The CIA, Secret Prisons and Enhanced Interrogation | CLASSIC | @ConspiracyStuff

The CIA, Secret Prisons and Enhanced Interrogation | CLASSIC | @ConspiracyStuff

(birds chirping) (ominous music) – [Voiceover] From UFOs to
ghosts and psychic powers, history is riddled with
unexplained events. You can turn back now, or learn the stuff they don’t want you to know. Here are the facts. In 1902 the Platt Amendment
gave the United States a lease of 45 square miles at
Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Just over 100 years later,
Guantanamo’s prison is one of the most controversial issues
in the post 9/11 world. Over the past decade, approximately 780 detainees have passed
through Guantanamo. Some prisoners are considered
dangerous terrorists and others have been
cleared of all charges. This isn’t the only such prison. After the invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, the military built detention centers to
house prisoners of war. In 2002 another facility
was built in Guantanamo. Less than six months after the 9/11 attacks the first prisoners arrived. But there was something odd. The U.S. didn’t seem to have all of the prisoners it reported captured. The numbers simply didn’t add up. So where did they go? Here’s where it gets crazy. In 2005, The Washing Post
broke an incredible story. For several years, the CIA
had spirited away suspects around the world to black sites. Secret prisons in third party countries. Since September 17th, 2001
when President Bush signed a classified presidential
finding, the CIA’s powers to pursue and detain terrorists
were drastically expanded. This led to a policy of
extraordinary rendition. Here’s how it works. The CIA abducts a person and transports them to foreign authorities. From that point the CIA either
oversees interrogation or provides questions for
the foreign interrogators. These renditions have
occurred as late as 2007. And involve countries
from Thailand to Poland. Some of the countries alleged
to contain black sites are nations like Egypt and Algeria, which have been accused of using torture in the past. The bottom line is this, since
9/11 the CIA has kidnapped foreign citizens and delivered
them to other nations with almost none of the rights
guaranteed by international agreements such as the Geneva Conventions. While Guantanamo detainees
may have a questionable legal status, they’re still
in better shape than the so called ghost prisoners of black sites. These tactics are
enormously controversial. Even the definitions are a sore point. For example, when does an interrogation technique become a form of torture? The methods are collectively called enhanced interrogation techniques. And include strategies such as sleep deprivation or water boarding. Defenders of these strategies
argue that the secrecy and techniques have been instrumental in preventing further attacks. Some supporters also claim
that due to a lack of reliable information, these practices have been exaggerated by the media. For example, author Marc
Thiessen argues that the CIA has only water boarded three individuals, and that these techniques
don’t qualify as torture. Opponents disagree and argue
that individuals under stress may lie just to stop the interrogation. This controversy continues today. The CIA admits the renditions
are real but refuses to discuss details and claims
it has not violated any laws. In the post 9/11 world, many
citizens support the use of all methods to prevent
another terrorist attack. But few people know the full
details of the renditions. Many of the countries allegedly supporting black sites have refused to
acknowledge their existence. Regardless of where you
fall in this debate, the level of secrecy is stunning. What is actually happening
to these individuals? Are the stories of international
kidnappings exaggerated? Or is there something they
don’t want you to know? – If it was torture CIA
would not have done it. – But isn’t that because you’ve defined it not to be torture? As a lawyer. – Well, yeah. I have interpreted and, more importantly, the highest legal authority
in the executive branch interpreted it as not constituting the legal definition of torture.

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  1. I was watching this on my iPod touch when out of no where on about 86% battery, it just flickered the screen and shut off. Btw this is the newest ipod so there's no way it should do that. #GoAwayNSA

  2. put it to a vote. people whose say yes to enhanced interrogation must try it themselves and see if they change there minds, i bet they will agree its torture

  3. no matter how dangerous these terrorists are, whether they were nelson Mandela or Osama bin Laden  they don't deserve to be tortured the way they are.

  4. I myself am a vet who served in Iraq in 2009. Prisons. Yup there sure are a lot of them over there. And they are ours. And they were packed. But they didn't need to be. I transported and released countless detainees who were in for a mere email, sent by an distant cousin, or the ak that was confiscated was the equivalent to your fathers shotgun in the corner. A lot of their families whereabouts were unknown bc over there the father is the head of the house. We did some seriously bullshit and fucked up things. We fucked up innocent families and treated everything and everyone one we didn't understand, like a criminal. If other countries invaded the us and treated this country like we have treated other countries, we are fucked. Keep on telling the truth.

