The Black Panther still in prison after 46 years

The Black Panther still in prison after 46 years

46 years is a long time
for a 19-year-old to go to prison and be there for the rest of their lives. if you commit this kind of crime against the people who protect society, you
actually deserve the death penalty. I don’t see him as a violent man, I don’t
see him as a violent person, I don’t see him as what
they portrayed him to be. We’re talking about the parole, the
possible parole, of cop killers… And yes, they’re guilty then
and they’re guilty now and no cop killer should ever walk
the face of the earth. It is important
that people understand that we did not receive a fair trial… There were multiple
cover-ups in this case but maybe – let me make this point explicitly
clear: Since 2002, my first parole hearing, I expressed remorse for the loss of life
in this case, all right? I understand the devastation by anyone losing their loved
one whether I’m guilty over it or not guilty over it… It is a loss so expressing remorse is part of my own humanity, the nature of the case and nature of the
crime as one that can never change but nonetheless have held against me and so, still in prison. This is a photo of myself at the
funeral. I could not still could not believe that he was gone. There was a
time when I kept setting the table with his dish and then I realised,
‘I have to stop doing this’, you know, he’s not here, you know, he’s not
coming. It just never, never goes away,
the hurt never goes away… On May 21st 1971, I was waiting for Joe
to come home and there was a knock at the door and I looked out and it was
raining and I could see the police lights, the lights, no sirens, just the
lights. They took me in the police car
to my father’s house in Queens Village, my father got in the car
with me and then we went to Harlem hospital. We got to Harlem hospital
as I was starting to get out of the car, my father grabbed my arm
and he told me that he was no longer alive and then we went
into Harlem hospital. Anthony Bottom has never admitted that
he killed my husband Joe. He has shown no remorse. All he’s looking for right now
is to get out of prison. The whole black nation has to be put
together, the black army. And we go walk on this nation,
you’re gonna walk on this racist power structure and we’re gonna say to the
whole damn government, ‘stick em up motherfucker’
this is a holdup; we come for what’s ours. Being part of the Black Panther Party give you a sense of belonging, a sense of
manhood, a cause, but the idea that black men armed and prepared to fight for the rights
of black people was exciting. It was something
that was intriguing. So when we look at
what was going on at that time, we believed for the most part, we were indeed engaged
in a revolution in this country. What we are seeing today
in terms of the number of people being killed but strictly young
black unarmed men being killed by police officers across this country, right? Back then, it was being done
with impunity. The police in our community occupy our area, our community, as a foreign troop occupies a territory and the police are
there not to, in our community, not to promote our welfare or for our security
and our safety but they’re there to contain us,
to brutalise and murder us. There was no cameras, there was no dash cams… It was the Black Panther Party
that took it upon themselves. The first begin to cop-watch, right, and developed kind of forms of security and let them know that there will be others who gonna be watching what you’re doing, right, in the name of the law. In terms of having been engaged in
struggle, I think it was noble, I think that’s a noble act for any person to
fight for what they know is their human and inalienable rights. My mom was pregnant
with me when he went to prison when I was born he was in prison. Can say maybe about ten times I’ve called seeing him most of it was my adult life. My dad growing up in San Jose, you know,
working mom, working dad and things like
that but then when you go out into the community in Oakland, in San Francisco,
you don’t see that he didn’t see that… He saw the brutality and things like that,
he saw the moms and the kids struggling and asking for money for food and
things like that and I think that’s what prompted him like everybody should live
like I’m living so why not go out and help a community, help, you know, get with
a group of people that are thinking like me so that we can grow. I don’t see him as a violent man,
I don’t see him as a violent person, I don’t see him as what
they portrayed him to be. He was always been loving and caring and want to know what I’m doing,
making sure that I’m getting good grades… Want to make sure
that I’m doing the right thing, staying on the right track… I just feel like, if they
can have the opportunity to see what we see in him, you know,
maybe things would be different but I just feel like with
everything that’s going on, they’re trying to keep him
in this sheltered, in this little box, they don’t want him to
be able to spend time with his kids and grandchildren and stuff like that, you
know, he’s never met my son… Aren’t they there to rehabilitate, you know? He’s in there for 46 years… How long does it take? There’s other people that have killed
people and are home… Are they rehabilitated? It’s like… come on! How long does it take? My endurance of nearly half
a century in prison is more or less
due to the politics of this particular case. If I was a common
criminal, the greater probability [is] that I would have been out a long time ago… When we see
the PPA adamantly opposing our release or they try to vilify us and call us
terrorists… That’s politics, they want to find their position
in political terms When 25 years came up,
I just knew my dad was coming home I just knew my dad was
coming home. And now it’s almost 25 years later from
his first parole… So… It is not for me to forgive anyone… their trespasses so to
speak, it’s not for me, that’s for God and when Anthony Bottom and Herman Bell meet
their God, whoever their God is, he is going to put
justice where it belongs.

