward to
showing you what we have prepared in the way of a temporary shelter.

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