  5. the US has become a terrorist country as bad as Nazi Germany the USSR and Red China…torture and spiriting away US citizens without warrants …laws that destroyed the US Bill of Rights…all point to a totalitarian state just waiting for the right event to end democracy / the republic…according to PNAC "…a new Pearl Harbor"….kinda like the scene in Star Wars

  6. I love how they sugar coat torture as "enhanced interrogation" what a bunch of bullshit. It's straight up fucking torture. They are even sometimes restrained in ways that cause even more pain and possible permanent damage from all the strain and resisting from being repeatedly drowned and forced to slowly go insane.

  7. Guess you guys missed one of your colleagues getting his head sawed off the other day. …and we torture these poor souls by pouring water on their face? Oh the horror!!!

  8. there is a well-known (yet still "secret") rendition site at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok
    & the last "talking head" was lying through his teeth when he said "if it was torture, CIA wouldn't be doing it",
    he looked off to the right, and down, hard, as he was saying it, a sure sign of a lie…

  9. If they're getting sent to those prisons, then they obviously deserve all the inhumane torture they'll receive

  10. To show how torture and violation of human rights is wrong we're going to torture people and violate human rights. GOOD JOB.

  11. Great show, but all you "conspiracy" people do realize this show is connected to the Discovery channel, right? If you don't want the Gov. to know your plans, don't post them TO them.

    This show is definitely a great start for further research!

    If this doesn't make sense look here:

  12. This makes me sick. What good is liberty if there is no honor in it? What makes our methods any different from theirs? Enjoy your cheese burgers, and make sure you turn your heads when you eat, wouldn't want you to lose your appetite

  13. I think its funny that people are complaining "Oh its so bad and inhumane!" but these people deserve this shit do you think its humane to terrorize people and i know some people don't deserve it but trust me the scum of the earth that we are protecting would happily kill you and do the exact same. The system is obviously flawed but think of the terrorist attacks and information on terrorist and extremist groups we could gather from these methods; that the c.i.a could stop attacks before it even happened. just my opinion

  14. I have seen on YouTube that the whole 9/11 thing was only a government set up to justify this current behavior. They used our own bombs to bring those towers down. Is far is the so-called C.I.A, if anyone thinks those people have any scruples, then think again. The fact that everything they do is kept away from our knowledge shows to me that it is most likely that most everything they do is in fact a crime. However with all their surrounding reinforcement, pat on the backs, and a total sociopathic staff, I'm sure they lose little sleep over their criminal, and deprived behavior. The reason that these things are going on is because people such as these are willing to do anything for a great paycheck, and exaggerated authority.

  15. People of future will look back at those interrogation techniques and see them like we see the Spanish Inquisition.

  16. Inhumane! Does everyone ever wonder why these Talibans hate us so much? No, I don't want that answered by an American! I have always dispised the way we look at Iraqis, we look down on them, and we treat/call/assume them as terrorists. I thought Osama was from Afghanistan. Why did we find Saddam before him? Oh not to mention I thought we were "freeing" these people and they don't seem to be to free and we are still there are we trying to extinct their people the hell is there left to kill or blow up?

  17. Poland? I did´t ever hear about any terorist attack in Poland. Or terrorist from Poland. So why have these prisons in Europe. US doesn´t own all world, right? Right!?
    PS: Just learned we have some CIA prisoners in my republic (Austria). That´s wierd…

  18. Praying for a Nuclear War to Put us all out our Misery! This World has been Cursed By The Shedding of Innocent Blood! The Flesh of men has Proven unworthy of It's Earthly lot, May the Spirits return Things to the way they ought to be! One With The Creator(s).

  19. i personal could give 2 shits less bout the people that attack us i think they should be tortured and thier leaders be cut in little peaces and thrown away like the trash they are 

  20. Most Wanted Terrorist 9/11 Suspect Lucifer ISIS Commander Ian Cameron,Susan Rice Ex. & French Fugitive Bruno Bonnet. And UK Fugitive London Public Restroom Homicidal Pristitute Catherine Middleton & Her Husband Body Double Will Of 1997. And the Witch Hunts OF Benghazi Attacted: Suspects ISIS Prostirutes Swine Pigs Bou Kantaphone alias(Hina Alvi)Her Daughter Jasmin Phathouving alias(Judy Ho) & Angela Hernandez alias (Precilla Jayapa). All of them are been using Identity Fraud Of Anyone they murderd. They are suspects for the Murders Of Benghazi Crew,Holistic Doctors,Physicians,Militants,Journalist They Used For Identity Fraud For Organ,Sex,Child Trafficking.

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