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About the Author: Sam Caldwell


  1. Cops get away with murder all the time but that does't mean we should all do it. Killers should all go to prison and most for life. Unfortunately allot get away with it. If you murder someone then you should pay the price, PERIOD>

  2. American Descendants Of Slavery don't know American history. Slave Patrol aka Patty Rollers aka Police were hired to catch and stop us fron running away from Legal Slavery on this land. That job provided poor, uneducated Europeans a job. The violence is high from police due to their LOW SKILLS AND EDUCATION.๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ

  3. Just watched the Amber Buyer case were the victims brother forgave the cop that killed his brother, and then he ask the judge would it be ok to get off the stand to go and give his brother killer a hug and the judge said yes, black folk stop forgiving these people for killing us, they don't feel the same for you.

  4. This guy will not admit his guilt,only that he was wronged no fair trial punishment because the people don't understand.

  5. Black Folks were on the rise in 60's. It's the very same reason why the Government introduced Drugs into inner city Neighborhoods was to bring the black folks down.

  6. wait a minute .. this white woman said if you do such a crime against a person protecting society deserve the death penalty ??? who are "they" protecting?!? please tell me

  7. Just because you wear the police uniform doesnโ€™t mean your not liable for your actions. The way the story is told, the streets were at war. So it was war on war. The black panthers just had on different uniforms at the end of the day

  8. Any policeman that kills black people and any people of color should be put in jail for a long time how about that how about those apples

  9. i want white citizens and whites in political and government power to stop criminalizing dark skinned people for wanting to be free to live, and defend our right to fight back against injustice.

  10. No whit cop that shoots and kills and innocent and un armed black man woman or child she burn in hell forever The roosters are coming home

  11. Police brutality she never be condoned or accepted against a man or woman of color but acceptable for a white cop wrongfully killing a black person you reap what you sow

  12. I hate to say it most of the time the cops went looking for trouble fortunately we had black men across America that was willing to give police what they were looking from Hoover's FBI do his through his memo's as the director men's like these were the most dangerous men in America it's unbelievable the way they did the Black panther party of course if you white you may not even understand where I'm coming from and it's it's unfortunate that you don't

  13. Again if you educated and white after all that have occurred in America in her founding you mean to tell me you don't he deserve another chance or are things still the same no one hands are clean

  14. They know how police were back then when corruption and oppression was at an all time high. That cop probably deserved it. They didnโ€™t create Black Panthers because they were bored. They created it out of desperation. So I canโ€™t feel that white ladies pain and my pain at the same time.

  15. What is the value of life when it is taking by a blackman life sentence and the white man taking a life is a few years on the hand

  16. He'll probably get out when he's in his 80s I'm being so serious but how the justice system is setup is never to let a black person go definitely a person that anything like Malcolm X or Martin Luther King the people always be afraid of us even when we in our Graves

  17. And no cop who is a civilian killer should not walk the face of the earth,no white supremacist should walk the face of the earth

  18. Free the man police kill unarmed people on the streets and in there home to get 10 or nothing at all now who the duck up ones here


  20. 1st who was the Black officer pictured with the white officer in this piece? Was he shot or killed also because they didnโ€™t mention a thing about him. And whatโ€™s the update

  21. The wife of the cop is hatful she wasn't there so how can she say who did it an who didn't. She just wants to see somebody anybody pay for it. Sad.

  22. And this is what they fear so they call it 'Toxic Masculinity"….He is what they are trying to prevent. This black man is a threat….they will never let him out

  23. So what about those BULLY COPS on our streets today ( 2019 ) who is doing the same thing to innocent black people's? How come they are not in jail for life?

  24. How about NO black killer should walk the street ever again they were guilty then they're guilty now and will always be guilty . Condolences to all who lost a love one

  25. Brother in your there are people who respect an applaud your sacrifice I would love to come an meet you I am Robert ward an my address is 2728 Loretto Rd jacksonville Florida 32223 if youโ€™re interested write me

  26. Who cares about those cops. Cops in America have killed so many innocent black people and they walk away. This man should walk free.

  27. How can I write, support bro Jamal one of my heroes & Iโ€™m named after Ericka Hughes A CoFounded Along With Huey ๐Ÿ‘Š๐ŸพโœŠ๐Ÿพ

  28. Obama has been president for 8 years??? Couldn't he have done something during the last month of his term for all the black politicians behind bars???

  29. All organize groups are corrupt just look at they action you can talk all you want ) police officers most protect infrastructure Corporal interest

  30. One time it's every person for yourself color dont matter your problem not mines and yours not mines) people have different opinions base on personal experience) however you can't generalize your experience on a whole race i never seen a community nobody not responsible for other people

  31. You were right then , and you are right Now , no to racism , no to injustice , the brothers are right , if they don't Stope , one day evils Will fall ,, Mac my words .

  32. 50 years let him try but honestly bro you killed you did kill 2 people regardless there never coming home again and his brain is so one way he feels he has no problem

  33. He doesn't feel like he did anything wrong and the will never free him….The Panthers got on that dope helped create gangs and got erased

  34. The thing is We Still Here an Ain Going no Where. The Streets Filled with Us ,Sports filled with Is The prisons filled with Us And Eventully The Dam Will Break

  35. He has served his time and should be Paroled. The atrocities that they have caused to our people and we have Never seen Justice

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