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  1. Damn man you really surprised me with this video as a Peruvian who has read many actual books of reknown peruvian historians and archaeologist I can say much of the info is correct , Manco Siege of Cusco and Lima failed because warriors had to get back to their towns to keep farming the land and get the crops done. Second, the only reason Castillian crown send governors so fast to Peru was because conquistadors commited regicide twice by killing Atahualpa , and the late Tupac Amaru( son of Manco Inca), king of spain could not permit or let common people like conquistadors do that because that would allow conquistadors and people in general to defy royal power as it happend 3 centuries later with the french rebolution.

  2. What is really funny that all that people who rebel and didnt help the incas to maintain their "OPPRESOR " empire some years later after the conquest being old or adult people realized and remembered inca times when they had many benefits and food , and werent prohibited of doing many things the inca rulers permitted.

  3. Kmt…. Do you know horses are indigenous to the northern american plains and had spread spread out to the Eastern world, like Europe, Asia and parts of the Mediterranean, so disagree with the argument they never seen horses and all the horses here was brought by the of conquistadors. What I was told that the Spaniards couldn't adapt to the climate due to the same steel type armor plates they wore, it would cook them alive because the exposure to sun and you know raw skin, heat medium and metal don't mix well together… The original story is once the Spaniards came here their medieval steel weapons it had bounced of my ancestors bodies and they wore no armor… But I agree with the Spaniards being Jesuits and had brought over their socio political construct (religion) to usurp the Inca Indian.

  4. España didn't hae colonies, they hae virreinatos, but I understand that for a yanke we all look the same, bad to see the black legend never dies

  5. So long as Historians exist and people have a passion for learning about the past, ancient civilizations will never die. They will live on forever in the hearts of the people who walk among their ruins and study their culture. The greatest story of all, is in a history book.

  6. I've done some research and it turns out horses don't exist!

    Goodbye horses, you don't exist at all.
    No more horses.
    My empire can't account for having to deal with you so you aren't real now.

  7. The Spanish Crown actually struggled a great deal with controlling the excesses of the conquistadors. Cortez was technically a criminal on the loose when he conquered the Aztecs and no one could stop the conquistadors in Peru from fighting each other. New Spain was just too far away from actual Spain to be ruled effectively in the 16th Century.

  8. On 4:17 : my mother-in-law told me this story and mentioned (or added?) another detail: apparently the Spanish made a secret opening in a wall of that room to siphon off gold without Atahualpa's knowledge, to make sure he couldn't meet conditions for release and/or just because they really wanted as much gold as they could extort from him.

  9. If one has paid attention, Atahualpa's reaction to the bible would actually makes a lot of sense. Remember, the Inca didn't practice written language, only oral history and necklaces used to record numbers. There may have been no way to translate the concept of writing without heavily distorting it's meaning. So when the translator told him the book from these strange technologically advanced strangers had "The Word of God", it probably came out as "This Box has the spoken voice of their God". It's the little things.

  10. Can you guys do a video going over what things make the Aztec, Maya, and Inca unique from one another. Most of my understanding of these civilizations before these videos was from Civilization 5 and movie portrayals. I was talking to one of my friends about these cultures and they kept reiterating that they were basically the same with the only difference being geography and language. I know I am not a patreon, but based on the discussion I had with my friend it would be a useful one off.

  11. Gota respect the Spaniards for their efficiency.

    Multiple times over a hundred or so of those bumblefucks overthrew the strongest empires on their continents half by accident.

  12. It just makes you wonder. What if the Inca Emperor didn't respect the invitation and instead sent an army to surround the conquistadors and kill them too the man. Would the Inca Empire have eventually recovered or fallen due to in fighting?

  13. Hey… so there's this book by H Rider Haggard called "The Virgin of the Sun", which is basically a What If story of a Norman-era Englishman winding up in the Incan Empire circa 1100 or so. It's a pretty awesome book, and despite being written by a late 19th century white male author (there's a stereotype, is what I'm saying) the story is quite sympathetic towards the Inca and their culture, and seems to take great pains to be accurate in most regards.

    And that's your unsolicited literature promotion for the week!

  14. Atahualpa Inka: I reject your foreign god and your useless box of patterned sheets casts it upon the ground
    his army begin to erupt in "fountains of gore" because the Inka is black metal as hell

  15. What happened with that history that was mentioned in the first episode that disappeared for 300 years? Why did it vanish? Who found it and when? How was it found? How was it received once found?

  16. For real 168 Spanish slaughtered 7000 incas on the first damn time? Wow. Strange kinda… proud? For the resolution and force maybe?, and fucking terrified of my ancestors. What the fuck.

  17. I feel kinda bad for the guy who was killed at the end despite all the things he did because he was just trying to (as well as get rich) convert people to what he thought was the only way to save them from hell. Although he probably wasn't looked at too kindly by his God when he died XD

  18. My Gallant Men Marched Forward,
    Said General Delay,
    And I'll be right behind them,
    To Lead them to the Fray.

    The Gallant men marched forward,
    Their hearts went pitter pat
    The guns went Boom,
    They Turned and Ran,
    And Stamped the General Flat.

  19. I hate to admit that the drawings of the Spaniards look cute with their beards and helmets even af they lay waste to everything..

  20. You should really talk about the Spanish Inquisition in The Philippines. Only the revolution overthrowing the Spanish Government is the one always emphasized, not the early or middle years of Spanish occupation. Or you could talk about the man who instigated the revolution, Dr. Jose Rizal. The guy's intellect is amazing, for a Filipino.

  21. Please do a short video on the Crimean People's Republic!

    I was wondering what history there was beyond just being a short lived sovereign state.

  22. And Quechua and Aymara still have over 10 million speakers with a quarter of Peruvians speaking a Quechua language to this very day.

  23. Yo! I stumbled upon this article guys, someone started figuring out the knots a couple of years ago:

  24. "Pizarro agreed, not only because he wanted that gold, but because he wanted the silver as well. Also because of reinforcements."

  25. At 2:08. What a great clash of civilizations. I can totally see why Atahualpa got angry–"Ooooh, a magic box with gods inside! Hey, wait a minute, this box isn't a box! It's just a bunch of weird cloth with patterns on it! I've been deceived and humiliated! Kill them!"

  26. You know, for as bad ass as some of the things the Incas and Aztec leaders did, in hind site they may have actually been shit tier leaders

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